Twitter Writing Contest 2:
Win a MacBook Air for a Clever Haiku


Twitter Writing Contest 2 is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry, and winners will be announced Friday, November 21.

Back in May, I launched the first ever @copyblogger Twitter Writing Contest. People seemed to have a lot of fun participating and reading the hundreds of submitted entries, so I’ve been looking forward to doing another one.

If you missed the first one, the Los Angeles Times did a nice write-up of the event. In a nutshell, contestants had to tell a story in exactly 140 characters, which is the maximum allowed for any tweet on Twitter.

This time we’re doing something a bit different.

Write a Killer Haiku for the Win

As you might have gleaned from the headline, this time we’re going to write Twitter haiku. There’s already a healthy group of people who tweet clever little haiku poems on Twitter due to the constrained size, so it seems a natural for Twitter Writing Contest 2.

If your memory is a little rusty on what haiku is, here’s a refresher:

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. It consists of 17 syllables broken up into three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively.

Here are two quick examples found on Twitter Search with the tag #haiku:

Been up way too long / Need about a week’s more sleep / Might not be enough

~ @MFlanders

The furnace is fixed / breath invisible again / how much is the bill?

~ @badboc

Got it? Obviously, the more clever, comedic, or compelling your haiku, the better your chances of winning.

Like this one found on t-shirts:

Haikus are easy / But sometimes they don’t make sense / Refrigerator

Now on to the good stuff.

First Prize? A MacBook Air

We had some really great prizes last time, but we’re kicking it up a notch. Here are the prizes for first, second, third places.

First Prize – A MacBook Air, the world’s thinnest laptop, courtesy of DIY Themes and the Thesis Theme for WordPress.

Second Prize – Free access to Product Launch Formula 2.1+, the highly regarded online training program (tuition $1,997), courtesy of Jeff Walker. (If you purchase PLF when it opens–and likely sells out–today, you will receive a full refund as winner).

Third Prize – Free access to the new-and-improved Teaching Sells online training program (re-launching in January 2009 for $997), courtesy of Teaching Sells.

These are the Rules:

Rules, rules, rules… you can’t avoid them. And to be eligible to win, these are the ones you’ve got to follow:

1. You must have a Twitter account. Open one for free to participate.

2. Please tweet your submission (one per account) in English with the following format:

Phrase one (5 syllables) / phrase two (7 syllables) / phrase three (5 syllables)

3. After you’ve tweeted, you must cut and paste the poem itself into the comments of this post, along with the direct URL to the tweet (to get the tweet URL, you click on the tweet time stamp, i.e. “3:32 PM Nov 12th” or “about 12 hours ago”). Make sure the email address you use for the comment is valid so we can contact you as a winner (email addresses are never used for any other purpose).

4. I know it’s unnecessary with this crowd, but… original submissions only! It’s quite easy to search Twitter or Google to see if your inspiration amounts to plagiarism. Don’t do it please. :)

5. Submissions will be accepted in the comments of this post until 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, Sunday, November 16, 2008.

I’ll be answering questions and giving any necessary updates on Twitter, so make sure to follow @copyblogger. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

About the Author: Brian Clark is the founding editor of Copyblogger, and co-founder of DIY Themes and Lateral Action. Get more from Brian on Twitter.

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  1. Great twitter contest idea. Too bad that I am not good in poetry.

  2. I desire a Macbook / But I’m no good at haikus / Unlikely to win

  3. twitter fills my days/ with short tweets, posts, videos/ procrastination

  4. Wow, it’s hard to choose between the three I’ve already written: thanks for the creative brain challenge!

  5. I’m sure this can be loads of fun! Great contest, Brian. :)

  6. She left me angels/ To look after me when gone/ I feel loved always

    #haiku @copyblogger

    Good luck to every one and Congrats to the winner in advance.

  7. Blogs, tweets, and comments
    The new social currency
    Are phone calls dead now?

  8. Blake Schwendiman :

    Twitter for MacBook / My Vista box has just died / MacBook for Twitter

  9. To @copyblogger / A haiku contest sounds fun / Will this entry do?

  10. Though I see further / Do not use giants shoulders / Bought binoculars

  11. Why people haiku / is a mystery to me / makes no sense at all.

  12. doggies are sleeping / better get some work done fast / they’ll want to play soon

  13. why am i writing / oh that’s right, a MacBook air / probably won’t win

  14. Twenty-six candles / Eleven Twelve Eighty-Two / Can I Haz MacBook?

  15. Early Christmas treat / Macbook from Copyblogger / Ho ho ho ho ho

  16. not too much money/bored with it six months from now/it’s from ikea

  17. # haiku

    one hundred forty/characters are not enough /to express desire.

    (though enough for a haiku about twitter, apparently!)

  18. On Macbook users / They Have It Better Than Us / We Vista Users

    Direct link:

  19. the beans roast slowly / grinder whirrs, water drips hot / I won’t tweet before coffee

  20. I so love my Mac / With fear now I use PC / Waiting for the crash.

  21. Looking through the fridge / Pair of yellow underwear / How did that get there #haiku

  22. Haiku! I tweeted / What did many tweeps reply? / Gesundheit! they said

  23. This is my submission:
    freelance work is hard / no missed opportunity / Mac Book Air would help

    Ohh, and here is one to help get the word out:

    Coppybolgger rocks / Twitter haiku for Mac Book / check out site for info

  24. I’m now wondering / does technology change art? / What about prizes?

  25. Could not sleep last night / Afraid the clowns would eat me / Last time I watch IT

  26. Some call it Progress / Twitter kills attention spans / The death of Writing

  27. Yay, I love these twitter contests! I’m spreading the word right now. :)

    You know, I haven’t had to write a haiku since like… elementary school or something. Time to exercise that haiku muscle.

  28. Shiny Macbook Air / @copyblogger’s contest prize / Probably won’t win

  29. finger in her nose/frequent ER toddler pass/remove Barbie shoe

  30. autumn tweets inside my mind / do not use copy paste to see / if an elephant is big


  31. Win A MacBook Air / Visit / Buy DVD drive

  32. Worries, stress, and pain / Always getting in the way / Living life today

  33. Someone played a trick, feeling like cat on a hot brick, who is the culprit?

  34. Particle or Wave?/Duality combined thus/A photon quanta

  35. New to the Haiku/I hope my Haiku doesn’t /suck it up and write.

  36. Autumnal twittering. / People talk of cold and snow. / Warm here in Texas.

  37. Fresh Air To The World/ It’s Beauty Like A Fine Art/ You Just Got Rick Rolled

  38. @LearningNerd agree with you. This contest allowed me to refreshen up after a long day of work.

    “Let the cat out of the bag” @copyblogger..

  39. emails delete! zap! / little relevance to me / opportunities

  40. Haiku plus Twitter? / Sounds like destiny to me / Just like my MacBook?

  41. i see tweets galore/news, politics, facts, OH MY!/i must update now

  42. Swept up mandala / America eats its Jung / Obama logo

  43. My haiku like a website / running I.E. 6 / really running in reverse

  44. Small time Twitter gal/Not in social media/Like to be nosy

  45. Copyblogger U/Wants me to write a Haiku/That’s what I will do

  46. “@John, I am pregnant.” / “@Marsha, will you marry me?” / “Yes @John, my tweetheart.”

  47. I am a PC / But tweeting for a Macbook / Conversion ahead?

  48. kids squinting on pier / imagining to set free / fish in seagull’s beaK

  49. mac mac mac mac mac / mac mac mac mac mac mac mac / mac mac mac mac mac

  50. Macbook Air Is Good / Triumph The Insult Dog Says / For Me To Poop On

  51. writing a haiku / I need to use my fingers / counting syllables

  52. Amateur blogger / enters competition. Keeps / fingers firmly crossed.

  53. When life gives you sliced/ bread, make toast, but remember/ once toast, always toast

    <a href=”″

  54. Tweet, Twit, Twitter/ I type too much all day/ Carpal Tunnel…Ow!

    I guess my first try didn’t make it!

  55. the beans roast slowly / grinder whirrs, water drips hot / coffee before tweets

    #syllable correction

    Why do cannibals / refuse to eat a clown? / ’cause they taste funny

  57. waiting to compile / code poetry in motion / build is succesful

  58. (although the twitter seems to take a while to update to make them work.

    Win a MacBook Air / A Catastrophe for me / For I’m a PC

  59. I often wonder / Should Yoda talk in haiku? / No telling, there is…

  60. Barack Obama Wins
    American’s History The Greatest Event
    Negro is President

  61. An Adwords haiku / Google didn’t get the joke / Laughter, ROI

  62. First it was Twitter/ But do anything for contests/So now I Haiku!

  63. Exquisite haiku / Stirs souls and sets hearts aflame / Daring you to ache

  64. One hundred and forty / I posted out to the world / Tell me you love me

  65. My new addiction / Marketing medium or… / Something more: Twitter

  66. How Stupid am I? / Forgot to Paste Link Last Time…. / Now I Try Again!

    (My earlier effort: )

  67. bad haiku…fixed…

    One hundred forty / I posted out to the world / Tell me you love me

  68. Brian looks like me // But I’m no Copyblogger // Just nanotweeting.

  69. Internet was down. / Peace and calm filled the household. / It’s back, noise returns.

  70. What’s Occam’s Razor? /// It’s a method for questions /// That cut to the chase.

  71. Internet gurus / Of the marketing type must / Stop following me

  72. social media / twitter, friend feed, facebook, blogs / brain full, but wants more.

  73. Tweet tweet little bird,
    What will you tell me today?
    Twitter me your news!

    Direct Link:

  74. Will open new blog/ Can not wait to build traffic/ Crap no computer

  75. I am a PC / My world is very tiny / Can Air expand it?

  76. Land of ice and fire / you are where I want to be / not here, in Scotland

  77. Sound and fury; Angst
    imposes its hydra-like wrath;
    The Will to Frenzy

    (Reading Albert Camus right now, and the nietzschean Will to Power is referred to here…)

  78. laptop is broken / so haiku i will now write / new mac sunday night?

  79. Line one, clever lead / The middle’s where you hook them / Punchline, Air is mine

  80. Copyblogger is so great / Need Macbook Air To Write Late / No Fail Whale For Me

  81. Woke to tears this morn /
    will sleep tonight to the sound /
    of happy laughter

  82. how could anyone/describe their life in only /140

  83. Trying hard to Twitter Haiku / Getting intellectually restless/ Visualising MAC BOOK AIR

  84. Twitter is New Crack/Are all of you hooked like me?/The tweet taste of it

  85. cold, brisk is the wind, / winter arrives quickly now, /warmth enjoyed fire side. 1 minute ago from twhirl

  86. Post timed out, so not sure if the entry went it… so here it is again!

    Reporting is fun / Meaningless data crunching days / solutions discovered daily

  87. too much noise online / is like clutter in a room / pay no attention

  88. With more money, the / poor worry less; the rich, more. / Both want more money.

  89. Unfortunately you got the rules very wrong, as most people sadly do. Haiku is NOT about the syllable count. It is a form of poetry about the nature. A poem which is not about the nature can NEVER be a haiku, perhaps a senryu, but not a haiku. It does not, however, have to be 5-7-5, it can be a lot shorter.

