Twitter Writing Contest: Win an IPod Nano For the Best 140 Character Story


The Twitter Writing Contest is Now Closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry, and winners will be announced Friday, May 30.

Can you tell a story in exactly 140 characters?

That’s the idea behind the first ever @copyblogger Twitter writing contest.

It should be a great exercise and a lot of fun. Being constrained to exactly 140 characters will spark your creative juices and force you to focus stringently on word choice, sentence structure, and even punctuation.

Here’s an example that I tweeted over the weekend:

Three flies are bugging me on the deck. I kill two, and spare the third. “Go tell the others this is what happens,” I warn as he buzzes off.

OK, so that’s a bit of a goofy spoof on Keiser Soze from The Usual Suspects. But it’s still a mini-story that allows the reader’s imagination to run with it.

Did I go hunt down the other flies along with their families and neighbors?

Or did the flies retaliate Amityville Horror style?

See, it is fun. And it’s great for sharpening your writing skills, too.

But of course, we aren’t always motivated by what’s good for us. So, let’s add in another incentive.

Whoever writes the best Twitter story (as determined by me and a couple of other Twitteriffic judges) will win an IPod Nano 4 GB from Amazon in your choice of available colors. Plus, you’ll have bragging rights as the winner of the first-ever Twitter writing contest (at least that I know of).

Ready to play?

Just post a link to your Tweet (one per person, please) in the comments to this post before 5:00 PM CST on this Friday, May 23, 2008. That’s all there is to it, but remember…

It’s not 140 characters or less, it’s exactly 140 characters. Cool?

P.S. If anyone out there wants to contribute additional prizes for the winner, or for second and third place, email me and we’ll sweeten the pie.

P.P.S. Out of fairness, Copyblogger regular contributors are not eligible to win, but encouraged to play along any way.

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  1. Brilliant Idea… I remember there being something similar with a “write a story in 6 words” somewhere in the blogosphere…

    This should get people excited :)


  2. I take up your challenge – always good to let the creative juices run riot … albeit with boundaries.

  3. I got one! It’s adapted from a real situation I heard days ago, re-told the story into one where I found the source of that chilling cry just minutes ago. :)

    Tweet sent to u. @Daniel_Richard

  4. I’m game… True story to boot!

  5. Oooo! Can we submit more than one story?

  6. Kyle Kinnaman :
  7. One submission per person, please. :-)

  8. I’m with Lolagrrl…I hope we get more than one entry? Also, sent you a quick note about additional prizes.

  9. Does it have to be an original story, or could it be inspired by/a nutshell version of a story someone else has written?

  10. Oh now I get it :)

    word and twitter count differently


    micro/flash/nano-fiction is pure awesome.

    count me in.

  12. One day I entered a writing contest and much to my chagrin I never learned how to count past seventy-seven. Damn rules make me feel so dumb.


    140 character story … can we try more than once?

  14. meets Twitter. Brilliant!

  15. Great Article, I love it, and, I am up to the challenge,

  16. Hey, count me in!

    @Muhammad – I ran a six-word story contest in January ’07. You can check out the results here.

  17. I will say I wondered what was up with the fly thing. “Huhhhh, Brian needs a break,” I thought to myself.

    Of course I’ve got to try it . . .

  18. Brian, would the following piece qualify? Let me know and I’ll post it on my site and provide a link later.

    A Tweet is neat. Not the tweety one – the Tweet with thumbs – the er breed. On the go? Send a tweet. You never know. The tweets you’ll meet.


  19. I need more coffee to come up with a story, but here’s a tweet on “How to write well”:

  20. this was a unique and great idea.. hmmmmmmmm *thinking of writing a 140-character story*

  21. ps. I know it’s twitter with an “I” but you said you “tweeted” so is that the correct past tense? (I don’t use twitter yet so I’m not up on the twitter vocabulary).

    I’ll change the spelling if needed.

  22. A gruesome tale of grammar police gone bad:

  23. My cat attacked my husband and I used his new bottle of Jameson to kill germs fast. Husband more upset about bottle than bites.

