The Power of Less

The Power of Less

I just finished reading Leo Babauta’s new book The Power of Less. Simply put, it’s wonderful, and I think everyone should read it.

I could do a praise-filled review like Tim Ferriss, or even a video endorsement of the book like Chris Brogan… but I’m not going to.

I’m going with less.

Pick up a copy of The Power of Less today. I give it my highest recommendation, and it’s less than 12 bucks at Amazon.

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  1. Perhaps I’m easily persuaded, but I am — persuaded.

  2. Brian, for less, you could have just twittered this. 😉


  3. Not quite available in the UK yet, just got an update from Amazon saying might not get my pre-order until early March. Rats!

  4. Leo is one of the people on my “buy everything this person puts out” list.

  5. Book. Good. Buy.

  6. Alberto Lupe Montoya :

    Book made sense.

  7. Excellent book, great title, great method.

    The Power of Lesser Comments 😉

  8. A nice way to incorporate the book’s message of streamlining and simplicity into a to-the-point review. Sometimes less is more and intrigues others to look further into a product to find out more about it.

  9. Thanks for the heads up. I think this would be a good one to take a look at.

  10. The book was well-written and a fast read. (I powered through it in one night.)

    In my opinion, the beef is in the second half of the book.

  11. Nice to see you’re taking the message of the book to heart. 😉

  12. OK

  13. Good,i will read it.

  14. Um, Brian: Thanks for the heads up on the book.

  15. Are you saying that


  16. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book on this topic, so I may just order a copy.

    What’s funny is each time I purchase a non-technical book I’m (happily) reminded that not all books cost $59.99! Oh, the joys of being a developer…

  17. Awesome – just ordered it!


  18. I’m picking it up at the library today–for less than $12. :) Plus, I won’t have to find a place to store it. I think Leo would approve.

  19. An excellent book. Definitely worth picking up.

  20. @Dixie – you’re lucky it’s even at your library! Though I’m in the Bay Area, it’s rare to find a book published within the last five years.

  21. I agree. Fantastic book.

  22. I can see by the length of your posting :)
    I’ll read it, thanks!

  23. . ? !