Free Webinar Today: How to Make Content Marketing Effective and Efficient

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This live webinar is over, but stay tuned, we’ll let you know if/when the recording becomes available.

In the meantime, get even more incredible educational content by registering (free) for the Scribe Content Marketing Library

Everyone is talking about content marketing. That’s because when it comes to driving traffic, scoring higher search engine rankings, and boosting online conversions, content marketing is what works.

But how, exactly, do you make it work for your business?

When we released Scribe 4.0 to the public last week, we offered the premier software system that reflects the way we’ve done content marketing to grow Copyblogger Media from a blog to a software company with 100,000+ customers.

And yet, we knew people still had questions about how it worked. So, we’re presenting a free webinar today (October 30, 2012 at noon EST) to explain – in detail – exactly that.

When you attend this live and interactive webinar, you’ll hear from both me and Sean Jackson (Scribe architect) on these critical points:

  • Why an integrated content + social + search approach is required in a post-Panda/Penguin, socially-driven, and content-obsessed world.
  • How to use Scribe’s Page Score and Site Score to check your content’s effectiveness at a glance.
  • How Scribe can demystify keyword research and help you uncover opportunities to write about. Find the topics that have high demand and low competition and you’re golden.
  • Discover how others are talking about your topic in Twitter and Google+, and how to use Google Insights to see historical search trends.
  • Why you should compare your site against your competitors, and how Scribe helps you understand the amount of effort you’ll need to beat them.
  • How to check your writing style for adherence to SEO copywriting best practices, and make sure your content aligns with your site.
  • Cross-reference your content based on the key terms found in your document, so search engines will quickly associate you with the terms you want to be found for.
  • Last but definitely not least: How to find and reach out to the authoritative influencers online. No content marketing effort is complete without this step!

Live attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, and have them answered on the spot. So, if you’re looking to make content marketing work, make sure not to miss this.

The live webinar has already taken place, but you can get even more incredible educational content by registering (free) for the Scribe Content Marketing Library right now …

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