What the Web Wants

Allow me to over-simplify for a moment.

There is obviously much room on the web for technical innovation. We’ll always be moving forward with advances in hardware and software, both incrementally and in great leaps. But many of the difficult challenges of publishing online have (largely) been solved.

It’s easy to set up your own responsive website.

You no longer need to be an expert in the performance and security issues inherent in website hosting and management.

The tools available to you for optimizing content and attracting prospects that convert into customers are both powerful and affordable. This is indisputable.

So, what’s left to do?

I think the answer to that question lies in the answer to another:

What does the web really want?

From the transmission of that first email in 1971, the Internet has been about communicating content. Yes, technology made that transmission possible. Yes, we owe a great debt to the engineers and developers — past, present, and future — who built this beautiful, indefinable, unstoppable machine. But what is the true nature of it?

The web is content, and its value is determined by its intended audience, not an artificial gatekeeper.

If you accept that statement as true, how much of your professional effort is being poured into the serious creation, development, and distribution of content that matters to the people you want to reach?

And, how much is being wasted in the pursuit of details that can be effortlessly sorted with the available tools of your trade?

About the author

Robert Bruce

By day, Robert Bruce runs Rainmaker.FM. In his off hours, he files unusually short stories to the Internet, from an undisclosed location near you.

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