Read This Before You Buy Any Copywriting Resource

As you might imagine, I’ve got a bunch of copywriting books and courses.

It’s been said that selling with words is the most financially lucrative skill one can possess. That’s true for me, even when factoring in law school.

You can always make money if you understand good copywriting, and as long as we have the Internet or a postal service, it doesn’t matter where you are, what you look like, how you dress, or where (or if) you went to college.

As I glance over at the two shelves that are dedicated solely to my copywriting resources, the single course that takes up the most real estate is Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Selling Secrets.

And I almost didn’t get it.


The name.

Despite reading all of Joe’s brilliant free newsletters for years, I resisted that name.

Despite the fact that Joe is one of the best copywriters around, I thought the name was cheesy.

Sure, hypnotic is a great hook. And plenty of people bought into it. Dr. Vitale’s entire brand is built around hypnotic marketing, and that’s even the name of his company.

But my intellect almost didn’t let it happen, and that would have been a mistake.

What turned it around for me was an explanation of what he means by hypnotic. Turns out it wasn’t just a hook. It really is a valid description of what happens to a reader when they become engaged with compelling content.

Think about a great novel. Or a captivating movie. Or an engrossing conversation.

What happens to your state of awareness when you’re actively engaged like that? It’s very hard for external distractions to break through into your conscious awareness, right?

That’s exactly the state of mind your writing needs to place someone for them to buy your product or believe in your cause. And great copywriting absolutely has that exact effect on readers.

It’s the purchasing equivalent of being in the zone.

At that point I was sold on Hypnotic Selling Secrets. And since then, it’s the resource that I consult religiously whenever I’m writing to sell, and often when I blog. This information is the entire foundation of my storytelling philosophy of marketing communications.

Why am I telling you this?

Turns out that Dr. Vitale is selling all the remaining copies of Hypnotic Selling Secrets, plus a bunch of other cool stuff bundled in, for much less than it originally cost everyone else. He emailed me about doing a joint venture on the clearance, and I jumped at the chance.

The reason why he is doing it is pretty interesting. I thought I was vain!

Now, I don’t think this type of product is right for all of my readers. It’s way more comprehensive in scope than advice on becoming a better blogger.

It’s a business-building manual. Since most business bloggers use many other marketing channels to grow sales, this type of course will provide immediate inspiration and nuts-and-bolts techniques that work.

You may also be interested to simply watch how Joe launches the promotion. In the last year or so there has been some spectacular information product launches, many of them based on techniques developed by a guy named Jeff Walker.

Evidently, the discounted re-launch of Hypnotic Selling Secrets will take the product launch formula to the next level. It should be fascinating to learn from, at the very minimum. So, if you’re an aspiring info-preneur, pay attention.

The Hypnotic Selling Secrets clearance will launch this coming Monday, April 24. You can get on the announcement list here.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. :)

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Reader Comments (7)

  1. says

    I know what you mean about the ‘H’ word Brian – I’m a qualified hypnotherapist and I find that title cheesy! But you’re absolutely right, when someone is fulling engaged in reading a compelling piece of writing (or talking, in a face-to-face sale) then the state they enter has a hypnotic quality.

    It’s also true the other way round – the writing equivalent of being ‘in the zone’ is also a hypnotic state, and one that is actively cultivated (consciously or unconsciously) by all successful writers. There’s an article about this on my blog if it’s of interest.

    Fantastic marketing strategy by Vitale – what a story! I’m likely to remember that for the rest of my life, the guy obviously knows his stuff.

  2. says

    Ahh, that’s what I like… someone who knows what he’s talking about!

    The bottom line is, whatever you may think of the name, the materials are excellent. In fact, I consulted just one of the multiple volumes when crafting the opening to my previous post, “The Two Most Important Words in Blogging.”

    It’s done pretty well. :)

  3. says


    Your experience took me back to my reaction to Joe’s title. It serves as a wake up call to the fact that it does not matter what I think, or how I feel and react to certain copy. The only thing that matters is how a potential client/customer thinks, feels and reacts to the copy.

    Your blog was recently recommended to me; it is excellent.

    Alan Allard

  4. says

    I read the ‘announcement’ and i figure, instead of buying the course, you probably could learn everything worth learning about Hypnotic selling by distilling the craft used in that letter.


  5. Alex says

    Is that why they took the letter off? The hypnotic “special” just ended, unless I can convince them that I am worthy enough to get one of the remaining copies.

    Is that good marketing?

    I’m sure I’ll learn something from it, but I’m just not in the mood to kiss someone’s ass so I can spend my own money..

  6. Oscar says

    True. I missed the deal by 2 days. Don’t feel like begging either. Oh Well. a second lost customer.

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