  24. Great, I love working to restrictions. Not sure if progression of plot is a requirement, but here’s my 1st person story, entitled “The vexatious gardener”

  25. OK here is my 140 Character story. Entitled A Day of Life.

  26. Hokay… here’s my one (sigh) entry.

    1st transmission from Earth to reach outer space: Hitler’s Olympic Speech. Last Transmission: Supercollider test commences in 3… 2… 1…

  27. I’m still not getting it. where the heck is Tweet?

  28. To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question. Is this event interestingly mundane enough to steal 4.3 seconds of life from my 14 followers?

  29. This looks pretty sweet, I will partipate and who knows. I might just win this thing for crying out loud. Everytime I read copyblogger I get something!

  30. Brilliant idea! Do our titles count as characters? Or should we have them at all?

  31. we are going to play, too

  32. Heres mine:

    *off to read the other tweets and hang head in shame* :-)

  33. A fine idea. Here’s my attempt:

  34. Alright Brian, I will play…

    Exactly 140 characters…

    I hope I win :)

  35. Here’s my entry:

    The world spun wildly as I descended ever deeper. As I looked up, I saw a hundred yards of water separating me from safety. Could I make it?

  36. Alright here you go boss :-)

    I’m doing this all from my phone, so if that’s not right just go to:

    thanks :-)

  37. Excellent idea!

    the first-ever twitter thriller :

  38. That was fun! Mine is all too true today:

  39. Long time reader, first time poster.



  40. Rob Headrick :

    Here’s the true story of what happened when I finally met Geddy Lee of Rush. (Alex Lifeson was there, too, but that’s another 140-Story.)


    Hey I’ll glady contribute a big fat crappy blog link to the winner because I’m cool like that!


    Marguerite weighed the envelope carefully. Unsealing it would result in her hated enemy’s downfall, but possibly her own, too. What to do?


    That’s my cute little entry about Inzy and Winzy… Yay!


    For the steampunk in all of us.

  45. Kindly disqualify my first twitter URL because it was wrong.. it should be “went” instead of “when”. hehe..

    This was the right one:

  46. Ooh, what fun! Here’s my contribution!


    Thanks for the inspiration to be more creative and expressive with less words :-)

  48. I’m giving this a shot. It really made me think, thanks.

    My entry is at:

  49. Here is mine, just a try :)

    Tales of woe, folk, old wives’, duck, cautionary, fairytale or chit. A tall tattletale told us “thereby hangs a tale in a tiny wee twittie”.

  50. My contest entry.
    Joel Libava


    I’m so glad to finally learn how to link to a tweet! Thanks.
    Deb Gallardo

  52. I know I can only enter one, but I’ve had so much fun reading and retweeting y’all’s, another one came to mind:

  53. At the mouth of a wormhole…

  54. I’ve been writing <e;140-character nanofiction at for a while now. I think this is the only one that’s exactly 140 characters, though:

    (A couple others, including my favorite – – come close to 140 characters, but aren’t exact.)


    (on this one I can actually count).

  56. Here’s my entry

  57. Marna Reinhardt :

    I’m an all-the-time reader…but only a second-time poster. New to twitter, besides. Should the link below prove sufficient…you’ll find my 140 cents worth. True story, too.


  58. Ode to A Pen With No Ink


  59. Pama Designs :

    I’m in! Thanks for the Monday fun.


  61. Pick me! Pick me!

    Pretty please…

  62. This is a pretty creative contest, great idea!

  63. Since I don’t own an Ipod Nano, this contest is perfect for me:

    Once upon a time, two boys decided to go to the fair. What did they discover there? A fare mare with red hair sitting in an square armchair.

  64. Entertaining Lt. Gentile with old Bojo the fat cat stories tonight. Jimmy needs some laughs, sitting in a Bradley in the dusty desert heat.

    Thanks for letting me enter the contest. If this entry wins, the iPod Nano will go to Jimmy.

    Kathleen Lisson

  65. secrets feel like….

    this is a great idea! I love reading mini stories. perfect for my crazy schedule. short and sweet.

  66. This is perfect for, which is a Twitter-like service devoted to just fiction writing.


    Fun. Hard. Worth a try. 😉

  68. I had set up a site for a similar contest, but you beat me to it! So I’ve linked to your contest instead. (However, every sentence in my contest announcement is exactly 140 characters …)

  69. Congratulations, Brian, I think you broke Twitter. 😉

  70. The original version of my “story” was a 6000 word race report of my first course record setting marathon win:

    The twitter version is obviously much shorter:

    I passed 1st place at mile 19. I mustn’t let anyone catch me. I am getting so tired. There’s the finish line! The course record is now mine.

