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  • Why Rituals Work
  • 90 Free Online Philosophy Courses
  • 7 Steps to Finding Focus for Writing
  • A Cheat Sheet of 24 Coffee Drinks
  • We’re All Media Companies Now

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Why Rituals Work
Writers, like baseball players, are some of the most superstitious people on earth. I’d list a few of my own pre-game rituals here, but I’d rather not invite the Men in White Coats to my front door. Do rituals work? Ms. Gina seems to think so. If she didn’t, I’d doubt her findings. Now, where’s my bathrobe …


90 Free Online Philosophy Courses
“Where do you get ideas to write about?” It’s one of the most-asked questions we get around here, and Brian Clark answered it — at least partially — years ago … you head down to The Crossroads at midnight. What does philosophy have to do with content marketing? You make the connection, and then go grab a book on the history of jazz. Or Shakespeare’s sonnets. Or The National Enquirer.


7 Steps to Finding Focus for Writing
Are you tired of hearing about “The Resistance” yet? Well, if you’re still struggling to write every day, it’s a valuable concept to revisit regularly. One thing I like about Mr. Babauta is that he’s not afraid to hammer on the same foundational ideas over and over. We can never go back to the fundamentals too many times. This is the essence of craft.


We’re All Media Companies Now
Are you telling a good enough — see: true enough — story about your product, service, or idea? If not, Mr. Godin advises, “it’s up to you to fix that.” That can be a difficult process, but we no longer have any choice in the matter. We are all (in some regard) media companies now, and you know what drives media companies, right? The writer.


A Beautiful Cheat Sheet of 24 Coffee Drinks [Infographic]
Coffee (among other useful vices) has fueled writers for centuries. You could argue, therefore, that coffee is largely responsible for the creation and development of the very civilization we currently enjoy. It’s also just a damn good drink. Mine’s a simple cafe au lait, is yours on this list?

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