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  • How a 40,000 Word PDF Earned a Massive Audience
  • The Overwhelming Force of “Gradual”
  • How to Write a Good Blog Post, Fast
  • On Finding Real Pleasure in Our Work
  • Twitter’s First Bona Fide Star

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How a 40,000 Word Guide Earned 361,494 Site Visitors and 8421 Email Opt-ins
Mr. Patel is a master of taking action on real data. Through this dedication, he discovers, then delivers, what his audience wants. In this short case study he lightly analyzes the release of a recent PDF guide that ended up earning him the attention (and permission) of a wide new audience. But it wasn’t easy, and he didn’t get it right the first time …


The Overwhelming Force of “Gradual”
The home run. The hail mary. The half-court, last-second, game-winning bucket. The winning lottery ticket. We praise and immortalize these events, in my culture they are what you’d call a scene from the The American Dream. The Big Win. But nature doesn’t work that way. The natural order of things — generally — is a very slow, step-by-step process of growth and movement. If you saw a tree jump from sapling to 50 feet tall in one day, you’d wonder what the hell was going on in the world. So why are we obsessed with seeking the unnatural, sugar-coated growth of our work? Is there another way?


How to Write a Good Blog Post (Fast)
Ms. Duistermaat introduces us to her “Breadmaker Technique” of content creation, a process that cuts much of the angst out of getting started, and getting to a workable draft of your article. I find this, along with a little advice from Mr. Clark, to be very useful tools for getting good content done.


On Finding Real Pleasure in Our Work
It’s not often that a philosopher has the chops to not only teach, but make you laugh. Maybe it’s merely a 21st century sensibility, but Mr. de Botton delivers the goods in this smart, useful, and funny talk about the nature of work and success. Makes me think how much further Mr. Nietschze or Mr. Kant could have spread their messages, had they more finely tuned their respective senses of humor.


Twitter’s First Bona Fide Star
It’s well known that Copyblogger thinks digital sharecropping is a dumb move, but that’s never meant that we’re against the contextually smart use of social networking sites. This is one such case. Though Ms. Oxford’s story will certainly not be replicated (often, at least), the results of her producing the right content, in the right place, at the right time can’t be denied. You may never end up on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but do you really need to end up there in order to achieve your business goals?

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