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  • The One Tool that Will Make You Better at Everything
  • Is Audio The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing?
  • 4 Reasons Content is the Startup of the Future
  • A “Revolutionary” Marketing Strategy
  • Thomas Edison, Power-Napper

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The One Tool that Will Make You Better at Everything
At a glance, this looked to me like a headline veering into hyperbole, but I was wrong. It’s great advice, and the kissing cousin of the all-powerful tool of any great human being — the ability to listen. Want to find out what it is?


Is Audio The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing?
Brian Clark and I have this audio vs. video conversation every few months. As far as marketing is concerned, you can do great work with either, of course. But, I’m one who’s all in on audio, I like to take these little podcasts with me (in my pocket), without being asked to watch a screen for 10, 20, or 120 minutes. Soon as one of these brilliant developers figures out a way to make audio subscriptions brain-dead easy, I think it’s game over …


4 Reasons Content is the Startup of the Future
I am (obviously) not a VC. But it’s always been a bit confusing to me why those folks have tended to shy away from content companies. Even if you haven’t built a home run like Mr. Goldberg has, he makes a few strong arguments for why content makes for a stable, and potentially very profitable investment. Copyblogger (a multi-million dollar software and education company) was, after all, founded on an initial schedule of just two blog posts a week.


A “Revolutionary” Marketing Strategy
Without diving too deeply, Mr. Sheridan lays out a wonderful and — particularly for experts in almost any field — supremely workable content marketing strategy in this short article. If you really know your sh*t, there’s a great chance that your prospects and customers want to know it too. Take a few days to plan the scope of your attack, then stick to it. Then prosper.


Thomas Edison, Power-Napper
I can’t be held responsible for the fallout of you getting caught napping on the job. I can, however, offer you a great excuse for that moment when you find yourself staring up at your boss in a partial dream-state haze, “You know Thomas Edison napped regularly, right?” Don’t have a boss? Sleep tight.

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