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I know I said we were done for the year, but it seems rather lame to leave up that “best of Copyblogger” post for a week. It kinda goes against what I preach around here, you know?

There’s been a great meme going around (and growing) that was started by Mack Collier, and brought to my holiday-diminished attention by Seth Godin. And unlike the “5 things” egoism, this meme highlights some fantastic marketing blogs that definitely deserve your attention.

The fact that the meme uses the term “Z-list” is a bummer, because it perpetuates the cut-and-dry ranking system that makes little sense in the blogging arena. The point is that there is an incredible array of valuable voices, and I’m happy that my own increased blogging capacity is going to allow me to focus on more of these other voices in the coming year.

Many of these blogs you’ll recognize if you’ve been reading Copyblogger for a while, like Mike Sansone, Ben Yoskovitz, Roberta Rosenberg, and new buddy Paul McEnany. But the idea is to reprint the whole list, and perhaps add in a few blogs that you read that haven’t yet been mentioned.

So here’s the list:

OK, some of these are not marketing blogs… but they still rock, and I often learn the most from the most unlikely sources. :)

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    i’m trying to brand but i will take I have forward soloride to soloride is not running! You are a god to me so I can’t believe that you linked me! My electricity is about to go out so i can’t write a good comment…. You don’t know how much I love your blog…this makes the whole electricity thing not seem that bad…better hit submit before lights go off….

  2. says

    I can already see the how grey/blackhatters will jump on this meme. Quality outgoing links in a healthy chain.
    Oh I don’t have to explain you this, you know this. 😉

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    Cheers mate for tacking me on the end there Brian. I had no real idea what this whole campaign was all about till you put a clear spin on it for me. Consider me a new subscriber of your scribbles…

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    Hi Brian,

    I guess this particular meme works BOTH ways. Before Mack concocted his special potion I was not familiar with your BLOG either. When the “Google Alert” for “Creative Think” popped up, I followed the link to your site. As a result you’ve gained a new subscriber. Thanks Mack!

    Best wishes,

    Roger von Oech

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    Great list! Wait, I thought lists were dead?
    Still digging through it to find gems to add to my reader that aren’t there now.

    Maybe someday I can ROCK too! :)


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    Brian. Thanks for the link love. Your blog has a fantastic and helpful niche.

    I will definitely return after this first time experience.

    Cheers…and spread the word.

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    Hi Brian,
    Thank you for the mention. The Z-List is indeed working both ways (agree with Roger). Your site is now in my RSS reader as well.
    Best wishes from mindblob. :)

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    Hey – Viaspire is honored to have your “blogs that rock” endorsement! The Z-List is quite an amazing phenomenon bringing us together with some amazing, well-followed fellow bloggers. We’ve enjoyed your feed all year and love it! Thanks!
    PS – We also share your love for MidPhase! They rock too! :)

  9. says

    Gosh, thanks! I am just getting around to thanking folks for keeping the meme alive and giving my blog some new traffic and readers. Now I’m working on doing some blog cleaning and will have new content coming, new contributors and freshened up links.

    Thanks again,
    Tim Jackson
    (Shut Up and Drink the Kool-Aid!)

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    Thanks for spreading the good news on these blogs Brian. The discovery of new blogs is part of what makes the blogosphere fun. Have a great 2007!

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