    So, is this a haiku contest or a senryu contest? And do we really have to follow the syllable rule, which is not what defines haiku?

    a pedantic journalist and haiku poet

  90. Gentle glowing light, Smiling upon the dark world. She floats gracefully.


    Tweets Are Fun To Share / Twitter Your Day Without Care / Own a Mac Book Air

  92. pets can warm the heart / learn unconditional love / while basking in it.

  93. The joy of Twitter! / Kevin Rose has sneezed again. / Quick! Blog about it!

    (A quick quip which is, of course, a reference to Kevin Rose of Digg fame, who recently created a Twitter account especially for his cold: )

  94. Akshaully, I sees
    yer invisible haiku
    yer doin it rong

  95. Am I the only one / seeing our nation forget / why we became free

  96. No Need For Air Mac / For Now Pro Model Works Fine / I Will Take It Though

  97. all here are alike / they all want a macbook air / refrigerator?

  98. she left me that night
    to live inside the starscape
    love radiation

  99. I count on fingers/as I tweet about my love/for all things mac

  100. I need a MacBook/ Will sell my kidneys for cash?/ Twit for a MacBook!

  101. three types of people / the ones that know how to count / and the ones that don’t

  102. seeking attention / broadcasting vision, snags, joy / people tuned elsewhere #haiku

  103. “Twitter Writing trends/ Yes it is and yes it does/ listening from the branches”

  104. A tweet of balance / and timing superior — / MacBook #haiku zone

  105. Been swallowing pride / as a paycheck collector / for Tyrant Tech Lead

  106. MacBook Air contest / Why do I even bother? / I never win these

  107. food’s made by machines / we’re eating ourselves to death / pass the cheeze whiz

  108. some days I feel like / my tweets they flow like water / water has frozen

  109. Economy sucks / Obama to the Rescue / bring jobs to US

  110. @Maija Wikipedia doesn’t think so:

    My understanding has always been that the syllables matter (the “on”); that it’s more artful to get the syllables in in fewer words; that somewhat like an English sonnet, a haiku has a “turn” (the “kireji”); and that while many haiku contain a “kigo”) or seasonal reference, it is not *required* that the poem be meditation on nature.

    –a fellow pedantic and poet.

  111. My work is to make / Access to Justice for all / a reality

  112. I enjoy chili / The beans and meat fill me up. / Oh, Gross! What’s that smell?

  113. Oh my aching back/the pain the of bulging disc/Macbook Air relief!

  114. Nothing left to say / Majors pine, the long tail splines / I listen anyway

  115. @Maija Haavisto: You’re correct. A seasonal reference is needed and syllable count isn’t so strict. There’s the one-line haiku, senryu, waka, so many forms…

    Yet for a fun contest like this it’s legit to keep it simple and stick to 5/7/5 structure with no other constraints…this is haiku social media style & I think the form allows it. For purest haiku, interested people can read Bassho or Issa…

  116. the apple lights ever clear/ books made of sand and of air/make me smile and whole

  117. Hours spent Twittering/ Friendships made, ideas born/ Networking? Or fun?

  118. At Copy Blogger/ MacBook Air, Ultrathin, mine/Twitter a Haiku

  119. Jump in a puddle/Heavy rain pours from the sky/Warm fire and hot tea

  120. The child ate the dog. / I was about to make lunch / after one more Tweet!

  121. Cat puke on the floor/This time I saw ‘fore stepping/Damn no rug cleaner

  122. heat inside stifles / look past the Window and yearn / open door for Air

  123. SAGs Best Kept Secret / TexMex kid from San Antone / is Narciso17

  124. If we recycle / What will archeologists / Of the future do?

  125. Kidney for my Mom/ Gift of life from me to her/ Left did something right

  126. Tweet you and tweet me / Tweet for a new mac beauty / The… winner… must… be…?

  127. Crap – misspelled archaeologists. Can I still win?

  128. To convey one’s mood, in seventeen syllables, is very diffic…

    Not mine but from the legendary punk poet, John Cooper Clarke –

  129. The thing about this / Is that Google outs the cheats / So don’t plagiarize

  130. the world is a buzz / America’s voice was heard / equality near

  131. windows is lame… cough / apple is much better… cough / rectal exams suck!

  132. Yikes! The Day After
    Stress, fatigue, blurred memories…
    Vacation Detox

    Great contest! Thanks for the chance to win a Macbook Air, they look awesome! (Of course.)

  133. Too much effort to / win this Apple MacBook Air / MacBook Pro is best

  134. soloist at heart / unheard above the hive’s hum / abuzz in chorus

  135. Vacation is not. | If I can still work online. | But escaped snow!

  136. Listen up, Tweeple / I mean you @cheezeborger! / I can haz #haiku

  137. Counting syllables
    for haiku is pointless. Real
    haiku have morae.

  138. 10 types of people / those who count in binary / and those who do not

  139. one hundred forty carrot / terse snippets from a / million characters

  140. We walked down the aisle / Laying in hammock on the beach / Crash, honeymoon is ruined

  141. productivity / threatened by twitter contest / take part anyway

  142. shameless sucking up / will not persuade the judges / just in case…you rock!

  143. Want to Tweet Haiku / But the Best I Can Do is /Garbled Whipperwhill

  144. First rule of #haiku / Never use it to list things / The second rule is

  145. Working with Clients / Change the Market’s Perception / at mundayMorning

  146. the down-trodden fox / lacking the fresh taste of hope / picks low-hanging fruit

  147. Volunteers are great / People do change the world / It’s remarkable

  148. // True twitterers tweet / / Twits follow you like spammers / / Promote tweets, block twits //

  149. Seems like many of the Twitter status links aren’t working. Anyone know why?

  150. my laptop smoked lots / when laptop smokes it is dead / need new macbook now

  151. Must win MacBook Air/ Need to sell for MacBook Pro/ Bust sweet graphics YEAH

  152. Christmas ’round the bend,
    And our economy sucks.
    Santa’s in the red.

  153. Always forget the update Twitter/ Copyblogger reminds me well/ will I get my MacBook Air?

  154. uniquecommodity Twitter ecstasy/ Twitterin fool that is me/So fun for Unique less than 5 seconds ago from web

  155. My haiku like a website / running I.E. 6 / really running in reverse

  156. all day calling leads / no one seems to be at home / is it something that i said?

    2 minutes ago from web

  157. Brevity the goal / I now confine my thoughts to / one hundred forty


  158. Wordiness distorts/ The heart speaks with brevity / Twittering away

  159. Work tweets, tweet from home / From adios to shalom / new world, none alone

  160. Twitter birds tweet sweet / Haiku to fly MacBook Air / and perch Thesis theme.

  161. in the cold night sky / a shooting star has fallen / oh how beautiful!

  162. Great Tweets cause action / Stop Tweeting, Close your browser / and Go do something

  163. Oh, foo. I completely hosed the formatting on my previous post. My apologies, and let me try and make this one actually follow standards:

    @copyblogger The Rule: Write each day/Complication: What about?/Answer: The questions! #haiku

  164. i enjoy legos/also like bionicles/archie likes them too

    I am 8 and a half years old. This is my first haiku. This might be my second haiku, actually. I might have done a haiku when Time Warp Trio did a show on haiku.

  165. Let son win the prize/ so I can have his mac book/ Meanest mom ever

  166. Google slapped again / I thought we were so in love / we can’t just be friends

  167. Gordon Withers :

    who are the judges? / what kind of wine do they like? / were you thinking that?

  168. Dirty, hungry, alone / homelessness is not very pretty / find hope at the Mission

  169. write a mook haiku / wring a morph out, sketch a chair / win a macbook air

    Huh?! To see what the heck that’s supposed to mean in full motion text morphing animation, go here:

  170. For what I am now/who I was before, doesn’t/I’m not bi-polar!

  171. Microsoft: J’accuse! / Outlook bad, Visa far worse / MacBook Air Envy

  172. I like my s’mores hot / Crunchy, fudgy, soft and brown / smoky aroma

  173. The perfect haiku / On Twitter has been spoken / Now give me the prize

  174. copywriting fun / is like heaven for the thumb / tweet copy tweet fun

  175. What is Twitter for? / Nonplussed but coming around / Want that MacBook Air

  176. getting head lice stinks/itching, scratching never ends/did I gross you out

    how’s that work for you?


    Working in my cube / and just how boring is that / Is weather outside?

  178. Got to get to work / It’s true I have ADD / Wait! Who’s twitting me?

  179. Barack Obama / Fifty-two to forty-six / Over John McCain

  180. Haikus are decent / for condensed expression, but /

  181. Little dodo bird / tries to spread his wings to fly / but he is extinct.

  182. Please let me try again: I miscounted my Haiku syllables …

    all day calling leads/ no one seems to be at home/ something that i said?

    … less than 5 seconds ago from web

  183. I opened it up / and to my disappointment / found in it nothing

  184. Haiku for the win / I’m not a mac daddy but / daddy needs a mac

  185. I hope they follow / The newbie tweet said in vain / echo no one is there

  186. Sewer line backup
    Into the house it came – twice.
    Homeowner joys drowned

    actually happened:

  187. He grabbed the monk’s throat. /

    “Where’s Frank? You call him ‘Buddha.'” /

    “Throne room!”

    “…Not for long.” /

  188. i am no fanboi / mac book air to make my day / i sell on ebay

  189. Staring at my site / Where does the traffic come from? / Content is still King.

  190. words alter my tweet / tweaking of verbiage breath / serendipitous

  191. screaming micro chrome
    shining digital sunset
    leather good nights

  192. I knew not love a / day ago; and tomorrow / today I was young. #haiku @copyblogger

  193. Webs become unspun / A little bird told me so / Tweeting while she spins

  194. Networking is fun / write a blog post then twit it / social media

  195. My elusive toys!, Expensive gadgets not mine!, Wife, she holds the purse

  196. I feel nostalgic:/the Moon suddenly illumed/ butterfly’s flitter

  197. Headline promises / When fulfilled diligently / Guarantee success.

  198. Tired of the Bushes/Americans long for Change/Now go to Barracks!

  199. Hi I’m a PC. / And I’m a MacBook Air, bitch. / Touché. Smug bastard.

  200. In praise of Copyblogger – not for contest!

    Love Copyblogger/for better or worse, its best/none to compete against!

    I love reading blogs/but only the best I read/love Copyblogger!