  71. A couple of buddies and I bugged a guy on his deck. He killed my friends and threatened all of us flies. Poor soul doesn’t realize the maggots and I will have the last laugh.

  72. I posted my perfect tweet to my blog, you can check it out here:

    You can see my tweet in unformatted glory here:


  73. crazycucumber :

    I will have a go :-

    Hope you like it.

  74. Brian,

    Excellent contest idea. It’s always good practice for writers to chop up their prose to the barest bones. my entry:


  75. tomsedmonds :
  76. A Hollywood Tale:

    Awesome contest! Nano = covet.

  77. Is your contest breaking Twitter? I’ve never seen it go down this often! My entry coming when Twitter is back up.


    That was fun. And semi-autobiographical, too.

  79. Flies on the Deck – Part II:

  80. In honor of the late great C.S. Lewis and his Aslan:

  81. This is a great idea for a contest. Thanks for the inspiration. I think this is something I’ll do more often.

  82. Didn’t Hemingway win a contest to write the best story with only five words?

    Anyways, here’s my submission –

  83. Hey Brian, here is my tweet!

  84. My little bit of writing for this contest. My old yankee, coastal New England shines through. Enjoy.

  85. This wasn’t meant to be my entry, but I think it kinda works:

    “I’ve discovered that my BB pistol will fire bamboo skewers as darts. Remembering the time I put one thru my hand w/a wrist rocket slingshot.”

    I think the BB pistol is safer, but who can say?

  86. Was going to try a few more before posting one, but WTF:


    What a fun idea! Thank you!

  88. This contest is fun! Here’s my entry:


    Upon awakening, I determine that I am sober enough to drive myself home. Upon discovering the behemoth lying in juxtaposition, I reconsider.

  90. Really getting stuck into this idea… couldn’t stop at one though (-; My twitterbuds will have to put up with stories for days to come!

  91. @Robert Pretty Cool man… I should start my own set 😛 Run the competition again.

  92. An announcement story :-)

  93. This is a cool competition. Please find my entry in the link below.

  94. Here’s my entry

    This was fun!

  95. I don’t know how to make those links happen, so I posted it on Twitter and here it is again:

    The coffee whispered, “Drink, addict. Feed your veins.” He struggled, resisted, but lost the fight and succumbed to the luring sweet sludge.

    Loved the fly story.

  96. Baxter is loose!

  97. Well, Twitter has turned a construction guy from mid state OH to start his day writing, as we all self brand with each and every post we do!

    Here is my entry,

  98. The purple monkey in my living room is my friend. Hercy is afraid and runs away. I tell Hercy that Monkey is okay. Hercy smiles! We play now

  99. Hm… I posted a comment almost 12 hours ago and it still hasn’t appeared so I’m trying again, sorry if it ends up double posting.

    My entry, a brief tale of Armageddon:

    Great stories so far, good luck to all!

    Daniel Smith

  100. Here’s mine – it’s 140 characters in Word.
    Thanks, Tineke :)


    Time to tango. ‘Terrific’ trills Tony. ‘Twit’ thinks Tessa. Tony twirls toward Tessa. Tumultuous turn. Trips, topples. Tessa tastes triumph.


  101. Ok I’ll play.

    Hope I did that right.

    Good luck everyone!

  102. This is a great idea for a competition, really hones the edge of your literary prowess!

    Here’s my contribution

  103. This is an awesome idea…and what a challenge!

  104. What a great idea. Here’s mine:

  105. Great idea – here’s mine:

  106. On a referral from Benson DuBois @ RMMB

  107. My link above no longer works. Here is my entry:

  108. I already submitted once, so this is not an official entry, just a second one I wrote:

  109. Here’s my twitter tale (better link this time):

  110. lawrence berezin :

    Great idea. I would love to participate, but having trouble with a link. Kindly consider the following story as my entry. Thanks!

    It is a sunny day at the shore. I am fishing and cast my line to the beach. My bait is a ham sandwich. He can’t see the hook. I reel him in.

