How to Make a Living as a
Social Media Rock Star Writer

Freelance X Factor

Earlier this year, Brian and I created a course called Freelance X Factor.

It was designed for the “typical” Copyblogger reader. (Smart, interested in writing, pretty savvy about social media . . . but possibly “not there yet” when it comes to packaging all of that up and turning it into income.)

The course is designed to give you a “business model in a box,” to take what you’re great at and start using it to make a better living. Our focus was to take social media writers and turn them into effective businesspeople.

While we were at it, we included a lot of content to help you become a social media rock star, if you weren’t there already.

And, in honor of the worst global economy since the Great Depression, we packaged all of this up at an incredibly attractive price.

Why bring all this up now? Because everything that made the course so valuable remains true. But we’re just about to raise the incredibly attractive price to something that’s merely “very attractive.”

We’ll be taking the offer down before the end of the month. In early January, we’ll be raising the price for Freelance X Factor from $87 to $147. Which is still, frankly, a hell of a deal.

If you’re a writer and you think the Copyblogger business model could help you re-position yourself for more income, fewer hassles, more respect, and more fun, well, you’re right. Click here to find out how to do that for the best possible price.

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