Top 5 Blogging Clichés That Need To Die

5. The word “kerfuffle.”

4. I’m not calling it “Web 2.0″ because it’s just so over.

3. Referencing “Denton” and “Calacanis” in the same overly-reverential sentence.

2. Using. Periods. After. Every. Damn. Word.

1. Blogging with Britney Spears’ baby on your lap.

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  1. 6. Creating lists.

    7. Saying blogging is dead/has jumped the shark.

    8. Saying we need to “blow up” anything (check :-)

  2. I was waiting for the first person to call out this list as a cliché itself… the prize goes to Mr. Calacanis (what an honor!). :)

  3. Kerfuffle is new to me, I’ll have to start using it as well :-)

  4. I believe, I could be wrong, that “kerfuffle” originated with the “I ate my ipod shuffle” poem (too lazy to link, search it)

  5. Sorry, Jesse,
    Kerfuffle’s a word that’s been around since the 20th century. I first heard it in Australia in the late 90s.

    Add to that list “random” anything.

  6. Kerfuffle is an old word derived from Gaelic… why it’s caught on in the blogosphere like it has is a mystery (it’s been used in 17 posts just since I created this list Saturday night, per Technorati).

    Duncan, don’t you dare start using it (oh.. but you’re a short timer anyway, right?) :)

  7. 6. Creating si.lly.ious site titles

    7. Using the term blogosphere instead of blog universe

    Ok, maybe the last one is just my personal peeve.

  8. I had never seen the phrase “jump the shark” in action before Jason’s comment, and then of course (the very same day), I stumbled upon this…

  9. I almost added “Jump the Shark” itself as a cliché. Who knew a “Happy Days” reference could live so long and well?

  10. linkbait

    damn, i hate that word!

    But, I’ll still use it. :)

  11. Rob, you caught me. However, I did make this post the first entry in a new category — traffic. :)