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Scribe Content Marketing Software by Copyblogger Media

If you’ve read my new content marketing ebook that we released this week, you know we consider targeted search engine traffic the most valuable site visitors you can get when it comes to meeting business objectives.

Here’s the thing … those great search rankings are a beneficial outcome of an integrated content marketing process. One that involves audience-focused content, social media distribution, and on-page and site-wide optimization in a way that Google likes.

In other words, you win with content, you win with social, and you end up also winning with search.

Three years ago, we created Scribe as simple SEO copywriting software that made one huge promise – to constantly evolve as the search engines did. Two years ago, we started transforming that initial approach into content marketing software that better reflected the way the Copyblogger process works.

Then Panda and Penguin hit, and the “Copyblogger way” has pretty much become the way SEO has to be done. Fortunately, the new Scribe has been specifically designed to deliver a battle-tested process that embraces the fact that great search rankings are a lucrative result of audience-optimized content and social media exposure.

With that said, I’m proud to introduce Scribe 4.0 — our content marketing software that’s been designed to bring you more traffic and leads with less time and hassle.

Three Simple Steps to Content Marketing Success

In line with the online marketing trinity of content, social, and search, Scribe v4 makes content marketing effective and efficient with three essential actionable functions: Research, Optimize, and Connect.

1. Research

Scribe shows you the language the audience prefers when searching and discussing on social networks, before you begin to create content. Once your content is created, Scribe reveals other profitable topics and keyword phrases based on what your audience wants.

2. Optimize

Scribe analyzes your content, and tells you exactly how to gently tweak it for better search engine rankings. Scribe also analyzes your overall site content to help you execute on your go-forward content strategy, which has become vital since the Google Panda update.

3. Connect

Scribe helps you crosslink your content to increase usability, time on site, and indexing, identify relevant websites for guest content, strategic alliances, and link building, recruit authoritative industry writers, and locate social media users who’ll want to share your content.

Scribe for WordPress and the Scribe Web-Based App

Scribe for WordPress (view demo here) uses our included plug-in to tap into the Scribe API and integrates all Scribe functions inside your WordPress interface. Sean Jackson and Chris Garrett of Copyblogger Media did this detailed demonstration of Scribe version 4.0 for WordPress. This demo was for our existing Scribe customers, so it’s no-hype and all valuable “how to” and “why” information.

Scribe Web (v4 available October 15) is completely turn-key – we provide you a user name and password when you subscribe. Once you’re logged in you can do research, content optimization, relationship and other connection activity all from one place, then publish your content with the push of a button to WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. You can also generate customizable optimization reports for clients with a click.

We’ve got exciting additional platforms for you coming soon, as well as Scribe integration into some of the smartest content management platforms and online marketing services around. Stay tuned.

See Scribe For Yourself

Take a look at everything Scribe can do. Then, take Scribe on a risk-free test drive today. Scribe delivers the exact content marketing process that helped Copyblogger evolve from a simple blog into a software company with 95,000+ customers – and it will work for your business, too.

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Reader Comments (46)

  1. says

    I totally love Scribe!

    Scribe is one of my go to tools when I optimize my websites because Scribe helps me get most of my articles on the first page of Google since the moment I publish them. Fabulous!

    Now, I am really happy to see it evolving and I hope that more people will pick a license and use it.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. says

    Thanks for the article. I wanted to try out Scribe & I visited the website & it seems that they do not have a free plan that I can avail of to try it! I just wanted to see what they have to offer so that based upon that I can make plans of possibly buying an appropriate plan but there does not seem to be any.

    So is there a way we can get a free trial of Scribe? Thanks.

  3. says

    Is Scribe 4.0 specifically focused toward WordPress compatability. I have blogs through Blogger and am building a web site through 1&1. Could Scribe 4.0 still benefit me? (Still learning how to put all this together)

  4. says

    I was a Scribe subscriber for two years. After activating Scribe, I experienced an immediate bump in traffic. It was significant — about 30% and sustained. Regretfully, I had to discontinue my subscription just last month because although my traffic is good — around 250,000 pageviews a month – I haven’t been successful at monetizing the site. I will try the free offer. I absolutely loved Scribe and trust CopyBlogger. I wish you all the best.

  5. says

    I bought Scribe yesterday and spent the afternoon working on old, current, and future blog posts using it. Wow! I have no idea what difference it will make long term, but my writing is much improved, and I have a better understanding of SEO done right.


  6. says

    Damn Damn Damn – is the most beautiful, well-put-together and engaging website I have ever seen on the internet. Ridiculous!

    I already own scribe and it’s awesome BUT I can’t get over the way the freakin’ website looks. You guys killed it on this one.

    The colors, the headlines, the white space, the fonts, the functionality, the content – absolutely stunning!

  7. says

    I’m still a little confused, how does the Scribe software allow you to connect and build your audience base? I understand the research and optimize parts but the third part seems extremely vague to me.

    • says

      Cameron, in the new version of Scribe, we have a feature called Site Connections in the Scribe Administrative area. This new feature provides a list of other blogs/websites that have authority for the keyword being researched as well as social media users who are discussing the keyword(s) on Google+ and Twitter.

  8. says

    Hello Brian! its seems like great software but I am still confused how that is different from other software available in the market?