  111. Some fun!

  112. Long time reader, first (or second) time commenter. Hopefully you enjoy this one, Brian!

  113. finally got this to look right… here’s my submission.
    (yes, i’m blonde… it takes a while)

  114. I hope everyone can catch on to my word choice.

  115. Despite the long Twitter outages today, I managed to post my story:

  116. Hail! Greetings from elsewhere:
    Dan Cole,
    Beautiful anecdote.

  117. Twitter is on a serious go slow..but here we are..

  118. I love this idea! And I love that you post quotes.

    Here’s my entry:

  119. This was challenging but fun! Here’s my entry:

  120. Here is a link to my entry:

    Since Twitter has been very unstable as of late, I’m copying the text of my entry here:

    Eva built her vast wealth through treachery and deceit. Only the revelation of her sole child’s terminal illness made her question her life

  121. I suck. I can’t figure out that statuses address. Grr. Here’s my entry

    It’d been 2 years. She was feeling her 30s, but he still had his youth. When her husband went for the luggage, their eyes found one another.

  122. that was great practice, thanks

  123. Laura Stephens-Daniels :

    Brushing the dirt off, frigid with fear; Eli knew her former self was forever gone, her essence violated. Choices crystallised. To be a victim, or await resurrection.

  124. Never used twitter, so I thought this would be a good place to start. Let me know if I did it wrong.

  125. Terrific contest idea. My submission:

  126. Had to write it twice because I missed a space the first time but I’m thankful that twirl counts the characters!

    Here it is:

  127. Patrick Riegert :
  128. Haha :))

    I couldn’t think of something smarter than this one :

  129. Here’s mine, a murder mystery in 148 characters :

  130. here is my entry:

    Staring at my reflection in the toilet I wonder if the lost city of Atlantis is down there, lost in the collective unconscious of our memory

  131. I’m game!!! But wait –can people outside of the U.S. participate? (I’m from Venezuela.)

  132. Done! I had to think carefully about what to say that also had something about life purpose in it! My passion!

  133. Based on a true story:


  134. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was going crazy trying to follow all the interesting entries so far, clicking back and forth between here and Twitter. (I know at least a few others have expressed similar frustrations.)

    So I did some legwork and put together a singular location where all entries can be viewed in succession in a slideshow (using Diigo.)

    Quick explanation and the link are on my blog here.


    Daniel Smith

  135. By the way, in case it isn’t obvious the slideshow only works when Twitter isn’t down, which hasn’t been as often as it should be…

  136. Here’s mine

    Thanks for running the competition Brian


  137. This has been so much fun to do. I had 2 or 3 great stories started; then computer glitch and so my story is a personal one. Wasn’t quite sure how to post this like everybody else has been; but hope this works.

    Thanks for doing this contest. It has been a blast to read all the others. Mind-waster? Nah. Mind-expander!

  138. Okay, I have to ask. There is no such thing as a dumb question, right?

    What do you do to get your tweet post in here with just the post you are sending on your Twitter background with the statuses/numbers after your link. Obviously doing what I did took you to my home page not just the update for the story.

    Hey, what you don’t know you don’t know is only discovered when you need to know what you don’t know.

  139. Missylol – When you look at the Tweet on your home page, you’ll see that the time stamp (ie: 35 minutes ago, etc.) is a link too – click that and it will take you to the status link that everyone has been posting. Hope that helps.

    Daniel Smith

  140. Thank to Daniel Smith, I can know look like everyone else. Normally I don’t like that, but in this case, I do.

    Hot Damn, I love how you can ask and people will answer on the Internet, especially in the social arenas. They are here to stay.

  141. A true story from Pennsic XXXV…

  142. Melissa Anne :
  143. Okay, I joined Twitter just to get into this contest — great idea! Took longer to write than some 500-word articles I’ve written. But it was fun!

    Here’s the link:

  144. Here’s my entry, with apologies to Fredric Brown:

  145. Emilyspearl :

    Do you have extra blankets? I’m asking.

