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The good folks over at Problogger have released another excellent blogging manual, this time focused specifically on business blogging.

It’s written by Mark Hayward, a very cool guy who I’ve followed for years.

Mark caught my attention four years ago after he purchased a small business on a Caribbean island that had no customers, no cash flow, and very little hope. With a hefty monthly mortgage payment to meet, he did what any sensible island business owner does.

He started to blog.

Soon after, he showed up in Conde Nast Travel, Islands Magazine, and the Boston Globe.

Nowadays, he gets prime spots on all the right review sites, and his search engine presence drives the targeted traffic that converts to cash.

Mark’s written a 143-page eBook that guides you through creating a successful online presence for your business. It answers all the important questions everyone has when getting started.

Let me say right now that there are no affiliate links in this post. And we’re not being compensated for this review in any way.

It’s just that in a world of wrong turns in the dark, I think this is a guiding light.

I especially like the focus on business goals and content strategy. This is the area where I’ve seen people waste years fumbling around before realizing they’d been chasing the wrong people and writing the wrong things.

True, you can cobble together this information for free if you’ve got the time — after all, there’s been an explosion of blogging advice in the last several years. A lot of it great, and plenty of it terribly bad.

But if you’re looking to grow your business through blogging (exactly the type of person this ebook is aimed at), then my guess is your time is money.

And for a small amount of money (and a money-back guarantee), you’re on the right path in no time flat.

Check out ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business today.

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