    • says

      Ayaz, we focused a lot on the needs of writers so that they could execute on content marketing strategies without the overly technical (and confusing) SEO/Social features often found in other solutions. Basically, we took a more holistic approach to the intersection of search and social media to make complicated concepts more intuitive.

      I would recommend that you view the Scribe demo at to learn more.

  9. says

    I love the three simple steps. They can be used as a way towards achieving a variety of goals. I love the fact that you are concerned about the audience and I have always been a big fun of online content. Thanks for the good write Brian.

  10. says

    Thanks Brian for such a wonderful information. It is my first time to being a scribe subscribe and hope everything goes well with it. I just love it. Thank you! I’m looking forward for the next shout out!

  11. fiona says

    i love it.. but i know that i am not using it 100% as it should be. I would love to have a duplicate me that is an SEO and affiliate link wiz and that can finish off where writer stopped.. understanding a little of our content so that the linking of pages makes ‘sense’ and is just not a link to what was suggested (some suggestions better than others).
    Anyone know of anyone that can help? without costing an arm and a leg..
    many thanks

  12. says

    I’ve subscribed to Scribe for a couple years and it’s really helped my site raise its ranking. For that time, we’d started running all our articles through the system and make them search engine friendly. I even recommended Scribe to my web design clients. But unfortunately, a few days ago, our Scribe system stopped working. I wonder if it was in connection with the launch of the new version? I never got any notice that we’d been cancelled or that we had to upgrade to retain our service. I never got a notice to upgrade the plugin either. It was just one day that, on our WordPress compose screen, we started getting a big orange “N/A” where the Scribe analyze button used to be. Now we can’t run Scribe. So what gives?

  13. says

    Hi Brian,
    I use Catalyst theme on WP. Will Scribe work in this case?
    As you know Catalyst and StudioPress have in-built SEO functions, What additional things does Scribe do in this case?
    How does Scribe add more value than AdWords Keyword Tool? After buying Scribe, do we still need to use Adwords Keyword Tool to search for keywords that people are looking for?

    Waiting for your reply.


    • says

      Scribe works with Catalyst and any other theme that allows you to input an alternate title tag and meta description.

      Scribe has full keyword research capabilities (search and social) from inside your WordPress interface.

      Scribe’s truly unique function is the optimization analysis. It tells you how to tweak your content in order to for Google and other search engines to understand what your content is most relevant to rank for. It also analyzes the content of your entire site, so you know how much more content to create for a topic you want to rank for, which is a post-Panda requirement.

      Finally, Scribe has connection tools that help you reach out to relevant site owners for guest posting, links, and alliance opportunities.

      You can see more detail about all of these aspects at

  14. Roy says

    Can I use this tool for multiple clients ?

    Do you leave the plugin “installed” after your analysis, or do you remove it ?

    • says

      Yes, you can use Scribe for multiple clients and multiple websites. Scribe Web allows you to do client for for people who build on any CMS, not just WordPress.

      The plugin is only for WordPress sites, and you can leave it on each site (the plugin is free). When you use it, you’re working with the number of evaluations your account contains, which renews monthly.

      • Roy says

        Thanks, is there a way to limit the number of evaluations that can be done on a single install.

        For example, if I install for one of my clients, and let them use it for future posts, is there a way to control how many evaluations they run on their site for their posts ?

        Thanks for the prompt response.

  15. says

    I recently did a review of the software and noticed that its a little too pricey for a blogger to use. May be for businesses its a great solution.

  16. says

    Scribe sounds like a great addition to any WP Blogger tool kit. I am migrating to Genesis so I can use this onpage power tool. Can one of you guys advise if Scribe will work with Headway drag `n drop themes?

    • says

      Yep, Scribe works with any theme that has title tag and meta description fields. If not, you can always use Yoast’s plugin or SEO All in One.

  17. says

    Having used Scribe for a few days, I’m thinking it’s not for me. Yes, it’s very user friendly, and it’s a lot fun. But its accuracy and utility have been, based on my experience, subpar.

    For whatever reason, Scribe routinely misses keywords sprinkled through the text (like, say, “college”), in favor of an odd phrase appearing only once or twice (say, “attends college”), then offers absurd suggestions like, for example, placing “attends college” at the start of the html title. Or it will just miss a keyword altogether, even if it’s the keyword already at the beginning of the html title. Not always, but often enough to undermine my confidence in the soundness of its other recommendations.

    The linking suggestions are comparably hit-or-miss, and–again, from what I’ve seen–more “miss” than “hit.”

    I’m using the Genesis platform so, presumably, my experience is about as good as it gets. If so, I don’t understand how people find this a genuinely useful tool, especially for $67 (let alone $97) a month. And especially when Its most reliable (and, therefore, useful) features can be had, for free, from Yoast.

    Frankly, I’m bummed. Your marketing copy is magnificent: If Scribe were half as good, I’d be a happy camper. But it’s just not there, at least insofar as I can see. I do think Scribe is a great idea, and I look forward to watching its continued development. For now, however, I’d call it “beta” software. And awfully expensive beta software, at that.

    • says

      Hi Peter. What you may be seeing is the result of Hummingbird, the complete overhaul of the Google algorithm. It was announced two weeks ago, but has been in effect for over a month.

      One great thing about Scribe is our commitment to keeping pace with the changes in search algorithms, so we’re already on that. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t tell us before they changes things, so we’re always in a position of being reactive. 😉

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