55+ Professional WordPress Themes,
One Insane Low Price (For a Limited Time)

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Sometimes a little madness can be a good thing.

For example, Copyblogger Media’s StudioPress division has forged a bullet-proof design framework called Genesis for easily and securely building WordPress websites. They’re also relentlessly crafting beautiful turn-key designs for it.

Could be considered a bit … obsessive.

Now, what if all 54 of those designs (the newest version of Genesis, our current 42 child theme designs, plus 12 bonus child themes that work with it) were bundled together and delivered to you for a rock-bottom one-time payment? Oh yeah, and let’s include all future themes, unlimited updates, and unlimited support in that bundle as well.

That might be considered somewhat … irrational.

All right, and what if the Genesis Framework, the 54 child themes (plus all future themes — we release new ones all the time), and all the updates and support are made available to you at a savings of $912.75 off what it would cost just to buy the existing themes?

Now you’re thinking that’s just plain crazy.

And you may be right. But we’re doing it anyway … for the next few days, get it all for a one-time fee of $299.95.

On March 22, 2013, at 5:00 PM Pacific time, the price goes back up to $349.95, and will be raised to $399.95 later this year. That will still be a great deal, but everyone hates to miss out on a better deal, right?

Questions About StudioPress?

If you’ve not yet heard, our StudioPress division makes the industry standard design framework for WordPress, and currently has 42 striking turnkey child themes to easily skin your site.

Here’s a glance at what you get “out of the box” when you hook yourself up with the Pro Plus All-Theme Package:

  • All the SEO, security, and support that come with the Genesis Framework
  • 42 current showcase child theme designs
  • 12 bonus child theme designs
  • Every future child theme design we release
  • Multiple page layout options for each theme
  • Quickly change color schemes without touching a line of code
  • Logical navigation & category layout helps readers get what they want, fast
  • Unlimited updates, domains you can use the theme on, and support (you’re not on your own)

Don’t Miss this Deal

So, if you were to buy each part of this bundle of digital hotness separately, you’d see the price come in at a whopping $1,212.70. Worth every penny, too.

Until 5:00 PM Pacific time, March 22, 2013, however, you can get sterling search engine optimization, rock-solid security, tons of turn-key designs, and unlimited sites, domains, and support … all for the insane price of $299.95.

Click here for all the details on the Genesis Framework Pro-Plus package.

Find out why it’s the smartest (and sanest) way to build as many fantastic WordPress sites as your heart desires.