Viral Marketing With Blogs

Viral Blogging.

Link Bait.



If you know what those words mean, you’re likely looking to do the first, create the second, and have the third and fourth happen to something you’ve written. If you don’t know what those words mean, relax. They’re simply new terms for a timeless concept you likely already understand.


Online, the public decides who gets publicity. What a concept, huh?

You’ll still need to catch the attention of some pretty influential people, though. This can be as tough a crowd as the “Old Media” ever was.

Maybe tougher.

Viral Copy: Trading Words for Traffic is your guide to creating content that gets attention. In this free 30-page report, you’ll learn:

  • The Four Viral Marketing Content Categories
  • Eleven Strategies for Getting Link Love
  • Why Headlines and Storytelling are Crucial
  • The Counter-Intuitive Rule of the Internet
  • Why Not All Traffic is Worthy
  • How to Avoid the Dark Side

Click here to download the report in PDF format.

UPDATE #1: Is there still room in the 21st Century publicity campaign for that old workhorse, the press release? Absolutely. In fact, the modern press release is more powerful than ever. But there are key things to understand so you don’t waste your time and money. Read How to Use the Modern Press Release, which contains another free 21-page PDF download called The New Rules of PR by David Meerman Scott.

UPDATE #2: Article Marketing was mentioned as part of the syndication strategy in the Viral Copy Report, but it deserves a full examination due to its ability to jump start your traffic and search engine rankings. Find out what article marketing is all about, and learn specific tips for getting the most out of your article production efforts, in this free 10-page PDF download called Traffic Building With Article Marketing.

And don’t forget to bookmark this page, as more updates and additional viral marketing resources will be added in the near future.