    The rest of me is twitterpating here:

  146. Here’s mine:

    (My Web site link, alas, is still all lorem ipsit)


    My eyes open to pure black. Smoke hits my face. Falling down, I crawl. My knees are hot. A hand grabs mine. I’m dragged… then carried. Ahhh!


    intrigue, dispair, twittiliciousness

  149. It’s harder than it sounds – that’s for sure! Here’s my effort:

  150. Sean Robins (NWchiropractor) :
  151. Here’s mine! Of course it had to include Twitter!

  152. Blake Schwendiman :

    I just learned more about Twitter in the past 20 minutes than I’ve had to know up to this point. Thanks!

  153. Wow! I love this idea. Restrictions can be very good stimuli. Thanks!

    Here’s mine :)

  154. Great idea for a contest.

    Here is my entry:

  155. 140. Neon in my brain. 140. Each flash screaming “Clue!” Each flash jar\140/ring thinking, meaning receding… did I fail? No, wait: epiphany!

  156. Here’s my sad, tearjerker! Well sad but true :)


    The story of my dogs each day LOL

  158. Suddenly I was there. No idea how, no idea why, no idea who he was. My buttons missing, skirt ripped. Sign read: “Tailor.” I was hemmed in.

  159. Great contest and great way to promote Twitter! I’m following you now. =)

  160. Here’s my mini-story, based (very loosely!) on an actual phone call I got today:


    “Born. School. Girls. College. Job #1: Quit. Marriage #1: Divorce. Job #2: Career. Marriage #2: Kids. Retired. Died. Wouldn’t change a thing!”

  162. In honor of Mother’s Day…

    Great writing exercise!

  163. Omg. Major competition. You guys are good! Here’s mine:

  164. They looked at me strangely as I spread the ashes. I like it that way. They’ll never figure it out. And that is the best for all four of us.

  165. How fun, here’s my story…hope it makes you wonder what is below….

  166. My entry can be found here:
    Marked as a favourite.
    Many thanks,


    “Is that a serious question? Are you trying to be funny? …Or have we really grown so far apart? (sigh) Of COURSE I want the last shrimp.”


    “Is that a serious question? Are you trying to be funny? …Or have we really grown so far apart? (sigh) Of COURSE I want the last shrimp.”

    …this was fun, Brian. Both to read and write. Thanks.

  169. Here’s the direct link to my story, I hope…

  170. Lots of fun. Mine is a familiar story. 140 characters does not do it justice, but it gets to the highlights.

  171. Amazingly, I hit exactly 140 on my first try. Enjoy:

  172. My entry: Where are my co-workers?

  173. Sacha Fuentes :
  174. Some say I should have acted differently, but walking away was the only solution. I couldn’t go through that again – at least not this soon.

  175. julian barnes :
  176. Here’s my entry! 140 characters — including the @copyblogger:


    This is my ‘thanks, life lessons for all’ in 140 chars – but read the “right way” it pushes way beyond the limit (in your mind)…;-)

    Great stretch!

  178. Joey O'Donnell :
  179. Long-time reader, first-time poster on both here and Twitter:


    140 to the character. By the way, I joined twitter just for this. Should have written something better in that case. My apologies.

  181. Oh no! I missed the part about EXACTLY 140 characters. Hopefully I won’t get DQ’d for this revision:

  182. Inspired by Sonia Simone’s Copyblogger entry, “Feel great naked” I submit the following tweet. (Praying my ex-husband won’t read it!)

  183. This is my story. I really enjoyed the Twitter Writing Contest.

  184. Inside the trunk, I kick out the brake light and wave wildly to the car behind me. Leaning forward, the old man sees me! Then he waves back.

  185. When Chuck Norris destroyed the Sun 46 years ago, he upset the dericate barance between Pirate and Ninja. How I rong to hear an “Arr” again!

  186. Here’s my entry:

  187. Passing through the matrix, Tommy was free at last!
    Years of struggle were suddenly over!
    Master’s Process worked perfectly!
    “I must return!”

  188. Here you go. I hope you enjoy.

  189. Hi Brian, please disregard my previous entry, comment #350 (I didn’t complete my story per the contest guidelines) so here’s my official entry:

    Thanks! This is a great contest, inspires creativity. :)

  190. Fun contest!
    Enjoy reading the tweets.

  191. Here’s a link to my submission.

    A related post should be going up on my blog in the next couple of days too.

  192. Don’t throw in the towel before you read this one:

  193. :-) this was an interesting exercise that required a thesaurus

  194. I’m not sure I’m entering properly – but my update (and entry) is a true story.


    I’m pretty into this contest. Even if I don’t win, I hope it gets people more involved in Twitter (and Copyblogger!)

