Quality Links for April 1, 2007
(No Fooling)

Unlike the little April Fools Day joke I played with my last post, here are some links to resources you can count on:

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Here’s what we’ve got for you:

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  1. Thanks, Brian for the love, but OMG even more, thanks for introducing me to The Art of the Blog. That’s delicious. Wow!

  2. Your my inspiration Brian! The Art of the Blog is great. Thanks!

  3. I 3rd the motion that Art of Blog is quite interesting.

  4. Great list brian. Even so, i was “fooled” with the “no fooling” statement :)

  5. Brian – Thanks very much for mentioning my post.

    It came to me on a late night in a rare moment of inspiration.


  6. Joke?

    Damn! I had already begun to fake my death on my blog.

    I had my wife take a photo of my head resting lifeless on the keyboard as it was typing 333333333333333333333 and everything.

    Oh well.

  7. That “fake your own death” post definitely caught my interest. Quite an interesting contrast from “fake your own retirement from the marketing blog biz” :)

  8. Don’t forget my blog, Michael :) It’s been live for a month and has had 50,000 unique visitors:


  9. Oops – BRIAN, not Michael. Michael, michael, who the hell is Michael?