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Being entirely uncertain of my safe return from SXSWi at the end of next week, I bid you all a fond — if preemptive — farewell. I don’t get out much, so this could get interesting.

Anyway, Texas is big, life is good, and its hours become increasingly short. Therefore, on with this week’s edition of The Lede

  • Are You Hooked on Hacking Your Life?
  • Henry Rollins on Competition
  • How to Make a Habit Stick
  • How to Write 300,000 Words in a Year
  • 10 Laws of Productivity

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Are You Hooked on Hacking Your Life?
I thought it best to start this little batch of productivity-related links with a little essay from Mr. Godin that questions your motives for becoming productive in the first place. To what end, endless efficiency?


Henry Rollins on Competition (NSFW)
One of his greatest stories, illustrating the lengths that a professional will go in order to become the best in the world. And, take heart, because my bet is that you aren’t opening for (and attempting to best) Iggy Pop.


How to Make a Habit Stick
Mr. Babauta — as his domain itself suggests — is a proselytizer of the life-changing effects of building simple habits. Take embarrassingly small steps, embrace tedium, allow seemingly miniscule progress to do its work of eventually blossoming into great transformation. The tortoise vs. the hare. Slow and steady. Drip, drip, drip.


How to Write 300,000 Words in a Year
“If you don’t have this ability at first, fear not: it’s a learned process.” So says Mr. Guillebeau, with the simple confidence of a person who has experienced (and accomplished) much in his short life. My advice to you is to go ahead and take his in this matter.


10 Laws of Productivity
A very nice little compilation of productive lessons culled from a variety of practitioners in several fields. Turns out, the developer faces the same issues as the writer, as the musician, as the videographer, etc. True? Perhaps. Long as you don’t forget that the writer runs this show.


Bonus: You Had One Job!
This doesn’t have much to do with productivity I guess, other than possibly creating the motivation necessary to make sure your work never ends up being featured on this excellent website.

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