  201. A Revolution/Blogs give everyone a voice/The future is here

  202. Hi, I’m a PC! / Writing haikus for a Mac / on Windows, no less.

  203. Latest: My friend, my friend pain, Doc. wrote Oxycontin main, hence leave from you gain.5 minutes ago

  204. Need to correct entry because of typo (new Tweet URL):

    Microsoft: J’accuse! / Outlook bad, Vista far worse / MacBook Air Envy

  205. So, the link on my twitter doesn’t seem to work well — I’m not sure why, but I have to refresh it a couple times before Twitter can find it. I hope that’s not a big problem … >.<

  206. Open Sesame; / my mind, my heart, my Mac Book / I write my novel

  207. I met this nice girl / she turned out to be a man / Now I am her bitch

  208. If a blog comment
    Is pretty much on topic
    Then it’s not spam, right?

  209. guard asleep again / no one else cares about this / demotivates me

  210. one two three four five/six seven eight nine ten and/ it’s a haiku now

  211. perfect for travel/impatient designers/ find a solution

  212. West Virginia’s great/ I need a new computer/ I need a new gun

  213. five syllables is / needed to win a mac air / twit to compete now

  214. today Pope would find / to forgive Vista human / but to Air, devine


    Halloween just past / Super Hero Coworkers / Me just lady bug

  216. haiku on line 1 / weinermobile on line 2 / gotta love Twitter!

  217. bush says he regrets / when obama calls for change / bush behind steel bars?

  218. I might quit blogging / Internet dreams are all scams / Trying Wall Street next.

    @copyblogger #haiku

  219. Tweeting from my phone / Means more tweeting all the time / Will I drown in tweets?

  220. Nice contest, here is my Haiku in Twitter:

    And here is the text:

    Woe people who fell
    for the Fall Sirens of Greed,
    Gone is thy stock now

  221. House-swapping this year / Exchange language and landscape / Traces left behind

  222. My nose is runny / Where did all the tissues go? / Guess I’ll use my sleeve

  223. my husbands obsessed/ with getting a macbook air/please end his affair

  224. Dastardy mustache/ Tie girl onto the train tracks/ Twirl mustache in hand

  225. Pancakes are delish / syrup on fingers sticky / guess I should use fork


    What is a haiku?/ I Just want a MacBook Air/ Oh well, try I must

  227. work would be so fun/with a brand new macbook air/design everywhere

  228. need afternoon nap/ to shoo away the sleepies/ didn’t catch last night

    #haiku @copyblogger

  229. Love this contest, especially because I just added a whole bunch of haikus to my blog :-)

    Here’s mine:
    Sharing a Macbook/Makes this designer so sad/Help a poor girl out!

  230. I met her last night / she lies naked on my bed / her name? I forgot.

  231. I am a Microsoft Man / Shall I win the coppyblogger contest mac / would mirror like mac fan

  232. rather be golfing / too much work too little time / work is play anyway

  233. my mac really sucks / yeah I need a new one badly / oh crap it’s on fire

  234. i twitter because/i love the community/some peeps don’t get it #haiku

  235. Copyblogger calls / Haiku contest on twitter / Perhaps I shall win

  236. bill gates left the nest/leaving ballmer and the rest/microsoft is dead

  237. How do I market? / Make something fun and crazy. / Purple cow mindset.

  238. Banks losing their money | I got layed off from my job | Economy crash

  239. Michael Sanders :

    Son lost his binky / I need it as much as he / Hope baby will sleep

  240. @copyblogger my Mac book Air could/ beat your PC up for sure/ long live apple air

    Awesome contest. : )

  241. Paper is money / Paulson is our noble king / Bend over and take it

  242. Obama’s arrived / war, money, climate, crisis! / Heckuva job Bush!

  243. four years is too much/for a Mac laptop to bear./too dirty to clean!

    and another just for fun, though I didn’t tweet it:

    sorry, aly g/saw contest on your twitter/I need new Mac too!

  244. Okay, couldn’t help myself, here’s another one, taking the contest instructions quite literally:

    Tree falls in the woods / Crushes hapless bystander / Killer haiku, this!

  245. I work at starbucks / I am not a barista / I code for cupcakes

  246. in love with twitter / there are hardly any words / prolixity gone

  247. Lisa Greathouse :

    Tech is changing lives / grandma asked what twitter is / oh, how to explain

  248. The Blackberry hums.
    Tweets and emails cascade down.
    My time slips away.

  249. genius prone tweeple / by nature and character / are never verbose

  250. terirn
    A Christ-follower/Serving Jesus through Nursing/Wonderfully Made

  251. This is a great idea for a contest. It’s blending the world of creative writing with social networking. The MacBook Air is an awesome prize. Good luck to all of the contestants!

  252. i must concentrate / much addicted to twitter / see too many tweets

    looking for advice / I come to copyblogger / distract by twitter

    macbook controls me / see even now I succumb / to twitter contest

  253. to many people / twitter equals waste of time / not if mac involved

  254. Wow!!!
    So many entries

  255. Of course, that was supposed to be:

    today Pope would find / to forgive Vista human / but to Air, divine

    Ugh, there’s one of the “big” spelling mistakes Peter Bowerman was talking about…

  256. must win macbook air / please vote for Jessica Meher / thank you very much
    (note: meher is pronounced “mayor” as one syllable

  257. My checkbook is empty/No Mac for my holiday/Reality bytes.

  258. Amanda Frederickson :

    Writing poetry / is as simple and painless / as pulling teeth is. #haiku
    (I hope I got the link thing right :/ )

  259. Communicative / is not monosyllabic / I am serious

  260. found twitter contest / cant stop thinking in haiku / need intervention

  261. Hey Gang, Billy Mays!
    Caked on grease and mildew – gone!
    Twitter does it all!

  262. Tweet profundities / You still won’t win the contest / Brian Clark hates you

  263. stale shackled cello laboring flea meanders bleakly quickly, dazed

  264. now it is too much / this my sixth haiku entry / I think I need help

  265. Here you go. Hope I win!

    Writing haiku now / Give me Mac Book Air for free / Can sell for good food

  266. i think not Josh Klein / only hate fools Brian does / admit your defeat


    I’m tired of being / a boring P.C. I want / to be a Mac Air.

    — 17 syllables. heh

  268. my Copyblogger / competition entry here / MacBook Air, Brian?

    If you don’t ask, you don’t get :-)

  269. twitter’s block is bad/when you have to write haiku/and a mac awaits

  270. wife is out tonight / i must eat all by myself / what should i now do #haiku

  271. Haiku! God bless you / Nothing but a sneeze of thought / And no handkerchief

  272. What is a haiku? Can someone please explain it? Need a mac book air

  273. Joanna my love / Excited for the future / Marry me one day

  274. Macartisan’s Twitter Haiku

    Fail Whale never sees / new solid light MacBook Air / I CAN HAZ ONE NOW?

  275. Such a dilemma / want to write my best except / I want SECOND prize!

    <a href=”″

  276. Too much twitter time/Not enough time for work day/No wonder I’m broke

  277. Twitter keeps me from / Wasting too many words on / What I long to say

  278. Now I rest tonight / return to contest next day / dreaming of haiku

  279. Oh, darn it! I just realized I screwed it up!! How can I screw up 5 syllables??? I have six in my first phrase. What a ditz!! Wait….can that be a haiku?? Oh, well. I had fun writing it! Good luck to everyone who got it “write”!

  280. Haiku = 6 / Successful coding = / zipparooni

    Not that @copyblogger destroyed my productivity or anything. I’m just sayin’.

  281. Twitter or slumber / Sleeping is overrated / Many tweets ’til dawn

  282. recession looming / need a safe money haven / cash under mattress

    great idea!

  283. My heart is empty / I will never be the same / She took both my kids

  284. been thinking all day / and i finally got it / haikus not for me

  285. My haiku will win / I’ll take the new macbook air / thanks copyblogger

  286. been thinking all day / and i finally got it / haikus not for me

  287. McCain Palin Bush/ Obama Biden Clinton / I hate politics

  288. Creativity Unleashed/Utilization/Nirvana Acquired

  289. i may wet myself / obama wins prize / pundits go home now

  290. our world in danger / our spirits awoke and soared / in this together

  291. crap!

    i may wet myself / obama wins election / pundits go home now

    5/7/5 gotta remember that

  292. Thanks for the follow / So your tweets are protected / Thanks for the follow

  293. Jared Covington :

    Clouds dance–none so soft, / none so fine, as the way her / hand entwines with mine.

  294. In peaceful waters / reflection accentuates / Skies’ tranquility


    the digital age / how are we to make contact / bits or chemistry

  296. Fresh autumn greetings
    Twitter tweets from friends worldwide
    Business haiku

  297. Call Chuck Norris now!/ Brian ate my macbook air/ Jeff stole my sideburns

  298. Robert Monteux :

    The Red Truck roared down/the mountain road at midnight/as the white crane watched.

  299. Left right and centre / Kids, kids and more screaming kids / Yes. They are not mine.

  300. So much work to do. / Need to stay focused or I… / Oooh! Twitter contest!

  301. Those AIG folks / spending their ill-gotten gains /must be made to pay

  302. Earth, Water and Flame / How can we live without Air? / Copyblogger, help!

  303. Light as Air I read/ Deliver my mac indeed/CopyBlogger Please

  304. He opened his eyes/yawned, fell off the edge and he/flew for the first time.

  305. LOLCat brassiers / hold my new won Mac Book Air / Mourning the Fail Whale

    I’m pretty sure I’m original. 😉

  306. Didn’t read the rules closely and missed the one per account rule. Can I delete my “red truck” submission and keep the other?

  307. lost my train of thought / forgot the syllable count / better luck next time

  308. Writing a haiku / while distracted from my work / I can multitask

  309. Win a Mac Book Air / By tweeting a short poem / check @Copyblogger

  310. Can we do more than one?

    I think the Haiku/fits with Twitter so nicely/I may stick with it

    Obama the Prez/ I am liking the result/not missing Palin

    I like it so much/Such a novel idea/Evangelize Mac

  311. I tweet to be heard / To get my message out there / Disembodied voice

  312. Lolcatz say Oh, Hai! / Web Gurus Elucidate / I assimilate

  313. Oh, I missed that rule too.

    That’s OK – I don’t really care about winning. The contest itself is just fun.

  314. Same boat – messed up my last stanza. Can I substitute:

    Blogging is not dead / it’s just been reduced to this / single-serving thoughts

    Not quite as deep, but fits in the count

  315. My Haiku: I’m in a wheelchair/I love my dog Oliver/and mac book airs, too

  316. Pointless and brilliant
    Banal and insanely great
    Greetings, social web!

    (I can’t play for real, but it’s still fun)

  317. working for a boss / one that I will double cross / good thing he don’t tweet.

