How to Build a Business with Premium Content (Updated for 2012)

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It’s that time again. We’re going to be launching Teaching Sells to a brand new group of members.

If you haven’t done this with us before before, let me tell you what it’s all about.

Basically, I spend the next four weeks or so writing my little fingers to the bone, giving you a ton of awesome content you can use right now to start creating something epic.

Then we tell you a little about our flagship course, Teaching Sells, or as I affectionately call it, “Brian’s Brain in a Box.” (But you know, less messy than that.)

Teaching Sells is our comprehensive course about how to build a business online.

Not a “money-getting system” or some kind of “turn the internet into your personal ATM” course. There are plenty of other folks who will try to sell you that.

Teaching Sells is a course about business. How it works online, how to decide on your topic, how to find customers, how to build your site — the whole thing. Start to finish.

This is the stuff we think the Small Business Administration should be teaching you … but they aren’t.

It’s the stuff we think marketing majors should learn in college … but they don’t.

Yes, I’m a fangirl

You know those people who crash servers during launches by hitting “Refresh” until they get to order?

That was me, way back in 2007 when the Teaching Sells course was first launched. That was before I worked with Brian, before Copyblogger Media was formed, before I wrote a single Copyblogger post.

Teaching Sells was what let me make the jump into working for myself. So I think it’s pretty darned cool. But, you know, I’m kind of biased.

Eventually, I came onboard

I was fortunate enough to eventually join Brian Clark and Tony Clark in making Teaching Sells even better — adding content formats, making the material easier to digest, simplifying the course structure, and more good stuff.

That’s one reason I tend to pour my heart into these launches … I care about this course, and I’ve seen what it can do for people.

I also know how much you (and I) like awesome free stuff. So we’ve made kind of a tradition of delivering lots of great free content during our launches.

You can get all the good stuff by signing up for the Teaching Sells email list. We’ll also let you know when the course is available, so if this is the right fit for you, you’ll be able to join us.

Either way, over the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about:

  • If only you had started earlier … can real people still build a business online from scratch?
  • How you’re making it harder than it has to be (and how to knock that off and start making real progress)
  • The best ways to make money with content in 2012
  • Blogging and the zombie apocalypse
  • The key element to creating a successful 21st century business
  • Why advertising doesn’t work for bloggers (and what does)
  • What buyers will and won’t pay for when it comes to content
  • What to do if you’re not a great content creator yourself (this one is cool)

We’re also going to give away our handy-dandy 20-step road map to creating a serious, thriving business online, and we’ll throw in a live webinar to let you know more about how that works.

There’s all that, and then anything else I come up with over the next four weeks. If you see me griping on Twitter about how little sleep I’m getting, you’ll know why.

So what do you do now?

  1. Go sign up for the Teaching Sells list. (If you’re signed up already, you’ll get all the awesomeness automatically.)
  2. Let your email provider know we’re good guys by adding us to your approved email senders, so your content doesn’t get stuck in a spam filter.

Then hang on tight, and I’ll be talking more with you in the comfort of your email box.

Whether or not you think Teaching Sells would be a good fit, go ahead and sign up for all the free goodies. We don’t mind a bit — in fact, we love it when people put our free stuff to good use. That’s why Copyblogger is here for you every day, right?

Looking forward to seeing you there!

About the Author: Sonia Simone is co-founder and CMO of Copyblogger Media and a co-creator of the updated Teaching Sells.


Oh yeah, and of course, we’re not going to do anything weird with your email address. We’ll send you lots of valuable content and some information about Teaching Sells, and that’s it. We loathe spam and we know you do, too.

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Reader Comments (20)

  1. says

    Reading this early in the morning, before breakfast, with the image of Brian’s brain in a box… hmmm sounds like this might be a “no-brainer” (not, of course to imply that Brian has no brain – although if it’s in a box then technically… oh well, this is too complicated for this time of day :-))

  2. says

    Some really cool tips here. Great content is possibly the single most important thing to promote your business. I just signed up and look forward to the course. It all sounds pretty interesting but gotta say that the Zombie Apocalypse part sounds a little strange lol

  3. says

    Hi Sonia,

    Well you haven’t steered me wrong yet! So I look forward to this program.
    I love the audio versions of the blog posts, it is much easier for me to listen to teachings than read them.

    Thank you!!!

  4. Bill says

    Glad to hear about the update. I went through the original course: outstanding!
    Will there be special pricing for original members? Can’t wait to see it.

    • says

      Bill, unless you were one of the very, very first members who didn’t stay long enough to get lifetime access, you’ll have access to all the improvements we make as long as the site is running. Which is pretty cool.

  5. says

    I’m another fangirl so forgive me but I can’t help but give these guys kudos!
    It’s the first and only course I’ve ever bought about online business (total newbie, zero experience in online business). I went live on my blog two days ago (first time blogging, too) and I had 12 subscribers in 24 hours! (Is that good?) LOL
    Ran into a glitch the other day on the site and Kim from support took care of me in a very ‘Purple Cow’ fashion. :) Thanks, Kim!

  6. says

    I took this programme three years ago and it was great! I had been in the website business since the late 1990s and had no idea about most of the stuff in there. Since then I’ve stopped doing work for other people and I develop my own stuff now, which is much more fun. I’m looking forward to going through the updated material as a refresher course.

  7. says

    I’ve been a member of Teaching Sells since the early days. Super eye-opening content, to say the least.
    Just an FYI for you Sonia…we’re venturing into rapid and easy content production for product launches with one of our Shortcut Blogging clients. It’s more fun than “Basically, I spend the next four weeks or so writing my little fingers to the bone”. For one client, we’ll be producing 18 10-minute podcasts and re-writing all of them into articles to be used as blog posts, emails and the like as they move toward their event. We’ll deliver all of the content within 3 weeks and the client will only be involved in the recording sessions…a total of 4-hours. The client only needs to write an outline to cover the topics. He’s got the information in his head. We’re pulling it out and writing it for him.

  8. says

    You Know What? You guys keep over delivering to say the least!

    WOW, First thanks!

    Second It’s very exciting to be aware of this very dynamic and valuable information

    Third I’m all yours (well you know ‘all yours’ in the sense of I am into your teachings and learning kind of thing lol! 😉

    Over and out for now


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