The Seductive Hook: How to Find it Every Time

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Did you know that people will rush to do business with you if you can help them achieve their dreams, calm their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them cast stones at their enemies?

Sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, it’s not.

In the marketplace of products, services, and content, life is like a crowded New York City street where your prospect is one of seven million people who is already stiff arming thousands of similar messages that are competing for her attention. She has her own agenda … and that agenda doesn’t necessarily include you, your product, idea, or latest link-bait article.

So if you want her attention, then you need to get drastic. And what’s the best way to accomplish drastic? You need to catch her with a hook.

See, you could have a great product, a revolutionary idea, or a compelling piece of content, but unless you position it with the right approach that instantly captures the imagination of your ideal prospect, forget it. Your hard work will get swallowed up by the clutter, you’ll fail to sell, and you’ll surely stagnate on the social web.

In other words, nobody will notice you or anything you create.

The only problem with hooks (also known as angles or more formally as positioning), however, is that they are not easy to find. AT ALL. Legendary copywriter John Carlton said, “A great hook will HIDE from you. It’s a cruel beast, happy when it escapes your notice.”

Fortunately there is a method for finding great hooks. We’ve found it, used it, and now want to show you how you can, too.

Webinar: How to Find the Most Seductive Hook for any Product, Service, or Content

In this 60-minute webinar on Friday, July 12, 2013, Copyblogger Media CEO Brian Clark and I will take you down the rabbit hole of marketing research to uncover the most seductive hooks for your product, service, blog, video show, training course, article or other individual piece of content.

In the first half we’ll focus on the why, when, and what. We’ll even share a dozen or so of our own examples. And then in the second half we will give you the secret sauce for flushing out great hooks — the 5-step concentric-circle research framework.

You’ll get the inside story on:

  • How a hook gets attention, enhances comprehension, and increases your authority
  • Why Apple’s 1984 hook took the world by storm
  • The curious secret to getting people to believe your hooks
  • Why Brian’s fascination hooks work so well for headlines
  • The hook Demian used to sell his grandmother’s tiny house (the one behind a trailer park)
  • The 5-step concentric-circles research framework to creating irresistible hooks
  • How to identify your ideal customer with 13 questions (and ignore everyone else)

Here’s how to get the goods:

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