  318. Rainbow leaves abound/outside my study window/ Tweetinspiration

  319. Back to work I go /
    With Music In The Background /
    Inspiring Flow /

  320. Orchids bloom/ Where laptops might rest/ I can haz?

  321. Back to work I go /
    With Music In The Background /
    Inspiring Flow

  322. I can dream to do / The Plow, Hala-asana, / to toot my own horn

  323. the web is like crack / limited hours in the day / need another hit

  324. Affiliate here / Thesis kept kids in ramen / Now we all will starve

  325. Forever they loved / Romeo and Juliet / He was premature

  326. Twitter in Tokyo/wish I could turn back the clock/saving the sunlight

  327. Sparkling, shiny things / Plus caffeinated people / Equals lunacy.

  328. reposted with twitter link. Oops.

    philosophical / infinitesimally / simplification

  329. twitter was fun to tryout / tweeting a lot about my day everyday / your haiku sucks says @garyrae

    I like. :)

  330. Green Prius driver / Drives five hundred miles each week/ Lives in McMansion

  331. Michael E. Cantone :

    I am a writer but want to copy no IM copy writer who am I a mac or a pc blackeberry or Iphone without pen and paper what do you see?

  332. Here goes… Favorite sayings/ brain fart, oh crap, twitter me/ sorry, couldn’t stop.

  333. you can twit or tweet / with a pc or a mac / 140 or less

  334. my old powerbook / will be wise grandmother to / my new macbook air

  335. Tweet once then tweet twice/ Tweets becoming addictive/ Must tweet much slower

  336. Making Millions Fine / Community is Better / Innovation Rules

  337. can’t go to the gym/it is raining like crazy/gained 2 pounds already


    SUM BEE he called me / Normal Joe calls me that now / HE is a sum bee

  339. To write with constraints / Our creative momentum / Twitterverse bounty

  340. Twitter is Killer
    Blowin up the internet

  341. Twitter is the key / Opens Oppurtunity / It’s for you and me.

  342. Life Good or Bad Great/It is Your Choice To Make It/Beautiful Awesome

  343. White beads on a string/ blue kyanite and crystal/ when will I finish?
    2 minutes ago from web

  344. Most people don’t know
    The pain of narcolepsy
    It strikes without zzz….


  345. i love my mother/i eat all the food she cooks/now i exercise

  346. can’t figure out that URL, but here’s a link to the comment:

  347. the first temptation / eyes not orbiting center / the third is my prize

  348. A haiku by me and my cat:

    Cat wants computer. / What if I tell my cat no? / Took laptop from Joe.

  349. the great land of oz / in beautiful melbourne stay / cold beers FTW

  350. the English language / boasts the most words of all tongues / which few should we choose?

  351. My self reference / earns me no place in your hearts / but makes me happy.

  352. rapid twitter thumbs/ pulsating, throbbing, made raw/ favorite tweet please

  353. I blog and tweet /because I have a sore throat/My voice will come soon

  354. Gilbert Marlowe :

    Too many hormones / Can’t get to keyboard or mouse / Must tweet far from house…

  355. What are you doing? Thinking, coming, or going? You’re all a twitter

  356. OMG, a Dell / is no way to get through life. / MacBook FTW!

    It works whether you use the full words or the letters (oh my god instead of OMG, for the win instead of FTW).

    The Twit

  357. Long day working hard / Time for a scotch and cigar / All downhill from here

  358. Before and after / “Mac Book Air On A G String” / Weird mental image

  359. Pink eye has taken / over my right eye today / leave lefty alone

  360. I once knew a man / That man was from Nantucket / He didn’t tweet much

  361. circles around eyes / retweet this with no replies / follow me now please

  362. Green lit limbs force glance / Honey in the burning hives / Shirtless in the rain

  363. @copyblogger
    Haiku macbook Air/
    Winner, loser twitter, fiend/
    At home mom of three

  364. scrambled and wired/I really need some good sleep/soon perhaps tonight

  365. Be Realistic/ Do Plan For A Miracle/ Good Luck And God Bless

  366. Arrest attention / Arouse Curiosity / Start Conversation

  367. No money to spare / CopyBlogger do you care? / Please give me the air!

  368. keith moon loved rolls royce / and rainbow-inducing drugs / his rolls was lilac

  369. I don’t get Hiku / It’s hard to do it rightly / Give me my mac air

  370. The fear that linux
    will not install properly
    Hurts baby jesus

  371. i try hard to block/your interwebian bleat/retweet in my sleep

  372. Days growing colder. / Night falling sooner, no sun. / Spring, please hurry back.

  373. soon robots will rule / become their friends while there’s time / visit my website

  374. holiday season/ working retail sales / just drives me to drink!

  375. refrigerator / between fish and mushroom cold / almost lunch but how?

  376. how on earth do i / learn how to write a haiku/ to win a mac pro

  377. see that macbook air / crying out for some Linux / Ubuntu flash drive #haiku

  378. I pitied myself/ then I saw a legless boy/ now I’m just ashamed.

  379. A small bird’s gentle tweet / signaling the start of spring / a welcomed whisper

  380. Hearing throat air sounds / Flying high on the moment / Afraid to come down

    12 minutes ago from web

  381. Tristan Pollock :

    I enjoy apples / unlikely material / for a computer

    writerpollock #haiku @copyblogger

  382. Wan winter sunshine / Barely warms post-harvest fields / Now comes the year-end

    I’ve been using Haiku for tweets for some time now

  383. here’s my haiku for the contest.

    my mac, some mozart,
    and a double espresso:
    swords to slash copy.

  384. Sometimes I think that / It’s only me in the world / Who dislikes Haiku.

  385. oh what is that smell / now my dinner is a crisp / i need an apple

  386. You must be so glad
    This is not one more Haiku
    About Macbook Air

  387. I send out my words / And sometimes they come back home / Bearing fruit and gifts.

    Direct link:

  388. This one’s so perfect / Clever, funny, all that.. wait. / Twitter eats my tweet!

  389. I sell car hire/the irony lies in the/fact I cannot drive

  390. Tweet or not to tweet / that’s the message obsession / Shakespeare is rolling #haiku

  391. About to bust, wait / That dude almost looks like me! / Oh right…glossy screen

  392. Mac Air would be sweet/a job hunting improvement/so please pick me thanks #haiku

  393. musing on love lost / decisions made not by choice / light turns green, I go

  394. Sitting by the fire/watching my dog snore splayed/She makes me giggle. #haiku

  395. I love my children
    But blogging consumes my time.
    Balance is the key.

  396. Customer service/ tired of being helpful/ redundant questions. #haiku

  397. You’ve been told you can’t / Because you happen to be / A girl. Girls Can’t WHAT?

  398. Blogs are not journals
    Creativity is key
    Spell accurately

  399. Haikus are easy
    Comedy is much harder
    I’m not too funny

  400. she dreams when they sleep/ look at stars work on her dreams/ they wake up and curse #haiku

  401. Make a difference / Write a blog, connect with world / Magnify your voice.

  402. babies become men / kindergarten to boot camp / pride shields muted fears

  403. Working day and night / To change the world for parents / One diaper a day

    I even did a blog post about it:

  404. All this creativity is beautiful! I was just remembering something about a more extended form of haiku, 5-7-5, then add more stanzas of 7-5 until finished, like 5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7-5 for example. Somebody out there must know something about this…outside of contest rules, but good education.

  405. This is senryu.
    I really don’t write haiku.
    It’s not my nature.

  406. On my drive to work
    I see a biker’s man thong
    Feel the need for speed

  407. Women are scary / Yet I have a girlfriend now / Unfortunately

  408. Daily distractions / Twitter, blogs, Facebook, (some porn) / Social Ritalin?

  409. Two legs — once scrawny
    Now attractively muscled
    The upside of stairs.

  410. Cool as Obama / Twitters replace blog chatter / Victory for all

  411. Beautiful fat bod / refuses to be put down / eyes bright head held high.

  412. Kelley Williams :

    We changed this country/Some didn’t believe we could/Tears of Joy rolled down my face

  413. wanna win a mac?/ then write a fun Haiku/ for a chance to win

  414. Hear all the twitters
    twittering is musical
    laughs Buddha Brian

  415. to make your blog sweet / your wordpress needs thesis theme / thanks diy themes

  416. Texas Tech My Team / Harrel , Crabtree, and Mike Leach / Heisman in our Reach

  417. I think I see rain /
    Through a misty window /
    Covered in clouds and dreams

  418. Sitting on the john / writing haikus on my phone / I love you, Twitter.

  419. Can you hear the sound
    of 13 million twitters
    or an avalanche?

  420. as my teacher said… “Bryan is bright but has trouble following directions”

    my Haiku

    Eating burping poop
    Such a long day in his life
    Happy is the child

  421. Social media it is / Why do I care what you ate / Follow so much more

  422. crazy tweeps are cool/get weird and wonderful facts/tampon crafts are fun

  423. Under the weather? / Apple will cure what ails you. / There. Doctor’s orders!

  424. little one sleeping / silent steps drift through the night / watcher never rests

  425. What’s with the spelling? / Oh my, there is no telling / what is in their minds.

  426. Guywhoneedsalaptop :

    I’m bad at Haiku / What do you think I should do? / Maybe I’ll practice.

  427. Boots You Are More Man/Black Leather Love I Must Buy/Swooning Push Purchase

  428. What’s with the spelling? / Oh my, there is no telling / what is in their minds.

    I’m not sure it worked the first time.

  429. first taste of Twitter / a ridiculous detour / like tuna I’m hooked

  430. In mid-November / to set your heart a-twitter / jump in to the fray

  431. Twittered Politics / Now I know life is too short / To twitter away

  432. email, tweet, engage / all to make change day by day / I think it’s working

  433. Yo yo Obama / Donkey ears smiling widely / Chapstick beat Lipstick

  434. All but one Haiku / wins no fancy Macbook Air / Damn, those odds suck, dude

  435. Luke can’t think of a / ha-i-ku. Yoda just says, / “Here is another.”

  436. Been up way too long / At last sweet sleep has arrived / Goodnight my dear friends

  437. People follow me / Suddenly I’m a leader / Feel too much pressure

  438. (Error in the previous comment) Here is the right one!

    Twitter Writing Contest 2 Here / Who’ll MAC it happened in the End/ The Most Simple One wins

  439. need a MacBook, ja…//Windows is slower than mud//Office Space printer!


