Get Your Snark On:
Pop Culture Headline Writing Contest

Here’s a contest that matches your headline-writing skills with your snarky disdain for celebrity culture.

In the month of June, Glamorati is sponsoring a headline writing contest. Participants will receive $5 for each published submission and the grand prize is $500 to the contestant with the most number of points (published submissions = 10 points and comments on the site = 1 point)

Here are the rules:

First, register here.

Next, look for fun or interesting celebrity or pop culture articles on the internet and come up with an alternative funny/sarcastic/witty headline.

Once you’re registered and logged on, you can submit the link with your re-written headline here.

If a Copyblogger reader doesn’t win this, it’ll be shameful. Good luck!

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  1. Haha! It looks like a blast. I’ll probably be doing it. Competitions are always a more fun approach to brushing up on skills.