Weekend Link Karma

Link Karma

Leo of Zen Habits fame has just launched a blog about writing — Write to Done. Check it out, good stuff.

Looking to spice up your blog with an interview? Check out 8 Great Places to Find Interview Subjects

Skellie offers useful advice over at Freelance Switch with 12 Incredibly Crafty Ways to Become a High-Profile Freelancer

Caught in an ethical dilemma about online marketing? Ask a preschooler, or read What my Preschooler can Teach you about Online Success

A useful piece about the big role emotion plays in our buying decisions, and a Bee Gees reference to boot. Go read Roberta’s
Targeting Emotion: How Deep is Your Love … or Worry or Fear?

Sean reveals the big glaring hole in giving away things *completely* for free in Does FREE have value? Or can it have value?

You can’t look in any direction without hearing about the nasty economic outlook, and it will likely impact web advertising. See Aaron’s Web Publishers: Are You Ready for Your Ad CPM Rate to Drop 30% in 2008?, and start thinking about what you can sell directly instead.

I’m still trying to figure out if I want to use Twitter. Darren has been throwing out several ideas I might try.

Here’s a great post over at Anita Campbell’s Small Business TrendsTop Experts Dish with their Best Kept Marketing Secrets (I had to answer in the comments because I missed the deadline… see my comment for why).

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  1. Thanks for the great links. I no longer use Google to find great content, but rather refer to bloggers and sources I trust. Maybe your Teaching Sells Report is on the money for where the internet is heading.

  2. Thanks for the link. Glad you found my post useful!

    – Deb

  3. Just trying to ‘keep on keeping on’ Brian … more to come.

  4. Thanks for the links. I checked out spidersecret.com’s rant about what the value of free is, and I guess I agree with him. Anyway, you listed some sites here that are worth checking out. thanks

  5. thanks for the link. Still learning and find all your insight useful.

  6. Yes, they are all definitely useful links. However, I found Skellie’s “Freelance Switch” the best. Dunno, probably I’m biased, or probably I follow her posts very regularly.

    Anyways, thanks a lot for sharing the resources.

  7. I’m glad I found writetodone blog. It’s really useful. Thank you :-)

  8. Great links… I’ve learnt something from your backlinks..

  9. Great links, Brian. As for Twitter, I do recommend it. If nothing else, you’ll hear about breaking news faster than anywhere else.

  10. Brian,

    That link on finding people to interview is an absolute gold mine. That one page alone can help someone create a thriving info-marketing/publishing business from scratch.

    You just saved me a whole bunch of time on a project I’m helping someone with now.


  11. Just trying to ‘keep on keeping on’ Brian … more to come.