    Tweet, Chirp, All I hear
    gone too long so more appear
    we tweet together

  441. Heisenberg knew best/ Where we are and where we go/ We cannot know both

  442. My father beat me / She tried to tweet me safety / Bloody beaten tweet

  443. Macbook Air I’ll win / With seventeen syllables / Worth ninety bucks each

  444. Staring at my Screen / Wondering what to do Next / Be still, I’m Blogging…

  445. A Mac or PC? / This contest will determine / Gates or iHaiku

  446. Amar Srivastava :

    Obama is rocking/Recession will end soon/Obama uses Twitter too

  447. A PC person/ at the Mac embassy pleads/ I want to defect

  448. Holloween scare roast / Thanksgiving turkey tail bloat / Christmas blessed most

  449. Nice idea dude. I nearly went for, “Frank Kern and JMO / Idiots can make money / Maybe it’s long hair?”

    However, here’s my entry:

    Promote Twitter spam / Is Clarky pulling my leg / Swap leg for laptop

  450. I’d write a sonnet / but twitter limits my words / haiku it is then

    (but really? no one outdoes @momku – don’t believe me? go check her out)


    can’t write a haiku / he’s too busy reading blogs / don’t think about macbook

  452. Today is Thursday/Tomorrow will be Friday/When did Wednesday go?

  453. M.J. on the mind / Hey, Eddie! Are you O.K? / Tell me you’re O.K…

    <a href=”″

  454. She has my same name / My first Facebook impostor / a sheep in wolfs clothes.

  455. Man Brian!

    The creativity that has come out of the woodwork on this is amazing! Such a great contest! Going to be hard to choose a winner.

  456. Mannequins look real / Mannequins wear baseball gloves / They suck at pop flies

  457. Response to a tweet / from hours ago. Train of / thought now derailed

  458. No ceiling or floor / Just dense fog and ocean waves / Alone, quiet, bliss.

  459. Twitter opens world/Shared field of time, feeling, mind/Ideas plane space

  460. which will run out first? / hundred-forty characters? / seventeen sylla

  461. My MacBook Air left,
    It ran windows and got sick
    Now its scarred for life

  462. Down to last bottle / Hard to count syllables-ses / The spin is rooming

  463. Too long in my dreams
    Sometimes it makes me kick and scream
    Macbook – God help me win!

    Twitter Link


  465. Full stop or colon/Comma or semi-colon/or just leave it blank

  466. online marketing / an awesome learning journey / can’t wait to succeed…

  467. i need air to breathe / brain needs air to think freely / art needs air to be

  468. following Jesus / how can I show love today? / it’s no easy task

  469. twit me to twit you / that is the most you can do / then I will follow you

  470. Win a MacBook Air / Twitter a Haiku to win / Copyblogger, Woot

  471. Sanat Gersappa :

    a contest is here / composing a haiku / the wait begins

  472. Sanat Gersappa :

    a contest begins / the prize is super cool / a flood of entries

  473. Are multiple submissions allowed?

  474. Sanat Gersappa :

    the lunch was good / feeling a tad drowsy / sweet dreams

  475. Writing a Haiku / Is never Easy Enough / So, I write stories

  476. The rules say one post/ some of us did not listen/we can not win it

  477. Twitter makes me think / Short, declarative statements / What will haiku do?

  478. I program all day / wish I was a fisher man / crisis hits the world

  479. Play when it’s the time / Work twice as hard otherwise / As simple as that

  480. sometimes the sylla / bles don’t seem to line up the / way you’d like them to

  481. It is Autumn now, the credit crunch is biting, I need a dentist

  482. Digital Bailout / I’m No Bank,I Write Hiku / Paulson Won’t, Will You

  483. Oops.. let’s try that again.

    Love my macbook pro / Air attracts more single moms / Trade five year old son?

  484. Dear copyblogger / i, wanting a macbook air / compose this haiku

  485. Gareth Trufitt :

    IE6 is dead / The world is a better place / Then we all woke up

  486. @441 – Nevermind, I re-read the post and answered my own question. Now, just need to choose one.

  487. The tears of beauty, the joys of heartache exist, realization.

  488. counting syllables / just like the Japanese did / Basho would Tweet, “Not!”

  489. Feeling sad today/ I miss Jakarta so much/ England is so cold

  490. Yes, our flag still stands / Down and out; we rise again / Today, yes we can!

  491. From the Twitter wine community, a wine review:

    Wood defeats fruit.
    Sticky vanilla oak juice.
    Too much is too little.

  492. Life loves as you love / life hates as you hate / give the love and get the love

  493. Woke up one morning/ To the sound of me typing/ Diagnoses sleep blogger

  494. Great contest. Here’s my entry for the Haiku contest:

    Five drips from the vein, Seven bones laid down for the, Haiku skeleton.

  495. Short attention span / I’m easily distracted / Look! A shiny thing!

  496. Crafted perfect post / Agonised, revised — published! / No-one commented.

  497. learning to talk with / seven score letter tweets cuts / communication

  498. Classic on YouTube/Peanut Butter Jelly Time/Crazy Banana

  499. jingle bells, someone else, smells like xmass turkey

  500. Others want MacBook / Want help with my coach business / Want Teaching Sells Now

  501. Emergency room / Cracked skull, black eye, broken nose. / (Stupid garden rake!)

  502. sudden rain causes / umbrella sellers to sprout / from concrete sidewalks

  503. To Tweet or not to/That is the question we ask/What is the answer.

  504. Steve Snediker :

    Imagine my shock /
    When a poem yields a prize /
    As cool as Mac Air

  505. I found myself nude/On the stage with Obama/He looked down and laughed

  506. O! Michael Jackson / with Chimp and glove of glitter / Now, Billy! Run! Run!

  507. Contest or Contest?/To Compete or Litigate?/Both can bring rewards.

  508. Tender wet kisses/ Cute, big feet, takes care of me/ I love my dog, Rex

  509. I get a topic / I work to write about it / There is much silence

  510. Darling wife need’s one / She will be happy as son / When he has game fun

    Have fun all!

  511. Tweet Tweet tweet goes Twitter/ Nitwit Nitwit Nitwit Go I For Answering/ Bloodyhell it’s boring and painful

  512. Ready, Get Set, Go/ The race to connect begins/ Flickr, Twitter, Blog.

  513. tiny message comes / frustration-heavy traffic / angst shared, dissipates

  514. Seek inspiration / from the wisdom of your crowd / that’s social to me

  515. Win a MacBook Air / with some imagination / at copyblogger

  516. one hundred forty / vowels sans syllables aeeeaiauauueauauauauuauuauuauauueueeuaiiiiiauauuauaoooiiaauauuooauauauauauaie / no characters left

  517. Maija, lighten up / Senryu mostly foibles / Wikipedia

  518. Fast-paced and quite clear? / a great writer cuts often / does this with no fear.

  519. President elect / America now Expects / The Change you promised

  520. Haikus are stupid / If I win the Mac Book Air / Haikus FTW

  521. Gaze DEEP in B’s eyes / And realise… to your surprise / Love for Macbook Air!!!

  522. What does my Mom know.
    It’s all fun and games, she warned.
    I hate this eye patch.

  523. Reigning Obama /
    Fear is not forecast, but hope /
    Umbrella? No need

  524. Do not write haikus / unless you know what to say / no more words from me

  525. I’m standing in line / and now I’m eating my lunch / why do you follow?

  526. Preach Cowboy Wisdom/In Washington I did try/Horse sense don’t apply

  527. It’s 2 and you’re drunk/ I see you through my window/ You pissed on my lawn

  528. We’re all connected/there’s enough of everything/how may I help you?

  529. Putting lights on roof / Scared of heights and fear slipping / Fallin…can’t get up

  530. Twitter a blessing / Character limit, I love / How to shorten thoughts?

  531. Words… just like sun rays / the more they are constricted / the stronger they burn.

  532. oh how i want one / i cannot afford a mac / please save me from dell

  533. I like my women / Like I like my twittering / Constantly and brief

  534. Its raining outside / what is one to do today / Think I’ll take a nap

  535. Aspiring themes Win/One MAC to rule them all…Yes/Training that Humbles

  536. have you heard the news?/ Wired proclaims blogs are dead./ Now all hail Twitter!

  537. Rasheda Kamaria :

    Shoes are my passion/will work for jimmy choo pumps/hook a sista up

  538. Sunset Beach Club say
    Nice weather in Spain today
    Happy Holiday!

  539. At Clark & Lake, trains / yield pigeon plumes soon warmed by / commuter heat lamps

  540. Guru I think not/ Alexa ranking is shot/ Stick to dot to dot


    You follow my tweets / I may follow in return / No profile, no friend #Haiku @copyblogger

    While perhaps not the most creative Haiku out there, I thought I would use this opportunity to put forth one of my frustrations. If you don’t have a Twitter Profile, make one, this is a great way to let people know a little bit about you.

    You don’t have to give up embarassing details of your life, just tell us something.

    Anyway, great contest idea Brian, thanks. Good luck sorting through all this jazz.

  542. With little time left / And so few good lines written / To pub or blank page?

  543. Email might die soon / Cell phones become obsolete / Tweet Tweet Everything

  544. Your Twitter ranking / is not a worthy post, sir / I unfollow you.

  545. Being Afraid Sucks / Life Passes You By All Day / Trapped In Your Own Mind

  546. Let’s try this again…

    This is a sonnet / Lacking just eleven lines / Rhyme and ambition

  547. look, the elephant / five hundred pounds, and yet still / feeling rather grand

  548. Feel Like A Burger / Stomach is Growling At Me / Must Go To Lunch Now

  549. Selling Cars Real Quick / Advertising With Twitter / Seems To Be The Trick

  550. In morning one tweet / In afternoon many more tweets /Too tired for nite twits

  551. She’s a Twitter Mom. “You are el family cash ”, sighs the Haiku Dad.

  552. Haiku’s seem fitting / when you have limited space / to write full-length prose



    I reject the term / this-or-that-American / Hyphens un-equate

  554. Axl Rose and Slash/really should kiss and make up/the new album sucks

  555. sorry, that Haiku is titled “Hyphen-Nation” (not with an underscore).

  556. desperate people / buy hope dollars at a time / when it’s all but gone

  557. For a MacBook Air / I will Twitter all day / Until fingers bleed

  558. Building brain bridges / ambient intimacy / Twitter rescue me

  559. social media / makes everything so easy / for me to poop on

  560. I am Organized / My World is Perfectly Neat / Am I sick or what

  561. PC Photo Guy / Really wants a MacBook Pro / Will accept Air though

  562. Morning’s here too soon / Is my espresso ready? / I need more caffeine

  563. twitter is for all / some use it out of boredom / I tweet for macbook

    good luck everyone!

  564. I’m out of context / In the Paragraph Of Life / Don’t try to parse me

  565. A Watermelon / Can be oh so refreshing / When dropped on my Dell.

  566. We altered our vows / Love and honor are fine, but… / I will not obey.

  567. Social media / has taken over my life / what will I become?

  568. Accidentally / Calling her Mister turned out / To be quite awkward

  569. Have Pain in the Neck / Anyone a Doc on here ?/ Need Husband Removed

  570. road to work is long / commute again in darkness / watch the clock all day

  571. twitter brings to me / tweeple who are fun to read / do not want fail whale

  572. #haiku

    twitter dee twitter/ dumb or is it twitter dumb/er I don’t know which

  573. @copyblogger Need to find writing tips?/ Find Success with copy on-line/ Read copy blogger #haiku

  574. last employee gone / the newspaper reported / who wrote the story?

