Forget Everything You Know About Making Money Online (And Start Making Some)

Teaching Sells

More people than ever are trying to make money online these days. And it seems just as many are frustrated with their results so far.

If you’re having trouble creating an online business, it might be because you’re following approaches that really don’t work anymore. The truth is, some models that worked a few years ago for early adopters are difficult if not impossible for new players to successfully get going today.

The key to avoiding this frustration is to see where things are going and become an early-adopter in the next big wave of the commercial Internet. Of course, even if you’re already doing well, it never hurts to take a look forward, right?

The free Teaching Sells report draws on my 11 years of online marketing experience, and it’s your guide to what’s coming next. Some savvy online entrepreneurs are already succeeding with this model right now.

In this quick and easy 22-page report (or optional audio recording), you’ll learn:

  • Whether blogging is dead or not
  • How to avoid the tyranny of Google
  • Why you should forget the “Long Tail”
  • How to truly leverage Web 2.0
  • Why you’re not normal, and why that’s a good thing
  • How the true power of the Internet is being missed
  • What “teaching sells” means to you

Plus, you’ll get instant access to three case studies of entrepreneurs who are already in on the Teaching Sells model. They’ve got tactics and strategies in place that work… and they can work for you as well.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what NASA, Russian cosmonauts, the film industry in the 1940s, Marshall McLuhan and the Sex Pistols have to do with online business…. Well, you’re going to want to read (or listen to) this.

Simply provide your first name and primary email address. We’ll never share your information, we respect your privacy, and we won’t abuse your trust.

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Need more information first? Check out the Teaching Sells home page.

About the Author: Brian Clark is Executive Editor of Copyblogger, and co-founder of Teaching Sells and DIY Themes. Get more from Brian on Twitter.

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Reader Comments (31)

  1. says

    The point that mentions “Why you’re not normal, and why that’s a good thing” is one that is worth taking a look at, because it could serve to motivate more individuals to maintain their subtle differences in character or habit. If these bits that set us apart are not strengthened, we can end up clumping into a generic mass, instead of specializing in procedures that we would be efficient at. Uniformity tends to be associated with dullness and lack of spark, while diversity tends to be associated with liveliness and an open-minded attitude.

  2. says

    Excellent report. You provide an interesting perspective based on fact not fluff.

    I found it encouraging to hear that you think we’re still at the very early stages of the internet’s development. It’s not too late nor too competitive to create an online business. Shhh, let’s not tell the others!

  3. says

    I would really like to know how to “How to avoid the tyranny of Google”

    If Google is a sandbox in which we are all playing in, and someone claims that there going to tell me how to avoid sand in my pants, then I am going to listen.

  4. says

    Michelle, that’s just the name of the general Teaching Sells list… you’ll get the report and case studies instantly as soon as you confirm.

  5. says

    @Susan Greene: I’m with you, “Shhh, let’s not tell the others!” I have a devil of a time explaining to friends and family what I do for a living — and I like it that way. :-)

  6. Michelle says

    @Brian Clark – Thanks, although I did click the confirmation link. Tried it again and it said: You have already confirmed your subscription, please check your email account now.

    Still no report, though… would love to see it!

  7. says

    I joined TS way back and am a Charter Member. Since then I have not for an instant regretted the decision to sign up. There was and still is so much to learn. And you cannot ask for two better teachers than Brian and Tony.

    I am still active on the TS forums as are a number of Charter Members and all of us will assist you with your queries if we can.

    The course content is detailed and there is an abundance of it. The video tutorials are splendid. You will find the TS forums to be very informative and the answers to most of the questions you will encounter are there. And so are we and Tony and Brian.


  8. says

    I signed up, but did not receive a link to the report. Your auto-responder just put me on some sort of wait list. What gives?

  9. says

    The Internet is still the wild west. I can’t get over how many huge niches I stumble on almost every day that haven’t been filled up yet. It’s pretty exciting. :)

  10. says

    [Quote]”….because I trust you guys…” ~ by SBM[/Quote]

    [Quote]”…I trust you with my email address…” ~by Paul[/Quote]

    As I said yesterday, I am still active as a TS student and keep calling here at Copyblogger to learn about copywriting. I also like to participate in conversations about some of the articles too.

    And in this respect I spotted two similar statements in the comments above which struck a very distinct chord within me about Brian Clark and Tony Clark your soon to be teachers at Teaching Sells.

    Trust is a key element of the student/teacher relationship. And in my view you will meet two of the most trustworthy people I have ever encountered online.

    In all aspects of the teacher/student relationship at TS, trust is implicit. Your learning experience depends on it and Brian and Tony will take every care to ensure your expectations are met.

    Going forward, what you experience at TS is vital to Brian and Tony’s future and so their integrity must remain intact in all respects, and their characters as trustworthy people and teachers is therefore paramount.

    I trust them. And rightfully so.

  11. says

    No report for me either. I clicked on the link and checked all the folders.

    Also, your HTML is showing (end of the last paragraph of your post: >/p< ).

  12. says

    Great Post. There comes a certain point when you really need to quit reading ‘the next best thing you need’ and actually make money instead of reading about “This plugin you really need!” or “This ebook that will really help you.”

  13. Tom says

    Okay, why no response?

    Seems like several people can’t get the promised materials.

    Can’t you just email us a download link?

  14. says

    Hey Tom, I personally emailed you the report last night (and just now again).

    Plus, this morning I resent the report to the entire list of 17,000 people. Please check your mail. :)

  15. says

    Excellent report. You provide an interesting perspective based on fact not fluff.

    I found it encouraging to hear that you think we’re still at the very early stages of the internet’s development. It’s not too late nor too competitive to create an online business. Shhh, let’s not tell the others!

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