What Owen Wilson’s Pursed Lips Mean to Your Blog

What in the world could Hollywood heart throb Owen Wilson have to do with the effectiveness of your blogging? And how, exactly, do his lips come into play?

It all ties together (I think). Let me know if it does at the end, OK?

Blogging is not a typical sales medium. Even though the tagline of this blog reads “how to sell with blogs…” you’ll never see me recommending you use copywriting techniques to make a full product or service pitch in a blog post.

Why? Because that would be bad advice!

Blogging is a relationship medium. And relationships must be handled with care. You have to make sure that in your quest to build your business you don’t cross the line and alienate your audience, which includes your readers and your peers.

Now, that being said, we’ve seen several ways that copywriting can help your blogging:

  • It can help you produce attention-getting blog post titles
  • It can help you create compelling content.
  • It can help you build relationships via well-written networking emails
  • It can help you get links.
  • It can help you tell the best story possible about your product or service.
  • Most importantly, it can help you build your fan club.

As long as you don’t go too far, of course, which brings us back to Owen Wilson.

By most accounts, and despite his laid back, surfer dude persona, Owen Wilson is a very talented and smart guy.

So with all this going for him, why the pursed lips?

Even in positive movie reviews, the pursed lips are mocked. Owen’s adoring female fans also find the lip pursing cheesy despite their lust for the dude.

He’s simply going too far with the pursed lips.

I’ll be the first to encourage you to push the limits when working to make your blog remarkable. Don’t be afraid to test the boundaries a bit. But when your fan club tells you you’ve gone too far…


So, did this post manage to make a cohesive point despite the ridiculous premise? Or did I go too far?

I’m suspecting the latter. But it was fun. :)

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Actually your post made complete sense to me so that is concerning to me. You actually did make a point about crossing the line into the “that’s too much for me – It might have been PERFECT with less. I need to rethink my writing style but either way – You nailed what Owen Wilson does to alot of women.

    Believe it or not, now when I wonder how I should write something for any of my blogs I will think of Owen Wilson and your roundabout way of saying “don’t cross the line – walk it.”

  2. don’t cross the line – walk it…

    Very well put Tammy. Maybe inspired by the late, great Johnny Cash?

    I may have to borrow that in the future. :)

  3. I LOVE it!

  4. Dude, only you would draw a parallel between Owen Wilson’s pursed lips and blogging. Although, now that I think about it, he does do that an awful lot. I guess I never realized it was a “thing.”

    Copyblogger: where copy meets pop culture. Next, Char at 11!

  5. Here’s a question back for you…do you think that the premise of any news (good or bad) is PR in the print media holds for blogging? So if people are talking about pursed lips or bad blogging on a particular site, they’re still talking/referring…..

    Tammy Vitale, http://www.TamsOriginals.com

  6. The old is any press good press question? Well, given the example, Owen was getting press from the movie review and the fan site regardless.

    So the “bad” press from the pursed lips was extraneous to the publicity angle he had going already.

    Now, if some copywriting blog hack turns the pursed lips issue into the main focus of a post, just to see what would happen…


    I guess I’m just a pawn in the Owen Wilson publicity machine. :)

  7. Well put. I would say you were getting close to “going to far”, but it made for an interesting read.

  8. Given that I don’t have the vaguest foggy (as my 10th grade Bio teacher used to say) _who_ Owen Wilson is (or why I should care), I’m afraid the point was rather lost on me.

    And what’s with the feathery wings?

  9. Hmmm… well, pop culture references will be lost on those that might not keep up with popular culture. Sorry about that.

    At least I didn’t use my Uncle Marvin as the subject. :)

    As for the wings, it was just the most ridiculous photo of Mr. Wilson I could find.

  10. I tried to purposely cross the line in my post”Writing for blogs”

    this is the link.


    and i once crossed the line, or maybe walked it when it comes to spamming.


  11. You were just funny enough to get away with that. :)