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Any of this sound familiar?

  • You find out your site has been down for over an hour … from cranky people on Twitter and Facebook.
  • What about missing out on that time-sensitive request for proposal, because your email server wasn’t pulling new mail?
  • Is your payment processer down right now and you don’t have a clue, because the rest of your site is up and looks fine, but no one can buy?

All of that has happened to me more than once over the last 15 years, especially before we took control of our own hosting. But even then, sometimes things go wrong, and you simply have no idea.

For example, a couple weeks ago we discovered that a site map on Copyblogger had been completely borked for who knows how long. It had been created back in 2008, and somewhere along the line it failed, causing significant damage to our search rankings on Bing.

How did we find out about it and fix it? Site Sensor, the new website monitoring service we created to sniff out these very kind of problems.

Website Monitoring for Online Publishers, by Online Publishers

Other website monitoring options out there seem to come from a different era. A time when the “IT department” worried about things such as website uptime, performance and security issues, and third-party vendors whose services were causing mission-critical problems.

We found these monitoring services full of technical gobblygook, cryptic warning indicators, and the kind of customer service that fits every stereotype of the condescending “IT guy” who treats “normal” people like they’re idiots. We weren’t having any of that.

In the real world of today’s Internet, websites are often built and maintained by the very people who create the content for those sites. These people are somewhat technically versed, but fairly far from the propeller-head type.

In other words, people similar to the people on the Copyblogger editorial team.

Even at the enterprise level, it’s the marketing and content staff who have the most to lose when things break. The IT Department is, shall we say, a bit less invested.

So, we decided to have our own propeller heads (heh) create the comprehensive monitoring service that we wanted. And now, we’d like to share Site Sensor with you, no matter what kind of website you have.

Monitor Any Website (Plus a Whole Lot More)

It doesn’t matter if you use WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. It makes no difference if you’re running a custom enterprise CMS, or a Dreamweaver-spun HTML website from back in the day.

Site Sensor will keep you in the know:

  • Site down? You’ll get instant notification via email, SMS, or iPhone app.
  • Email not working? You’ll know instantly to tell others about alternative ways to contact you.
  • Search engines not able to process your site properly? Site Sensor is on it.

Plus, all these other great functions:

  • Uptime and response time statistics for each monitored site.
  • Website monitoring from locations in North America and Europe ensures accurate results across the globe.
  • Checks that your RSS feed is current and resolving properly.
  • Ensures that your sitemap includes your most recent post.
  • Checks the up/down status of any device that responds to pings.
  • Knows if your vital third-party services, like payment processing, are up.
  • Lets you know if you accidently blocked search engines from indexing your site.
  • Gives you unlimited email site status notifications directly to your inbox.
  • Tracks your sites via iPhone from anywhere, and receive push notifications when sites go down and back up.
  • Alerts you via SMS text message when sites go down or up (international SMS available).
  • Optionally receive automated calls when your sites go down or up (billed at 3¢ per call).

Two Ways to Get Your Site Sensor On

Option One: Free Website Monitoring for all Synthesis WordPress Hosting Clients

Anyone in the web hosting business would say you’d have to be insane to empower customers to know each time their site goes down, whether they notice or not. Stark, raving, crazy.

We prefer the word confident.

In other words, we don’t claim superior uptime like everyone else in the hosting industry. We demonstrate it.

That’s why every Synthesis hosting account comes with Site Sensor for one site, absolutely free. If you use WordPress, you really owe it to yourself and your business to be treated better.

Check out Synthesis today.

Option Two: Shockingly Affordable Website Monitoring for Any Site

I’ll admit it: I think Site Sensor is the best choice out there for peace of mind and revenue rescue from undiscovered downtime and other tech fails. And that’s worth a lot.

Think about it, how much money do you lose when you don’t realize your site is down? When you can’t take payments? When your search engine rankings suffer because of some stupid thing that no one noticed?

Well, don’t worry about me draining your bank account based on the number that just made your brain cringe. Site Sensor is more affordable than anything we’ve looked at as an alternative option.

Again, this isn’t a WordPress thing. It’s a website thing.

Monitor any site and all those other mission critical Internet functions for $2 a month (yes, that’s just two bucks a month on our quarterly plan). Choose our annual plan and it’s even less than that.

I’m pretty sure I can get you an excellent return on those two dollars. And as always, we guarantee it.

Get Site Sensor for your site today.

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    • says

      Hashim, it is frustrating. Ironically, 6 hours before this post went out, the city hit a fiber connection to our office. Servers are 2K miles away so that wasn’t an issue. But for the majority of our Synthesis support team, it would have been an issue. It was nice to know that the Internet connection was down and when it was backup so we could plan accordingly.

  1. says

    This is a great idea. I’ve been having major issues with my primary VPS.

    The provider has been great for a long time, but all of a sudden weird “outages” at really bad times.

    I’ve actually been asking myself lately “Just how often is this down and me unaware??”

    I am checking this out.


    • says

      Astro, server uptime, though critical, is only one part of the equation. Copyblogger.Com, for example has had 99.99% uptime for the past two years but we had no way to tell if a plugin or WP core update introduced an issue to our sitemap or core RSS feed. In our case, the sitemap was an issue and we didn’t know it. It was costing us traffic in a major search engine too!

  2. says

    Could be very useful, I found my site down once, but I had no idea how long it had been down and who knows what it could have cost me.

  3. says

    Very good stuff you guys have it. Seriously! Recently joined Synthesis and yes, probably the best thing happened to me (not really but you get the point) :p

    Thing is, not everyone of us are tech person and thus, small things could caused big issue. Now, thanks to CB, most of my basic doubts are…out.

    Thank you guys and thanks for sharing this article Brian!


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