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I won’t bore you with the usual discussion about the grim state of today’s business economy. You’ve heard enough of it from politicians and pundits alike. But what I will tell you is that if you hope to survive, and yes, even thrive in dicey times you’ve got to play it smarter than ever before.

That means doing more of what makes you $$$ and less of what doesn’t.

I know that sounds simple, that’s because it is. What’s hard is taking an objective, clear-eyed look at your marketing efforts and examining/testing the ways to make a good plan and/or campaign better. In sunny economic climes, good may be good enough. But come stormy weather – and I’m thinking this is looking like a deluge – good enough simply ain’t.

So, in the spirit of true economic recovery – yours! – I’m bringing back the Copywriting Maven Makeovers to Copyblogger!

Now through like whenever, I’ll review your problematic landing page and suggest ways you can improve its conversion rate. Or better yet, I’ll review your marketing plan to help you achieve better marketing results from the get-go before you’ve spent a single dime unnecessarily.

If you’ve been a fan of the Maven Makeovers, you already know how they work (see previous Landing Page Makeovers here), but let’s review anyway:

  1. Complete the appropriate questionnaire: Landing Page Makeover or Marketing Plan Makeover.
  2. Make a contribution to Heifer International that is equivalent to the value of one sale to you. (You sell books for $19.95 each, you make a $20 donation. You sell $495 CD-series sets? You make a $500 donation. Of course, you’re welcome to donate more. :)
  3. When I receive your completed questionnaire and donation confirmation, I’ll schedule the makeover for publication right here on Copyblogger. (If you’d prefer a private critique with a super-short turnaround, email me for details.)

What you get in return is a 10-point or more, no-holds-barred critique. I’ll tell you what I think you’re doing right, but more importantly, I’ll tell you what you’ve been doing wrong and show you how to fix it!

For the same amount of promotional coin invested, you can do it right or you can do it wrong. Trust me, right is always better and ultimately the least expensive way to go.

Glad to be back and at your service. So who wants to go first?

About the Author: Roberta “I Just Like Helping People” Rosenberg is The Copywriting Maven at MGP Direct, Inc.

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Reader Comments (17)

  1. says

    It’ll be nice to have the series back. What a nice person to try to help out in bad economic times. I thought it was all supposed to be OK now since Obama is going to be president?

  2. says

    Will this improve YOUR bottom line? (chortle chortle).

    Not if you do our website. We sell eBooks in the $3.95 – $4.95 bracket. Great way to read for less coin and a good place for good authors to get published with a great royalty plan.

    But probably not something that would make you a lot of money.

    Moral (you knew I had a point to make): Leverage your time. Do first that which will pay the greatest return on your “investment” of time.

  3. says

    Your post does a double service: not only does it remind us to squeeze every bit of effectiveness out of our efforts, but provides free help in an area that many people struggle with. We’re going to recommend your makeovers to our students!

  4. says

    I am not familiar with this series, but it sounds great. I’m sure that this sort of program will be beneficial to so many writers out there who need to really focus their efforts on making money. Thanks for posting!

  5. says

    Well done Roberta, and you are the perfect person for the job. Having been on the receiving end of your tough love I can, with confidence, assure doubters they will receive a significant ROI on their donation.

  6. says

    I really appreciate it when people come up with ideas that are out of the ‘normal’ corporate ways of doing things. I was a public school teacher with a very small amount of classroom funding and we were always having to think of creative ways to get things done. Social media is obviously helping to bring this to the corporate world.

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