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You can listen to the replay of Web Video Marketing: Trends, Techniques, and Copywriting Tips now. And if you’re at all interested in Web Video University, you won’t want to miss the end of the class.

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    One last thing. I’m going to sign up, but if you could tell me one thing, I’ll probably sign up sooner than later.

    Dave says he uses a camera with tape, but he didn’t mention the hardware used to get the tape into the computer – like a capture board. Does he cover this in the course?


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    Buck –

    To transfer footage from a DV camera to computer, you just plug the camera into your computer via Firewire…no special hardware is needed…just a firewire cable.

    From there, the video editing software takes over and transfers everything from tape.

    I do include tutorials on how to do this within the course.


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