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Blogger's Guide to SEO

Aaron Wall has just released a great free resource entitled The Blogger’s Guide to SEO. It’s full of useful information for bloggers who want to rank well in search engines, and does a great job of driving home why writing for people (instead of search robots) is more important than ever.

Make sure to bookmark it at Delicious for future reference.

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  1. Glad to see Aaron making some noise again. It’s gotten a little quiet over at SEOBook lately, probably because of all his other projects.

  2. Just read about this on Seth’s blog. His book is helpful because he updates it every time something changes with Google.

  3. okie dokie.. will be checking it out.. but the latest round of PR update really make SEO unpredictable… i wonder what advance tips are in the book..

  4. Michael, the interesting thing about the way blogs work is that the things that help you rank well should bring you traffic and subscribers first.

    I’d rank your priorities this way (each step naturally leads to the next):

    1. Social Media
    2. Subscribers
    3. Search

  5. Great to see that people-writing is valued by the search engines.

    Because it’s people-writing with spice and enticement that keeps a blog interesting.


  6. From a quick glance it looks quite awesome!

  7. Thanks. I’m looking forward to reading it. My hope has been that as I build content, I will build readership and ranking. I plan on taking my time to get there. Nothing good comes easy. This book should be a great help.

  8. Thanks for pointing this out Brian – I’ve been looking for something like this.

    I have been focusing on the subscriber count and social media, so SEO has been given little to no attention. Whilst SEO won’t take priority over the other two, there is certainly no harm in giving it some attention.

  9. >> My hope has been that as I build content, I will build readership and ranking.

    This might happen, but your content needs to be both truly unique and well written. As far as I remember, Steve at did mention somewhere that he didn’t do marketing for his blog. But he indeed had a few articles which couldn’t be found anywhere else, since he used his original research drawn from personal experience.

    But if you are just mostly rehashing other people ideas, you will need invest into marketing.

  10. Thanks Brian. I haven’t started a blog yet, but am planning one for the new year.

    I purchased SEOBook very recently, but haven’t been on his site in a little bit. This should be a good read as well!

  11. hi
    nice to find Aaron again

  12. SEO is a catching up game. Race between how smart you are versus how smart the search engines are.

  13. I suggest to get Aaron’s SEOBOOK without thinking anything else. It will be your smart decision.

    Go and Get it…


  14. Aaron Wall is one of the most respected guys when it comes to SEO. Sharing his SEO knowledge into blogging is really a great help to us.

  15. I just tweeted and boolmarked this blog entry. Thanks for the great insight on SEO as it relates to blogging.