Top Five New Developments at Copyblogger

This isn’t a proper entry in Darren Rowse’s latest Group Writing Project, but since I have five announcements and he’s running a “Top Five” contest this time around, I thought I should at least get in the spirit of things. If you haven’t joined in, get yourself a free link and a shot at $1001 in cash.

On to the news:

1. New Design – You already know about the new Copyblogger design that debuted on Monday. Most of you seem to like it, while several people are pining for the wide-open white space of the original. Hey, I miss it a bit too, but it’s not all bad because…

2. WordPress Theme Release – The former Copyblogger design that countless coveted and several stole will be released as a free WordPress theme in the coming weeks. Chris Pearson is making some tweaks that will allow for easy customization, including multiple color schemes. So if you miss the old design, you’ve got it… for yourself.

3. New Voices – Having guest writers while I went on vacation last month convinced me that Copyblogger is better with voices other than just my own. Roberta Rosenberg, Chris Garrett and Muhammad Saleem will be sharing their expertise with you on an ongoing basis.

4. Your Voice – I’ll also consider article submissions from any Copyblogger reader, beginning in the near future. I’m admittedly picky, but if you submit valuable original content that Copyblogger readers will love, I’ll post it along with your byline and link.

5. Copywriting Contest – Next week we’ll begin our own group writing project here at Copyblogger, with $10,000 in prizes. Stay tuned for more details on Monday.

P.S. Copyblogger has been nominated (thanks Denise!) for Best Marketing Blog in the Blogger’s Choice Awards. Just FYI. 😉

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  1. I like the new design. It is simple, sleek and matches your Personal brand quite well.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Wow! I’m really exited!

    The old CopyBlogger theme giveway! It’s time I change my old theme.

    I love group writing projects. Will take part!

    Ah…I’m really happy as I post this…

  3. I also like the design, and look for to Pearson’s release of a tweakable of your previous design. Using his Cutline right now.

    Thanks for the great site!! You’re in my Google Reader.

  4. So, when is the Copyblogger book coming out? :-)

  5. Kudos! Parabems! Felicitaciones! Congrats!

    When I first discover copyblogger I didn’t know the difference in between copywriting and copywrite LOL. And also though that “way of write” was only for spamy landing pages.

    Until i met you.

    And my reality cone was undramatically expanded. And discovered the patters. Now i am starting to develop “Neo Vision” – From the matrix©. When ever i read an article, a post or magazine ad ad. I see ppl telling stories, catching us with clever yet intriguing headlines. Triggering emotions in us.


    Now i realize the power you are sharing with us. So much that you and bittbox have propel me to star my very own story.

    Please let us walk with u for a long time.

  6. I’m new to Copyblogger and have no idea what the last template looked like. Where can I see it?

  7. I like the new design.

    And I can’t wait for your competition! $10,000 in prizes sounds good.

    Also I would love to submit content to your site – 26,000 of your RSS readers reading an article by somebody else would be so cool.

    I’m admittedly picky about writing stuff too, though sometimes I tend to blurt.

  8. Thanks for the great news, Brian!

    Chris did a wonderful job once again, and I can’t wait for the old theme to be open sourced, I liked it a lot.

    Look forward to competition and submitted articles!

  9. I found your site through one of the posts on Problogger’s Top 5 list. I’m glad I did. Since I’m new to blogging, I look forward to learning from the experts.

    Thanks for the site – and the insight.

  10. A writing contest at Copyblogger? Now, that’s a good idea.

    By the way, have you noticed your reader count lately? Unless, I’m crazy, it went up noticeably in the last week or so.


  11. The feed count is a glitch that should hopefully work itself out. The real subscriber count is around 16,500.

  12. I was wondering if you would accept submissions that focus on the marketing side of things more than on the copywriting side of things as well?

  13. Looking forward for the group writing project. $10,000? Jesus…

  14. $1001 is hard to resist! I for one really like the new layout — less white, but for a three-column, it really comes off clean and tailored. (If it were me, I’d have the top-right sticky note element lap off the edge, as the RSS and envelope elements do, but that’s just me being nitpicky.)

    Great job, as always, and looking forward to the Copyblogger GWP!

  15. Can we reprint any of that original content we submit after a set time? (30 days, 2 months, etc)

  16. Looking forward to using that old theme on one of our blogs. Thanks for letting us mere mortals use it.

  17. The layout is very nice. I would like to see some more eyecandy added to the Cutline theme. :-)


  18. Hmmm. I like it but it seems a little cluttered above the scroll line.