  196. Suddenly, I felt a warm flood gushing down the length of my work pants. I had to hose myself off and then make sure to avoid the enormous Great Dane who mistook me for a tree.

  197. Just joined twitter for this competition. Now can’t work out how to add my entry (which I’ve written). Help please?!

  198. PS An idiot’s guide required. I just joined, wrote one what I’m doing and signed up to follow copyblogger. Now can’t manage to get in to write anything else …

  199. PS An idiot’s guide required. I just joined, wrote one what I’m doing and signed up to follow copyblogger. Now can’t manage to get in to write anything else …

    This is my entry by the way:

    A girl’s screaming eyes and a boy’s bag hidden beneath the bed told the story: birthday card, aspirin, CDs and water bottle. Ready. Waiting.

  200. I’ve been trying to post my link, but have had no success. Trying again.

  201. Nice from Thailand want to give it a try :)

  202. Hi,

    I adore this blog. Great contest idea. Here is the link to my entry:

    This was very refreshing. Thanks for the opportunity.


  203. The wire in my bra caught on the western-style saddle horn as I dismounted, yanking my shirt and bra over my head. The jungle guide was bashful as I repositioned my goods.

  204. a competition entry by Ming, in exactly 140 characters.


    I signed up to twitter just to do that.

  206. I succumb to the power of suggestion and the Tweet. Here is a link to my opus minoris:

  207. Aloha

    I couldn’t resist expanding on the continuation of your story.

    Man on Deck – The Sequel

  208. A fly landed on my nose, and as I shooed it away, 2 more landed on my back. I kept shooing them away but more & more flies just kept coming.

    There. That’s my entry. Hope it is OK, and that it qualifies. Also, I’m in Australia, will it be valid?

  209. Here’s my words . . .
    Good luck everyone!

  210. Twitter Tip 4 anyone wanting 2 enter this cool contest & post their 140 tweet story link here.

    “How To get a link to any tweet you write”

    1) Tweet – hit update as usual
    2) Visit
    3) Enter your username in the search box & hit SEARCH button
    4) Search Twitter in realtime – your last tweet will be listed at the top
    5) Click “View Tweet” link for the tweet you want to grab the link to
    6) copy the link that shows up in your browser
    7) paste the link to your tweet anywhere you’d like (except your forehead)

    ex of what your link from summize will look like when you do this:

    Cool tip 4 newbies eh?
    I hope this Twitter Tip (Twip) helps save u tons of time.

    Author of the
    Twitter Handbook
    with @WarrenWhitlock

  211. when is the contest over? Just wondering how long we have.. So far, I have two potentials I’m considering… A time limit may help :)

  212. Ah, if I read as much as I write, I’d have figured that out for myself. Found the time limit 😉

  213. Inside the trunk, I kick out the brake light and wave wildly to the car behind me. Leaning forward, the old man sees me! Then he waves back

  214. Caramboulage :
  215. here’s my entry for the contest. Thanks brian for the wonderful contest. It’s simply fantabulous.

  216. I use a cTwitter client. The story is the last post.

  217. Here’s my entry:

    I’ve tried to be a little humourous and the ending is open ended if you think about it.

    (Just thought it merited an explanation.)

    Enjoy. :)

  218. Tried to post this last night, no luck… Trying again

  219. Every time she called to say she wasn’t coming home it was like a sharp dagger to his already wounded heart. No matter, life goes on and on.

  220. I call this “Mescaline” ->

  221. Sorry – just read the comment about one submission per person! I choose this one, then:

    Which translates as:

    “Did you hear that?” I cried, clutching my rifle ever tighter, “Did you hear it?” But John didn’t hear it. He didn’t hear anything any more.

  222. Great idea and a great exercise. It took me quite some time to boil it down 😉

  223. Matthew Berrisford :
  224. Is it normal for a comment to be queued for moderation for three hours?

  225. Here’s my entry Brian:


  226. Hi,

    Love the fly story!

    Here’s mine:

    A dark outline of a figure appears just opposite and I retreat guiltily but I believe I saw him smiling knowingly into the darkness.

