On the Air Live With the DMZ

I’ll be on the air tonight live with the DMZ show on Blog Talk Radio. Should be good stuff, as we attempt to be the first group ever to respond to a marketing blog meme with a podcast. Feel free to call in at 646-915-8556 and add your own two cents.

The rest of the DMZ team includes:

Paul McEnany of Hee-Haw Marketing;
Scott Baradell of Idea Grove; and
Cam Beck of Chaos Scenario.

What: Dallas Marketing Zoo
When: January 16, 2007 at 8:00 p.m. CST
Who: You
Number: 646-915-8556
Where: Blog Talk Radio

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  1. If I ride this train, can I ring the bell ?

  2. Absolutely! I may need help schooling these marketing 2.0 agency guys, as they tend to gang up on me. :)

  3. If they gang up on you, Brian, use some lawyer “here-to” and “forth-with” jargon to throw them off.

  4. Cool logo, huh?

  5. How many agency guys does it take to screw up a lightbulb ?

  6. Five, so they can all bill the client. :)

  7. I want to catch one of these Blog Talk Radio shows but must have problem with the new macbook as cannot get app to run.

  8. Why you gotta be making fun of agency guys?

    And, that was the lamest joke ever.

    I know, the truth hurts, man.

  9. Haha… that’s a repurposed lawyer joke.

    And it is lame, despite the bit of truth to it. :)

  10. I think its easier to market marketing than anything else. Same goes for SEO.

  11. Really? I’ve always found it easier to market just about anything else. For example, most service professionals are not expert marketers, so if you’re good at marketing, you can really stand out in law, accounting and many consulting fields.

    Marketing “marketing” is harder because everyone is good at it. OK, not everyone… but you get my point. :)

  12. Brian – I really enjoyed the DMZ last night!

    And thanks for including me; it felt like playing for the varsity.

    Do I get to letter this year?

    Keep creating…it freaks people out,

  13. Mike, I think you got the scholarship and went pro long ago. :)

  14. great show. thx guys.