  575. “a microblog is / by definition / smaller than you think it is”

  576. would forego month’s rent / need technology that works / please to win macbook?

  577. The Haiku is strange/Why seventeen syllables?/I can’t complete my

  578. Bound by corporate life / debated and made the jump/ smiling ear to ear

  579. I was an English / major so I think I can / break the lines like this

  580. Chasing followers,
    we watch the numbers creep up.
    The Twittering Hunt.

  581. I’m floating on Air / thinking about that MacBook / Macintosh, come home!

  582. On Apple Laptops / You Must Write Haiku Faster / Short Battery Life!

  583. tweeple are not twits / just one hundred forty bits / before one submits

  584. mark schooling :

    wasted life trying.
    the unknowable will stay.
    live life for today.

  585. It’s the ambergris / All our tweets they are too sweet / She’s bloated and fails

  586. Losing all my hair / so I need a Mac Book Air / to research baldness

  587. Raptors from wind claim / sky from storms cloud—storms from sky / claim wind from raptors.

    Note: my haiku reads the same forwards and backwards!!

  588. A killer haiku / psychopath pentameter / perhaps a new mac

  589. Trends point to failure / Government prints more money / “Capitalism”

  590. He fell on purpose / His son laughed so hard that he/ wants to fall again

  591. when we are not one / so many people here / it is so empty

  592. Bowling – I am King.
    Launch ball. Thumb stuck! Body sprawled.
    Red-faced impeachment.

  593. Using mind control / Fork over the MacBook Air / You are powerless

  594. The search is over / Don’t look for people like me / Look to like myself

  595. What is this Twitter/ I imagine a time waste/ What was I doing?

  596. A Jedi Mind Trick
    Pick me to win MacBook Air
    And let the droids go

  597. Dang it… Rich’s wasn’t on here yet when I wrote mine :-(

  598. I tweet while I eat / granola bar kiwi soup / I eat while I tweet

  599. wake up at seven / browse the interwebs til five / lather, rinse, repeat

  600. Andrew Freeman :

    to win a macbook air
    an haiku must be written
    for copyblogger

  601. I Twitt at Copy Blogger / Haiku Is My First Try Indeed / May I get the “Air”?

  602. The ballots are in / Tears in my eyes as I shout / “We’ve done it, We’ve won!”

  603. the train pulls away / a snowflake clings to the glass / like a goodbye kiss

  604. Weddings are joyous/ Except for the lovely bride/ With impotent groom

  605. Boy am I so cool / I think to myself always / Nope lost in ego

  606. Love is a fool’s game / When you leave today, look at / All the fools at play

  607. In my arms i see / a macbook it can’t be so / a third prize for me

  608. Copy do I write / Try to market through the night / Sans sleep I do fight

  609. Try to concentrate / Counting beats on my fingers/ Wish I was clever

  610. Let’s open a store/ A quesadilla wagon/ Open ’til midnight

  611. Twemes has haiku love / All you really need to do / tag your tweet #haiku

  612. Twitter teaches thee / Poetry in brevity / Haiku even more

  613. Really? Morning again? / Got coffee, checking twitter — / I’m such an addict!

  614. Boredom beyond words/ Oh look a twitter contest/ And Ive got to pee

  615. God’s automation…/Sunrise, Sunset, Moon, then Stars!/Infinite Systems.

  616. Forgive my pun, but / a laptop for a haiku / would be a rare tweet

  617. Walking empty streets /
    under a full moon, even /
    Google can’t find me.

  618. Rotating jpegs / In my new Thesis sidebar / Are kinda bad-ass.

  619. words flow freely out /
    wonderful, whimsical words /
    only in my dreams

  620. so many things to / organize and order i / emerge from chaos

  621. Sitting on the couch / waiting to watch some tv / write a haiku NOW

  622. When we spend our time / looking for new adventure / We miss small glories

  623. My puppy is sick / Don’t care about this contest / I just want him back

  624. Truth Between The Sheets / This Girl Completes Me Tonight / She Shall Be My Wife

  625. MacBook Air is sweet / But I need to make money / Free PLF please!

  626. Cat’s head in the bowl/licking garlic potatoes/it won’t help her breath

  627. #haiku noisy 3 year old/long long long long long long day / good thing she is cute

  628. Voted for McCain/Obama won election/Palin win in twelve

  629. Teaching others voice/ Is better than me singing/ Their song my blessing

  630. Economy woes/Hard to make it day to day/Life’s more than money

  631. Taurean stars have/fallen to play hide-in-seek/in my back meadows.

  632. I luv Macbook Air/ Thin, sleek, sexy, light, WiFi/ Blog, Tweet on the go

  633. do that one more time / i’m going to tweet your ass / that ought to learn you

  634. You walk by daily / wearing no shirt and strutting / you are not that hot

  635. Economy grim / job gone optimistic though / going out on my own

  636. Spam
    Bloody with ketchup
    Laid in a coffin of rice
    I pray a eulogy


    Husband brought lunch home / and a dozen red roses / dessert was lovely #haiku

  638. tryna win a mac/ to remove this sullen mood/ vista gives the blues

    I failed to copy the entire link…

  639. “I love you” she said/ He answered her with silence/ “I want a divorce.”

    And no, it’s not a true story. :)


    It’s easy to see / why on twitter there can’t be / a lim’rick contest

  641. Bailout reassessed/While Americans question:/Where is my darn check?

  642. My profundity / is severely limited / by friggin’ Haiku

  643. great idea brian. again.

    here’s my take:

    Full-time writing job / NaNoWriMo, Twaiku, too / Red Bull, coffee, please?

  644. Crumbs in my keyboard / Double americano / Long night of blogging

  645. New Zealand is cool / Macbook would make it better / yes it would indeed

  646. tweeting a haiku / is so much fun if you win / a mac air for one

  647. hey do you haiku? / well, for a mac air won’t you? / i’d even jaiku

  648. they lost everything / yet they still remained grateful / this is what rich is

  649. When Life Seems Uphill / Breathe, Rest If You Must, But Don’t / Quit You’re Almost There

  650. kslade when life throws you down, all you want to do is cry, go buy Jimmy Choo
    half a minute ago from web

  651. What do I see there? Just above my golden hair? Maybe macbook air?

  652. Okay…so I read this site only on rare occasions and have never commented before…but just I can’t resist the haiku.

    “@copyblogger – Haiku fanatics / Pedantics in semantics / Punctiliousness”


    i’m all out of tweets/ no juice, no jazz or pizzazz/ will it be fatal?

  654. You blog to my soul/I twitter for you daily/Will you follow me?

  655. A small tweeting contest / One Haiku Poem / A smart win of MacBook Air

  656. The choices we make / are like a pair of new socks / Which is the right one?

  657. keep your pants off, girl
    your eyes are wet and i am
    not finished with you

  658. Attention all Tweeps / Tweet to win a MacBook Air / Now retweet and share

  659. The song is still there
    But he changed the harmony
    I’m not his first chord

  660. Tiny twittering / Pigeon communication / I can write HaiCoo

  661. Tweet make up twitter/ writtings make up copyblogger/ Macbook air make up me

  662. Tweet make up twitter/ writtings make up copyblogger/ Macbook air make up me

  663. feeds on my reader / warrant constant attention / just like my girlfriend

  664. I watch trees outside / Barely moving in the breeze / And think “What’s to come?”

  665. Shakespearean Haiku:

    A wandering ghost / My dead father cries “Uncle!” / I must have revenge.

  666. We eat when we can. They eat when they feel like it. Cornucopia.

  667. An elevator. Lucky people in a box. The up and down lives.

  668. Asset management. It’s what we have until death. Anyone hungry?

  669. The train will arrive. Folks move into position. The weight of the wait.

  670. The thick of the crowd. People on all sides of you. Where is my wallet?

  671. I post on Twitter. This app holds a place in time. Yes, much potential.

  672. Food passes through us. The taste is soon forgotten. So let us eat more.

  673. Naked twittering / Is there any freer sport? / My junk – he says no.

  674. Thank you, renegade / A new dawn for everyone / Time to buy a Mac.

  675. This is a killer / a story to thrill the hurdes / in only fourteen words

  676. web comic pays homage to the Twitter Haiku contest: November 14 comic

  677. the problem with skirts / is that I always forget / underwear is good

  678. gave blood yesterday/ nOw I’m drinking yUmmy juiCe/ Hope i don’t pass out!

  679. Rolling off mountains. Billowing through the valley. Stillness envelops.

  680. Five steps in a flight / is a long way to walk up / to the guillotine

  681. One hundred forty / That is the magic number / Be sure you don’t run

  682. Well, Laura passed on/ the memo did not go out/the Earth keeps spinning

  683. social networking / twitter facebook youtube yes / finally famous

  684. twitter, haiku, LOL, / Can you see the trend right here? / Soon we blink to talk

  685. see the marketeers / tweeting all day, trying to start / a conversation

  686. Cannot send my Tweet / delete function disabled / it’s Fail Whale time.

  687. Autumn leaves summer// and winter springs another// nature earthed mother


  688. Ah, a new era!
    New leaders, technology
    Ride the wave of change

  689. Dreams interrupted/ I wake in the moonless night./Insomnia waits.

  690. Please don’t copy me. / For thats haiku piracy. / Bonus points– it ryhmes!


  691. I finally found / an outlet for my spamming / Twitter is its name

  692. Quail struts, coos, courts her / She gives him a quick nod – bam / At last a good gun.

  693. The Snow is outside / But I am inside at work / I should be in bed

  694. Empty squares of blue
    Cover the frozen landscape
    Now fill the ice trays!

  695. Patrick Callahan :

    Wanting MacBook Air
    It is very delicious
    Just like your mother

  696. Back from the gym now/I want to have some ice cream/I deserve it, right?


    Back from the gym now/I want to have some ice cream/I deserve it, right?

