Get a Copyblogger T-Shirt, Help a Child
Learn to Read

You weighed in on our proposed Copyblogger t-shirt slogans.

You picked the ones you liked best. And you demanded we offer both men’s and women’s cuts. 😉

Now, you can do a good deed as well. We’re donating 100% of the profit from your purchase of a Copyblogger t-shirt to the outstanding child literacy organization Reading is Fundamental.

Click here to get the details and to get your shirt.

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  1. I love the, You so wish you could link to this, t-shirt, this is very cool and a great charity!

  2. Thank you for a great initiative and a great program. Love the T-Shirts!

  3. I am glad to see that it is going towards a good cause to help out our future generation. I might grab myself a T-shirt

  4. Any chance you can tell us who makes the shirts or give us size measurements? I can’t be the only one who’s between sizes, depending on the manufacturer… Can I?

    Great cause, great designs… I’m in! (just as soon as I know which size to buy)


  5. The cause justifies yet another t-shirt. Thanks for giving us a portal to link kids to books.

  6. Brian,

    Really like the shirts; love that you are giving all the money to a charity and the fact that it is a literacy charity is icing on the cake!



  7. I’m with Jess–I am totally ready to buy a tee but would like to know, if possible, who the manufacturer is and if they run true to size (or on the small/large side). Can’t wait to buy the “link” tee!

  8. Since you’re going to use the money for a good cause, I gonna get a t-shirt for myself.

  9. Hi Brian,

    I certainly will support your cause once i’m in capacity to get support.
    Thanks for the wonderful thought….. I truly admire blogger who gives more thoughts about the surrounding.