Scribe for Microsoft Word: Content Marketing from Your Desktop

Scribe for Microsoft Word: Content Marketing from Your Desktop

Let’s face it: a lot of us still write in Microsoft Word. I know I do.

And in the corporate world, it’s not even an option. Microsoft apps are just what you use.

Why not do more at the point of creation?

You can already use our Scribe content marketing software in WordPress, Joomla, and in our web-based application for any CMS and any client. Today, you’ve got another option.

We’re pleased to announce Scribe for Microsoft Word. Now you can do research, optimization, and content promotion right in your native creation environment.

Here’s a quick video that shows you how it’s done:

Check out all Scribe has to offer here.

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Brian Clark

Brian Clark is CEO of Rainmaker Digital, founder of Copyblogger, host of Unemployable, and evangelist for the Rainmaker Platform.

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  1. A great addition! I haven’t taken the Scribe plunge yet, but we have been seriously discussing it.

  2. This is awesome. Thanks for extending Scribe to MS Word – this is huge for guest articles, of which I write more than I do on my own WP site.

    • Jeff, guest blogging is one of the driving reasons why we created this version. The best part is that you can optimize and save the file for submission and they can open/review the content, even if they do not have Scribe installed.

  3. Scribe is cool,I use it on my wordpress help me focus on my keyword and seo puprose

  4. This makes Scribe more useful. You just gave one more reason to grab Scribe 😉

  5. Scott Lesovic :

    So, does this mean that Scribe will be coming out for other desktop platforms? Libre Office & SublimeText would be awesome to have Scribe hooked into.

  6. Just what I’ve been waiting for! I’ve barely used my Scribe account since it stopped working with my caching plugin. I’ve missed it :)

  7. Does it work with Word 2007? I have an older version on a laptop.

  8. I love Scribe!

    Question: If I already have Scribe for WordPress do I have access to Scribe for Word?

  9. Congrats on the new product/feature :) Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t click the “play” button on the video. Perhaps others are having the same problem and this is something you want to take a look at?

  10. By the way Brian, love the sales copy. Very simple, laid back, and to the point.
    “Let’s face it: a lot of us still write in Microsoft Word. I know I do.
    And in the corporate world, it’s not even an option. Microsoft apps are just what you use.”
    Great opening couple of paragraphs!
    Studying not just advice provided in the Copyblogger blog, but how you actually write copy, is very revealing…

  11. Very cool. I love Scribe and this makes it even cooler.

    What happens if I email a Scribe-optimized document to a client who doesn’t have Scribe? Do they see the Scribe analysis?

    Thank you!

    • Julia, they will not see the analysis if you email them the Word document. However, in the next release of Scribe for Word (which we are working on now), we will have a feature for you to create a separate report (similar to the one available in Scribe Web) so that you can email your clients a highly detailed analysis.

  12. Scribe seems to be a very good tool to use, but it is is not compatible with Microsoft word older than Microsoft 2010

  13. It’s a great tool for streamlining posts, especially if you make multiple blog updates in one day.

  14. I’ve not been a MS Word guy, but the new cloud based Office 365 version interests me. Would Scribe work with that version?

  15. Great addition!

    Now, it’ll be more handy to enjoy the features of Scribe, right on the desktop.

  16. Great information. I will excited to use Word more now.

    I have completed the installation, but the I can not locate the personal tab when I open Word 2013. Where is the best place to find help. Thanks.