The SEOmoz Landing Page Contest:
Entries Judged by Live Multivariate Testing


Last week, quite a few people wondered if they’d get to see any real-life results based on Roberta’s critique of the SEOmoz Premium Membership landing page. We already knew the answer, because Rand, Roberta and I had cooked up a more elaborate plan weeks ago. We had to keep quiet until today, but now I can reveal the scoop.

Here’s the deal—SEOmoz is sponsoring a landing page competition. You rewrite their landing page in exchange for a shot at a cash prize and more free publicity than you can shake a stick at. Feel free to use Roberta’s tips, of course.

First prize wins $1,000 cash. And to make sure the winners are picked the way they are in real life, each entry will be judged and the winners determined via multivariate testing on a live website.

Back when Seth Godin, Darren Rowse and I judged the Copyblogger landing page contest, we all three understood that it was a little ridiculous to choose winners based on what “we liked,” since that gave no objective indication of how each page would perform in the real world. Due to time constraints, we ran the contest that we could. But thanks to the technical talent bunkered within the SEOmoz world headquarters in Seattle, this competition will be as “real world” as it can be, which should lead to some valuable landing page copy insights.

Go read Rand’s post for all the details, because Roberta and I are hoping that a Copyblogger reader will win the prize. Don’t let us down. :)

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Reader Comments (7)

  1. says

    OK, I’m in. I came in second by ONE POINT in the Copyblogger contest. Maybe this time I’ll, well, not come in second by 1 point…

  2. says

    Some of the things you might test are just impossible in this scenario such as:-

    1. Fill out a questionnaire to qualify for a 7 day trial for $1
    2. Custom video squeeze page offering a bonus which would also require an autoresponder series
    3. Just a normal sales page with some great testimonials

    I know everyone is in the same boat…

  3. Kelly Erickson says

    Dear Brian and Roberta,

    An update on the contest… The multivariate testing began yesterday (08/06). A bit later than SEOmoz expected but who’s counting. As you hoped, at least one of your loyal readers did enter a design (me).

    I hope your critique drives lots of extra traffic there because I really want to see the best converter win!

    Kelly Erickson

    The Experience Designers
    Go Where Your VisionPoints

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