Why the New Rainmaker is a Digital Media Producer

Back in the day, the Big Dream of any creator involved striking a deal with a name like Random House, Warner Brothers, or Atlantic Records.

Signing a deal with one of those immortal entities was considered the gold ring, the opening of the only door to independence, respect, and success in media and entertainment.

Then, in the course of less than twenty years, the Internet obliterated those power structures, leaving creators of all kinds — for better or worse — holding their futures in their own hands.

That game hasn’t just changed. It’s now an entirely new and different game.

In this 17-minute episode you’ll discover:

  • Will Google become the next big movie studio?
  • How to grow the business you have, or build the business you want
  • Why the benefits of “content marketing” are only the beginning
  • How to have a serious advantage over the “big guys”
  • The role you need to play going forward (it’s not as hard as you think)
  • The reason you’ll likely succeed (big), if you start now

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