Pamela Wilson Is Now Working With the Copyblogger Team

Designer and business educator Pamela Wilson

I am so pleased to announce that Pamela Wilson is going to be working with the Copyblogger Media team on some cool new projects.

You may know Pamela from her many Copyblogger posts, or from her business, Big Brand System, where she gives out lots of great business and design advice to help business owners look more professional, cohesive, and successful. She’s an award-winning graphic designer and marketing consultant who’s been helping small businesses and large organizations create “big brands” since 1987.

Pamela also has a real gift for taking complex marketing tasks and breaking them into easy-to-understand sequences.

She’ll be helping us to create some great new educational resources for content marketers of all levels — from business owners who aren’t too sure what this “content marketing” thing is all about, to seasoned copywriters, to WordPress designers, developers, and aficionados.

She’s also going to help us with the massive undertaking of mining the Copyblogger archives for the very best material, and sharing it with you in a more accessible way.

Everyone on the team is as excited as can be to have her with us, and we hope you’ll join us in giving her a warm welcome. :) You can send her a more personal greeting over at Google Plus.

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