The Simple Power of an Irresistible Offer


I’m wolfing down mac and cheese.

A noodle drops to the floor.

I look at the dog.

She looks at me.

I point at the prize.

She’s on it.

We both benefit.

Simple as that.

P.S. No, I’m not comparing prospective customers and clients to canines. But to kick in a Pavlovian response each time you ding the bell, check out 58 of the World’s Greatest Offers.

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  1. Point well said, and thank you for the idea. This got me thinking.

  2. Following the links and reading those 4 articles offered me some great info on methods to improve sells. It’s so good to have all the information you need in one place. Also the way the information is presented is sufficient. You don’t see big description of what is already obvious from just presenting the idea.

  3. Your dog waits until you point at it? I drop something, like a cookie, and both kids, the cat and the dog are all scrambling to get there first. :)

    Nice concept though, thanks.

  4. Great info on the offers Brian, especially by grouping and categorizing them.

  5. Jamie, yeah… I’ve gotta give the dog credit for that. It almost kills her to wait though.

  6. Excellent. Woof Woof. 😉

  7. That was an interesting post. Always a good way to start off today, thinking!

  8. I thought that was one of the main benefits of having a dog—a non-electric vacuum cleaner.

  9. Very elegant and simple point. Also, the link is very good.

  10. When you gonna learn to get to the point Brian? He,he, he.

    I believe some of your readers will not get the indirect lesson you’ve provided here. And that’s a shame.

    They’ll only get the surface level lesson of the offer but your writing will have whisked them so effortlessly through the copy that they’ll hit the link and move on to absorbing the post where you break down the different kinds of offers (killer post by the way).

    I imagine massaging these 8 sentences took longer to perfect than some people would think.

    Maybe not.

    Making a short, direct and powerful argument is almost always harder to pull off than when you have the freedom long and descriptive allows.

    Roberto, didn’t miss the lesson. I hope everyone else appreciates what you’ve prepared also.

    Note Taking Nerd Number 2

  11. Fabulous, Brian. Love this.

    @notetakingnerd…please do give us readers more credit. When I first found Copyblogger two years ago, I pored over everything in Brian’s warehouse. I’m just waiting for my Ph.D in Brianology to arrive in the mail.

    @Jamie…if your dog is nailing your “offers” like that, just think how your customers must be doing. Great work!

  12. What a cute dog!!!

  13. LOL, I have three dogs and can totally relate. :-)

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  14. That was an interesting post. Always a good way to start off today, thinking!

  15. Way to make a point, Bryan. I guess that’s why you are so good at what you do.

    I teach reading and writing to middle school kids and I always struggle when trying to explain, “show, don’t tell”. What a great example of that. Also, how could anyone resist that face?

    Debbie Ferm

  16. Way to make a point! i love it~~