Two TeleClasses You Don’t Want to Miss
(And There’s No Charge)


I’ve got two teleclasses for you to check out, and neither one will cost you a dime. The first involves online video marketing and how it relates to copywriting, and the second is all about copy.

First up, as promised Dave Kaminski and I will be doing a live call this Thursday evening at 7:30 Central (8:30 Eastern, 5:30 Pacific). Dave is the founder of Web Video University, and the topic is Web Video Marketing: Trends, Techniques, and Copywriting Tips. Check out the event page here, and you might consider printing out that page as a reminder. We’ve got room for 200 people on the call, but any number of people can listen via the Flash web cast.

Next up is a teleclass hosted by A-list copywriter David Deutsch. David has been doing an entire series of free calls called Quick Start Copy, and this week he has the infamous Dan Kennedy as a guest. Dan may be a bit grumpy, but he’s also a marketing genius, so I’m betting this call is well worth your while. You’ll also be able to catch the next two free calls in the series… Brad Antin of Centerpointe Research, and then the wrap-up with the legendary Jay Abraham. You can register for the calls here.

About the Author: Brian Clark is the founding editor of Copyblogger, and co-founder of Teaching Sells and Lateral Action. Get more from Brian on Twitter.

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  1. Sounds exciting!

    I am reading Dan’s excellent book now.

  2. Nice. Thanks for the freebies, Brian. Looking forward to these!

  3. Excellent – I can use all the free (and quality) help I can get.

  4. This should be 00.30 GMT, I never get why systems or even individuals still don’t see the big usability problem when it comes to time notations (anyone outside the US).

    Great to hear there is also going to be a flash webcast. It is an impressive lineup.

  5. Sounds nice! Dan Kennedy, Brad Antin AND Jay Abraham? Pretty cool I must say.

  6. This is awesome. Even better with the fact that it’s free. Thanks.

  7. These calls have been amazing. Really looking forward tomorrow night’s with Dan Kennedy. He’s a marketing genius and his ideas work just as good online as off.

  8. Nice. Thanks for the freebies, Brian. Looking forward to these!