  227. A wildflower springs forth from the ground. He soaks up the sun, waves in the wind, and helps the honeybee. His only fear is the lawn mower.

  228. Completely flummoxed by Twitter. Hubbie and I labored for an hour trying to figure out how to post correct link.

    Am posting what I think is correct:

    In the likely case I’m wrong, my 140-character story follows:

    Fr. Tim’s top drawer revealed his attachment to worldly pleasure. Fire cleanses, thought Suki. She dropped her lit Pall Mall onto his socks.

    P.S. Last night it seemed a terse noir masterwork. Morning brings reality.

  229. Kate Murray :
  230. Here is my entry:

    Good luck to all entrants.

  231. Lila Margalit :
  232. Wayne Jones :
  233. Ok i was taking my time with the story.
    Then i did some math (UCT – x=y) and figure it out that i missed the deadline. So i made another story just for fun

  234. I couldn’t resist giving this a go. I’ve done a few now, all related the the xenophobic clashes happening here in South Africa at the moment.

    I’ll enter this one:

    I was avoiding twitter for so long, but reading some of the entries has made me a twitterer…or is that twit?


    Tracey tweets that Theodore throws tantrums. Theo then tosses targeted tempestuous tweets toward the tyrannical trollop. That’s Tracey told?

  236. I’d love to say it’s a true story, however I fear I would be sectioned.

  237. Here’s mine, great comp 😀

  238. sparkington :
  239. This was tougher than I thought!

  240. Here’s my entry:

    This was fun. ^_^

  241. Thanks for doing this. I really enjoyed it.


    And here’s my submission…

  243. Toothpaste squeezes, eggs aren’t cracked, pizza delivered, headache’s better, beer anyone? Packaging a love affair you never knew you had.

  244. Sorry for bad spelling but i was in a hurry: i meant “pieces”

    For my dedicated followers here is the corrected version:

  245. fun! I wonder if this tweet will cause any happy confusion from followers. hee hee

  246. silly me, didn’t see that ‘have to’ 140 chars. till the very end

    can i repeat? please?

  247. Brian,

    The comment I posted yesterday is not here, so I’m posting it again. Thanks.

    Here’s my entry:

  248. Add mine to the list, true story!

  249. Guess it didn’t work the first time I tried posting:

  250. Laura Stephens-Daniels :
  251. Mopping his brow with a torn out page from Auto Trader, Jordan sighed and ejaculated into the exhaust pipe for the second time that evening.

  252. Having a lot of fun reading these (almost as much as writing my own :) ). Good luck all.. I don’t like my chances, but I’ve greatly enjoyed the exercise!

  253. If I got a vote, I’d be voting for Ron Gould. This is AWESOME. I’ve never felt so much suspense in so little time ->

  254. Here’s my submission, thank you for your consideration. =)


    I hope someone collects and publishes all the entries in one place! But then, maybe impermanence is part of this collective art event :)

  256. good grief.. I’ve already had one post approved, but my further comments still require moderation? 😐

  257. It’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

  258. The Perfect Life’s Dream – Can You See It!

  259. I was told by a friend that my post was 40 characters, but it had a leading space that I didn’t notice. I’ve changed it to have a trailing period.

    The text of my entry is the same, but I wanted to make this small correction.

  260. That first date. The first kiss. The breakup. The ring. Yes… or no?

    I do… I truly do.

    The doctor. The look. It’s a Yes!!
    And now…

    My baby girl.

  261. Here is my entry. The possibilities are really endless.. I am worried this is going to be on my brain for a while now :) .

  262. Bang! Bang! You might get shot reading my entry.

  263. Here’s mine. Sadly, a true story currently unfolding:

  264. Great contest… you’ll find my entry here:

  265. Here’s mine:

    Ok – can you tell what kind of mood this real estate agent is in today? :)

  266. Just had to do it. Thanks for the inspiration:


    Based on an actual conversation I overheard this week.

  268. Great contest! Here’s my take:

  269. Confirmation floats in the toilet bowl-a diaphanous single square with a betrayal lip stain. It’s not my shade. Flushing, I turn on my heel.


    I hope I did this correct.

  271. Here’s mine! “The Conspiracy”:

  272. David (#474):

    Tavid turned Tineke’s twitter to tedious, tasteless tripe. Tineke tweeted 202, Tavid’s tweet trailed. To take Tineke’s tweet-idea? Terrible!

