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  • Why Are You Waiting to Get Picked?
  • How to Accomplish More by Doing Less
  • Why “Digital First” is Better
  • Why Weirdos Get Ahead at Work
  • Louis C.K. on Patience in Building Your Platform

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Why Are You Waiting to Get Picked?
I’m not sure if Mr. Godin was the first to put these words to work in this context (I think he was), but it’s a near-perfect concept for the digital-first age. I often think about what writers like Camus, Tolstoy, Dickinson, Bukowski, Parker, and Miller would’ve given to be alive and working right now. OK, Emily Dickinson wouldn’t be blogging, but you get my point. My gut tells me the majority of them wouldn’t have waited to be picked, and I don’t think we should either.


How to Accomplish More by Doing Less
Every time I read something like this, from someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about, I get that old tall-glass-of-ice-water-in-the-middle-of-the-desert feeling. We’re guilted into all kinds of bullshit from all kinds of people pulling us in all kinds of directions every day. Yeah, unless you’re sitting pretty on a trust fund from Uncle Johnny, you’ve got to make a living and do what the boss says … but there’s got to be room in there somewhere to move toward a saner way of working. And the irony, of course, is that focus — not busyness — is the habit that can bring true results.


Why “Digital First” is Better
Five years ago you could make an argument that digital was the unloved second cousin of all other marketing channels. You’d have been wrong, but at that time, you could’ve made it through your day without it. Now? It hardly makes sense to call it “digital” or “online” marketing anymore … it’s just marketing. If you don’t see that, you will soon. Clearly.


Why Weirdos Get Ahead at Work
This reminds me of David Mamet’s advice to actors regarding “character development”. There is no character, there are only words on a page (paraphrased). His point is that actors waste vast amounts of time and energy building, researching, and finding The Character, when all the audience wants is for them to deliver the lines clearly, and move the story along scene by scene. Not sure if you’ll find the same connection, but there you go …


Louis C.K. on Patience in Building Your Platform
“Give it a minute.” In four words, there’s at least one-third of the essence of doing anything well — whether online or off. I can’t say it any better than he did, so just go ahead and click that link, then go have a great weekend …

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