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  • How Lists (and List Posts) Make Sense of the World
  • How to say No . . . Especially to Things You Want to Do
  • 85+ Copywriting Resources
  • The Best Content Marketing Infographics on the Planet
  • 8 Principles of Product Naming

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How Lists (and List Posts) Make Sense of the World
There is an elitist Internet out there that loves to regularly attack the “banality” of list posts. You know them, these types like to write in the most dull and incomprehensible way possible, in order to, well, I have no idea why you would ever want to write that way. Turns out — in the opinion of one brilliant Italian essayist and philosopher — that “The list is the origin of culture.” Also, for a prominent case study on the permanence and cultural weight a simple list can deliver, see The 10 Commandments.


85+ Copywriting Resources
From understanding the mechanics of copywriting, to learning the psychology of salesmanship in print, to becoming a student of advertising artistry, Mr. Sexton has curated and compiled an extremely valuable resource for any beginning or working copywriter. His headline delivers exactly what it states, and yet, much more.


How to say No . . . Especially to Things You Want to Do
“Last night, I had a breakthrough: I realized that personal productivity is the new dieting,” says Mr. Pink, launching into a brief and powerful case for saying “no”. His words also stand as a call to action to content creators everywhere: do not publish content that sucks.


The Best Content Marketing Infographics on the Planet
With a nod to Copyblogger’s very first this week, Mr. Pulizzi has brought 8 impressive infographics into one place for your convenience. It’s a visual feast, and a good example of the importance of spreading out into media other than pure text.


How to Effectively Market with Memes (Without Forcing It)
Memes weren’t born on the Internet, but they’ve dominated it, and they’re here to stay. In this important article, Mr. Branson takes you through a 7-step process of making your ideas more popular and more shareable online.


8 Principles of Product Naming
Remember your high school band? Strapping on the guitars and banging out indecipherable chords was the easy (and cool) part. The job that kept everyone arguing for weeks was, “What are we going to call ourselves?” Naming the product is one of the most difficult (and important) tasks an individual or company must get right. Mr. Gordon and Mr. Foley offer us 8 helpful ways to approach this challenge, and find the right name.


Who the Hell Is Bob Lefsetz?
I’d like to end The Lede this week with a content marketing case study of sorts from one of my favorite writers. In fact, I’d argue he’ll go down as the greatest entertainment essayist of the first half of the 21st century. Anyway, the point is, through 26 years of delivering consistent, focused, and opinionated content, Bob Lefsetz has the eyes of the entire music business bent over their phones and laptops, waiting for his next email …


BONUS: The Greatest SXSW Party of Them All
In case you were wondering, we’re doing it again. DJ Clark, open bar, et cetera. Be there …

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