    i find myself now
    measuring time against time
    womb and flesh and bone

  699. Almost time for lunch / eating with Mom and Dad soon / what cuisine for us?

  700. Twitter has me hooked / I’ve been put under its spell / Goodbye, to do list


    Twelve a.m is here/ No one else but me alone/ My thought swings to you

  702. I love internet/dial up especially/a browsing diet

  703. Lips brush neck, hands stir / Breath resonates, legs entwine / Savor love’s passion.

  704. Imagine with me / Abortion choice as DOS Prompt / End this life? [Yes] [No]: _

  705. Twitter tumblr blog / communication has gone / down teh intertubes.

  706. Everyone uses / Helvetica and Macbooks / so I want to, too.

  707. Oh how you lure me/ Away from kids and housework/ I can not complain

    tpatton5 at gmail dot com

  708. My friends say I plink/the keys on the piano/but I say I plunked

    sorry forgot the time stamp

  709. I hate these templates / Swap Logos, Oh a Twitter! / Distractions kill me

  710. Sweet Web 2 (point) ‘0’ / I follow digg to twitter / Aggregate for life


  711. totally awesome / this is the very first time / i wish i twittered

  712. Barry Obama /A Change You Can Believe In / President Barack

  713. I once knew it all / Then ignorance became bliss / Life’s much better now

  714. Two lines on a stick.
    Excitement mingles with fear.
    Me, a mommy? Poor kid.

  715. The march of beauty/ began the day I wore your/ t-shirt on the beach.

  716. Haiku for a Mac / Posts and Tweets fit in my Pack / Mac is Cool like That

  717. Change is coming now / Take it in nickels and dimes / It will last longer

  718. Henoke Shiferaw :

    Help me, I am Broke / Laptop Adapter Just Broke / Fix me with a Mac

  719. Teaching Sells so well/ as I float on MacBook Air / Thank U Brian Clark

  720. Want a Macbook Air / A haiku may help me win / That’s all. K thanx bai

  721. Air bubbles rising / to the surface of a pond / Pop! Inspiration

  722. I must win this now / MacBook Air is wonderful / please pick me for it

  723. A feather wonder / my fingers caress the keys / mac air is sublime

  724. Words leap to the screen / my fingers caress the keys / feel the thoughts flow forth

  725. Air bubbles rising / to the surface of a pond / Pop! Inspiration

    (Repost due to newbie error. Ugh, those learning curves.)

  726. Floating on high clouds / I leap about joyously / I have won MacBook

  727. Damn you work laptop / fearing your blue screen of death / want: one macbook air

  728. 801g cloud / my words float without substance / fingers soft on keys

  729. Magic surrounds us /Peek at life though it /See life worth living

  730. brother lit the grill / the flames burned off his eyebrows / hilarious, yes

  731. Andrew Freeman :

    Beautiful Haiku
    Words Cannot Better Express
    Any Other Way

  732. Andrew Freeman :

    CopyBlogger Please
    Tell Me Why Aphostophe’s
    Are so hard to Place

  733. Andrew Freeman :

    Twitter Twitter Why
    Is There No SpullChicker Tool
    I need it Baddly

  734. it’s ninety today / welcome to global warming / we’ll all melt away

  735. Copyblogger ode -/Macbook Air within my grasp?/What tweet victory!

  736. forever my goal / yet always, just out of reach / my inbox zero

  737. I hiss, I twitter / is a nice anagram of / this is wittier

  738. Less than one forty / Tweet at-signs, hashtags, DMs / Twitter never ends.

  739. Terrance Young :

    Brain feels like a sponge/
    soaking up information/
    starting to drip out.

  740. Twitter all day long / Information overload / And yet I am hooked

  741. @copyblogger unicorn shimmy / prance, twirl, spin, in fairy dust / sneeze on @kevinrose

  742. Procrastinating / Starring @hotdogsladies tweets / Welcome to twitter. #haiku

  743. RT Twaiku Contest (via @guykawasaki) It’s 575/ not terribly difficult / give it a try now #haiku

  744. people follow me / that would never in real life / sad truth of twitter

  745. I’ve been writing what I call ‘twiku’ for about 6 months, and started tagging them recently with #twiku – eg:

    ok, here’s a freshie:
    revealed true feelings / maybe I should have waited? / no twitter undo

  746. revealed true feelings / maybe I should have waited? / no twitter undo

  747. History echoes / everywhere; Obama brings hope, / Our country’s reborn

  748. tell me it’s not true/ what you read on twitter /that tree is full of apples

  749. fingers touch keyboard/thoughts through digits flow like rain/words and world are one

  750. fingertips tracing/ I become only earthquakes/ with your sublime touch

  751. Oak trees disrobing / Leaves swirl as autumn blushes / Winter is peeking

  752. Coffee gives jitter / I need a quick cure right now / Time to ask Twitter

  753. OMG! Twitter haiku / This is such a waste of time / We are all lemmings

  754. Twitter Haiku
    A big day ahead/ Much needs to be accomplished/ I sit Twittering.

  755. Can’t go to sleep yet / What are you doing, Tweeple? / Refresh, ah! Refresh….

  756. Been reading all night / The cat is staring at me / Must be breakfast time.

  757. newbie at twitter / but oh the joy i’ve found here / new friends aplenty!

  758. Twitter tweets fly south/
    when whales show in entourage/
    Boohoo Twitter is down

  759. Got anger issues? / Passive agressive tweeting / is free therapy. #haiku

  760. Get my twitter fix / blogs, news, links, sites, jokes … oh my / microblogging fun!

    (fun stuff :)

  761. wasting time online… / Twitter – what’s it all about?? / “Connections!” – I see.

  762. Tapping keys at dawn /
    send tweet bouquets just before /
    the world bangs awake

  763. Twitter, my hero, / you’ve been up and down all year; / “No fail whale!” we cheer.

  764. Nano-precise shards / by-product of double reeds / I fear bassoonists

  765. River of deep thoughts; / reach in and select just one! / Hope it’s a good catch.

  766. got caught by the wife // tweeting again during night // to the couch i go

  767. It boggles my brain / Creating neuron pathways / Synapse to haiku

  768. Free time, elusive/money coming in is good/but I miss free time

  769. “I’m following you” / A compliment on Twitter / Not so in real life

  770. Too many people / think counting seventeen syll / ables is enough

  771. Sun shines; sporting shorts / I leave the house. Sun grins, winks / nods to clouds; it rains.

  772. Memories bite. No / warning: their teeth dig deeply, / and her wolf-heart howls.

  773. Kathy Henderson :

    Sing, my little bird/no one is truly alone/give voice to being

  774. Perched atop the cliff / Fearing that which lies below / Instead now I sore

  775. searching for new gig / with blogs tweets facebook linkedin / social networks work

  776. My tweet was stellar / But: no replies, no DMs? / I am a fail whale.

  777. Left the house for work
    Typed out my story all day
    Kicked the plug out. Poof.

  778. Don’t have to win this / don’t even need the macbook / just, please, re-tweet me.

  779. A hoe in my hand / Weeds shake with fear and worry / The flowers rejoice.

  780. Sleep calls; I resist. / One more dance, another kiss. / Love takes hold; swears bliss.

  781. gobble gobble who? / got dibs on those wings or thighs / gobble gobble you!

  782. Michelle Geffken :

    The old words still work./ Journey of a thousand tweets/starts with just one click.

  783. crazy Halloween / stuck in traffic scarfing down / some trickster’s candy

  784. Twitter birds send tweets/ Such interesting people/ make my day – Post now!

  785. Almost lonely then/ Found Twitter Follows Meetups/ Twitterluscious now

  786. Ether cloud of thought / life enhancer souls comfort. / Zeitgeist twitter mists.

  787. Thinking of Twitter. Thoughts of haikus, words and joy. I like the process.


  788. I wait for your words/Oh Muse, Twitter in my ear!/Words come, like to like

  789. It’s been a long day
    i’ll try to get some sleep soon
    tomorrow looks good

  790. The bird and the blue
    Keeps me in touch with friends
    I dream of Twitter

  791. A Cool Wind Blows Through/Hawaii? Caribbean?/Whoops! My Zipper’s Down

  792. I have a problem / It’s hard to face this problem / Problematic face

  793. No apostrophe
    On the sign for “Joes Pet Store”
    Makes Joe look stupid

  794. Barack Obama / is the President-elect / of the USA.

  795. you don’t have to count / no limits on characters / talking on a page

  796. Many urban dreams
    will become suburban lies
    Night brings guilty cries

  797. Hi, what are you doing? / Your thoughts, retorts and witter? / Tweet tweet on twitter!

  798. Rain falls with twilight
    the city’s fingers drumming
    on our umbrella

  799. morning music here / creates something so unreal / you are so distant

  800. Thomas Elliott :

    Life will not slow down; / there is way too much to do. / Productivity

  801. Mice avoid the trap. / My finger was less lucky – / Take more care next time.

  802. submitting haiku/ because I would like to win/ a free MacBook Air

  803. Challenged by Twitter / to express infinte thoughts / in a finite space. (#haiku)

  804. hi ones and zeros / please look over my shoulder / the internet knows

  805. Christopher Hicks :

    counting syllables / following the haiku rules / in the wind leaves dance

  806. The feed keeps coming. Cyber life of an addict. An aggregator.

  807. New and improved/ Highly regarded person/ The world’s thinnest winner!

    Good luck everyone ; D

    Karim Benyagoub AKA S.S.G

  808. Self Meditation / knock-knock knock-knock-knock “Who’s There?”/ And, your answer is…
    <a href=”″

  809. My team is losing / I’m changing the channel to / Jon and Kate plus 8

  810. blogger sits lonely / twittering himself poorly / an Air shall it be

  811. Just realized today / with nothing left in the bank / I’ve nothing to lose!

  812. Tweets, tweeps and twooshes
    Head is spinning fast
    With thoughts of a MacBook Air less than 5 seconds ago

  813. macbook in the air/a copyblogger contest/what are my chances?


    Thirty-nine weeks pregnant now/Hate elastic bands/Pants fall down to my “cankles.”

  815. Freddie and Fannie / then AIG and Autos / Say NO to BAILOUTS!

  816. Autumn memories / Like the smell of leaves burning, / Slowly drift away.

    Great contest. Thanks.
    My Blog:

  817. Huge marshmallows in / the sky dropping baby marsh / mallows makes cool whip.

  818. silicon crystals//dream communities on waves//darkness tweets worlds warm

  819. all these addictions / we take lightly, when really / they are taking us

  820. My muse scrapes against/ confessions and leaking juice / cultivating life

  821. The moon, a lozenge / Melts on the tongue of night, lick’d / To flat, sharp sliver.

    (the typo-free version, please don’t publish other with ‘siLver’)


  822. Wow! So many comments. Here’s mine:

    Beneficial little pills
    Streaming yellow pee

  823. ‘o8 election / when 100 percent done / shows Obama won.

  824. Coveting MacBook / Twitter Writing Contest Two / Hoping to win it –

  825. Like a flower spread / open to catch the rain drops / shower me with love.

  826. Great rotund beauty / Calamity you herald / O whale of failure

    And, yes, whale is one syllable.