    Tineke :)

  273. Moonieheather :
  274. Decided to have a go at it:

  275. This was great fun, and a wonderful exercise in economy of words!

    Here’s mine:

  276. My hat is officially in the ring.


    and it’s true- so forgive me if I don’t update or anything over the weekend. I’m supposed to be having a yard sale any ways. For my vacation fund, not to fix my *&^%^%$#$ laptops. Great contest- longtime reader, never commented until now. can’t wait to read the crafty tweets- um like next week maybe/.

  278. Great idea, here’s mine:

  279. Damn that Twitter! A first-timer…. Can you tell? Hope this worked.

  280. Jan Slagell :
  281. I love flash fiction! I had lots of fun writing this little story. It’s about something I’ve always wanted to do one day:

    It’s silly, but I hope it’s a mildly entertaining thought. Thanks for this great contest!

  282. Even if it doesn’t win me any prizes, this should at least motivate you to GO OUTSIDE or ride a bike! Enjoy (the outdoors)!

  283. Lisa Hartley :
  284. College writing classes should use this exercise. I haven’t stretched my creativity this well in a while!

  285. error messages trying again Thanks …great & fun

  286. I can’t get ANYTHING to post here…

  287. Alison McQuade :
  288. Great idea, Brian. Here’s my entry:

  289. OK Brian, I had to give this a quick shot. Thanks for the inspiration.

  290. My entry in the fray – hope it meets network approval.


    Made a Twitter just for this entry. 😮 What have I started??

  292. Here goes nothing….

    My entry:

  293. F twitter, F goog reader, F my blog, F my inbox, F my other 6 inboxes, F my crackberry, F this contest… could everyone STFU for 1 day pls?

    PS – Muhammad, I ran the first ever #6words Twitter Story Contest. Good fun. Running it again on June 6, unless the idea gets played out.

  294. Here’s the link and text of “Vengeance”:

    “She’s working. The laptop shuts off unexpectedly making her lose everything. She takes it outside and beats it with a golf club. She smiles.”


    “Where is your brother?”. “Am I my brother’s guardian?”. “Then you will be a restless wanderer on the earth. Go wash your hands for dinner”.

  296. story is on twitter

  297. Nothing says quality like procrastination! Here’s mine:

    To quote:

    “My pupils dilate and heart races. I shudder in anticipation as you bend, turn, catch my eyes & wink as you slowly reach for the gummi bears.”


    “Don’t open the door, idiot,” she spat. “Shut up, woman. I’m sick of all the lies.” He flung it open and was eaten. “Told you so,” she said.

  299. Trying to submit … twitter is down again.

  300. I’m posting my entry here as there’s a problem with Twitter at the moment. It’s exactly 140 characters in Twitter.

    She saw the alien mass and froze. It wiggled. It wobbled. Suddenly, realization dawned on her. She screamed with horror, “It’s a pimple!!!”.

  301. sean donis layton :

    Been trying to post on Twitter for 2 days but keep getting technical difficulties *sigh* Guess I’ll just pop it in here for now.

    The taste of oily gunmetal remains. He looks at the squib round in his palm—a stigmata in bullet form. He places the pistol on the car seat.

  302. Here’s my entry … exactly 140 characters in twitter.
    Posting here because twitter is unreliable.

    Back on the saddle ~ spinning with courage, grace & POWER. Keeping my legs PUMPED. I’m 1 pedal away from achieving ‘Rock Star’ sexy status!

  303. My twitter entry

    Some adults justify net worth by income, thus living in an environment of poverty. Children value net worth by being able to lick the spoon!

  304. Here goes:

    “Good day little spider,” I said to my little buddy crawling on the wasll. “What the F@#% are you looking at?” he replied. “A smear,” I said.

  305. Yep, Twitter is having technical difficulties … so here’s my entry:

    Alone in the gallery, he stands before the painting. Rocky coastline, dawn. Distant clouds, two sailboats. Calm. Remembering her, he weeps.

  306. Here goes:

    Typo in my previous version.

    “Good day little spider,” I said to my little buddy crawling on the wall. “What the F@#% are you looking at?” he replied. “A smear,” I said.