  827. The blue screen of death
    Seen for the very last time
    Now using Mac Air

  828. weather turns colder / flannel pajamas put on / reverse viagra

  829. tattoed wet woman /locker room transformation/turns into a guy

  830. My grandson is here/my heart he really does cheer/when he leaves I tear

  831. You want to be green / Blogging daily about it / Take out the garbage

  832. Obama is cool / but sry lolcats will rulez / humin, k tnx bai

  833. Economic woes / Broke, no job. Without a car / Chin up: the bank’s ours.

  834. Haiku twittering/ makes boring updates and rants/ potentially cool.

  835. seemingly mundane/details from my friends’ thoughts, lives/coffee beats twitter

  836. Macbook Air in tree / stapled to koala bear / dada haiku wins!

  837. i write a twitter/ you handover a macbook air/ no one gets hurt, see

  838. I live to twitter / but can’t survive without “air” / Please don’t let me die

  839. counting syllables? / psuedointellectual / found it on google

  840. desire runs deep/ in the mists we can be found/ listen for whispers

    wrote this for Raven :)

    jmstro….THANK YOU

  841. ‘Screeched’ is the longest / Monosyllabic word in / Dictionary, fact.

  842. stock market is down / it’s not another bubble / can we still raise funds?

  843. How do I love macs?
    More than mere Twitters can say
    Were I to win….w00t!

  844. Appearence is all / MacBook Air is the answer / I want coolness plz

  845. Right now I’m watching
    a History Channel Program
    The Apocalypse.

  846. Absolut vodka / commercial makes me chuckle / feathers fly – boum-boum!

  847. day job eats my time / seeking freedom to escape / reclaim joy of life

  848. If a tweet is twyped/ and no one around tweads it/ does it make a twit?

  849. Farewell the maple / Forlorn golden patina / Lawn imperative.

  850. hand plane glides across wood/shavings whisper through the air/this sound is freedom

  851. a blinking cursor / the sound of my laptop’s fan / penetrates the void

  852. I tweet in haiku / With eloquent brevity / Blissful, web-based art.

  853. Perfect party guests / Teddy bears and baby dolls / Unable to drink

  854. My anipals’ tweets / are as valid as most peeps’ / “played and pooped today”

  855. Copyblogger rocks / There is nothing left to say / MacBook come my way

  856. Seated on the toilet
    Trying to win this MacBook
    I’m so full of crap.

  857. The hinge of a door
    A metaphor for your life
    When squeaky, oil it

  858. The hinge of a door
    A metaphor for your life
    When squeaky, oil it

  859. ah yes, Coyote / croons at foolish lovers out / late after midnight

  860. Tweet, blog, stumble – digg
    re-tweet, comment, trackback, link
    Connection quanta

  861. Have so little space/ Yet so many words to say/ Thoughts just don’t obey…

  862. journeying between…metaphor and silhouette…beneath wind and thought

  863. What twit would twitter / A single tweet of note and / Get no twitter back?

  864. “Twitter me this twi-/tter me that; uptime is good/when servers aren’t scant ”

  865. His last day alive/ Scott woke up early and drove/ the ten miles to work

  866. PubCon is over/learned lots, tweeted more, drank most/recovery time.

  867. baby cries and I / can’t NaNoWriMo / sleep gives us both peace

  868. Ack! Miscounted my syllables. Corrected and reposted:

    baby cries and I / can’t think to NaNoWriMo / sleep gives us both peace

  869. is this thing on

  870. Why write a haiku /
    when we have Twitter… The whale /
    counting syllables?

  871. Twittering here, oh / Twittering there, Twittering / Everywhere. Tweet

  872. If air were not free / I’m sure it would break the bank / Drop the prices Steve

  873. …and for the fun of it
    here’s the haiku in a more visual context

    Tweet well 😉

  874. Sad I missed your tweet /
    how my screen runneth over /
    blame @scobleizer

  875. Ok, Brian, I am SO SHY to post this, but…friends tell me sex sells. {{b l u s h i n g}} here goes my entry–

    Lap “dances” with Mac
    yes…y e s!…YEEESSSSS!!! Cigarette, please!
    (I don’t even smoke.)

  876. Haikus are so cool / Because they rhyme with blue poo / Eeyore was blue too

  877. Andrew/HaikuHijinks :

    All new homes should have … Solar panels on the roof. … Take that, big oil!

  878. It’s obvious I was thinking the diner scene in “When Harry Met Sally”, right?

    Ok…just makin’ sure!


  879. Those Baby Eyes

    Those baby blue eyes,
    come as no surprise, king size,
    those carefree childhood days ahead.

    This is my first effort at a haiku poem dedicated to my new great niece Amber and the twitter contest

  880. “hello, I’m a Mac”/echoed by a million more/Bill and Jerry cry.

  881. Many crowd to see /
    Twitter wet t-shirt contest /
    Hey, show me your tweets

  882. Posting life away / Telling stories on Twitter / Bound to make a book

  883. hit level 60 / don’t own Burning Crusade / time for psychosis

  884. Procrastination. / What’s the cure for the problem? / Fear Less. Do More. Now.

  885. twitter bird and i / can’t live, can’t breathe with no air / haiku please save us!

  886. stand up dear net-nerd / your lap ends, but legs begin / be a maverick

  887. monosyllabic / not onomatopoeia / I need some more words

  888. Signed up to twitter/coz facebook made me bitter/twitter much better?

  889. My midsummer born cat / are you secretly plotting my / untimely demise.

    Please ignore my previous submission – this one is correctly formatted. :)

  890. Wrens on bare branches/Too cold to tweet or twitter/Yet braced by new Air.

  891. Make me laugh out loud / Tickle my soul with your words / Make me feel alive.

  892. She cuts herself ’cause / her pain swells and aches inside / and needs a way out

  893. this haiku is me
    quite easily forgotten
    and never loved

  894. Got an Acer with Vista / It works but I enjoy Macs / So do I win one?

  895. Tonight while I sleep / You birds rattle your cages / Tweeting without me

  896. Spouse orders sushi/Can’t possibly eat it all/Need help from the tweeps

  897. What the heck, no harm in trying.

    Google loves to tease / Bloggers try to appease It / total waste of time

  898. Warm wet lips brush mine / Hand rests on a silk-smooth rump / Soft, sweet memory

  899. Hey, it’s November/ Anybody seen my shorts?/ Ah, San Diego

    This was fun! Thanks for the mental stimulation. Sadly, I’ve read a number of good ones in the comments. Ah, well…good luck to all.

  900. we tell the stories
    creating the time with words
    we sell bytes of dreams

  901. Born to live / Enjoy to feel good / Live To Die

  902. Wish the good meeting/Chinese Blogger Conference/being more stronger

  903. Head swims in butter / Your noise makes vibrations / I have got the flu

  904. Going twitterin’? / Got no letters to spare? Try / Disemvowlmnt.

  905. noisy 3 year old/long long long long long long day / good thing she is cute

  906. It is subjective / To say ones writing better / But if I win, cool.

  907. just moved to Scotland / purchased a cheap blue plaid kilt / makes for breezy walks

  908. words ’bout life and tech / floundering in the silence / of wide empty nets

  909. Nine months ago I / Knew how far the fridge door swung / Bump. Sorry, baby!

  910. twitter twitter up/so high.How I wonder in/the sky. Twitter twat

  911. Eyeless floating bird/bring me the news of the day/through the interwebs

  912. respond to @you/conversation is heated/champagne living rules

  913. Improve your text life / Confer the copywriter / Literally sell

    about 20 hours ago from web

  914. Congratulations /
    the nature of a twitter /
    grew a stronger wing

  915. azure rain drops splash/on my blade as it cuts air/magnify focus

  916. move over, white bird /we enjoy Twittering too/ branch out and Tweet.

  917. when black turns to white/it will absorb all the light/photosynthesis

  918. Silent geese fly past.
    Why don’t they post their status?
    Tweets, not honks, required
    true haiku use images from nature.

  919. when it’s time to go / look forward for departure / don’t look back beloved

  920. Snowy winter day/Husband sits at spinning wheel/I play on Twitter

  921. I’m all a’twitter/the thought of Air makes me weak/now I’m a Tweeter

  922. Contests compell me / to write Japanese haikus / Hope is thin as Air

  923. I’m Not A Poet / But For MacBook Air Contest / I’ll Haiku This Tweet

  924. Need a WordPress theme / Copyblogger is the shit / instant s.e.o.

  925. A chilly winter/With the flick of a switch/Instant fireside

  926. is the deadline 12:00am the end of the 15th beginning of 16th? or is it 12:00am the end of 16th beginning of 17th?


  927. Abomination! / Said he to the giant sphinx / Meow it said back

  928. The Raiders are kidding / The think they can win this game / Oh, it’s the Dolphins?!

  929. Twitter in my life
    Will demand the good things, life
    Will permit to live

  930. Small business owner / Loving the economy / I will work for food

  931. Blood coursing through veins / shimmer through the blinds affects / lycanthrope my curse

  932. I forgot something / I know it was important / what was I saying?

  933. Here is my entry for the contest.
    Latest: @copyblogger

    Often things don’t change / One Night we witnessed true change / But will our minds change

    less than 5 seconds ago

  934. Latest: Clicking heels three times/ NYC nowhere in sight/ What would Toto do?

  935. Orange Birds, White Whale/Our words brought down the server/Our love makes you fly

  936. Flav to marry his / baby mama, but which one? / Seven baby flavs.

    (previously posted on my blog!)

  937. Dish water gone cold / page clean, free of coffee rings / mind like autumn clouds

  938. computers get old / contests win new shiny ones / haikwitter is key.

  939. @question I think they said 11:59 pm on the 16th. No confusion there.

  940. i hear a loud thump / a body lies there helpless / i’ll miss you daddy

  941. Tweets, tweeps and twooshes/Head is spinning fast/ With thoughts of a MacBook Air 5 minutes ago

  942. Infinite Monkeys / Typing Shakespeare one forty / Fail Whale Wins

  943. Infinite Monkeys / Typing Shakespeare one forty / Fail Whale for the win

  944. Tweets, tweeps and twooshes/Head is spinning fast/ With thoughts of a MacBook Air
    25 minutes ago from web

  945. MacBook Air I see
    Copyblogger give to me
    Nice guy you can be

  946. Six year old G4/Love it too much, can’t move on/Except for MacAir

  947. Tweets, tweeps and twooshes/Head is spinning fast/ With thoughts of a MacBook Air 33 minutes ago

  948. winter bears gloss fruit /
    does poetic license tweet /
    winged technology?

  949. Ah, I made the mistake of posting the wrong tweet. Ignore my last entry please. Here is my entry:

    “I pitied myself/ till I saw a legless boy/ now I’m just ashamed.”

  950. When you’re thinking fast/ Write thoughts down to make them last/ Else they’re doomed for past

  951. Tweets, tweeps and twooshes/Head is spinning fast/ With thoughts of a MacBook Air

  952. Haiku Contest

    Sidetracked from thesis
    On Renaissance religion
    O, Air and Angels!

  953. Twitter in my life/Will demand the goods things, life/Will permit to live.