New WordPress Theme: Pretty Young Thing is Ready for Her Close Up

image of the Pretty Young Thing theme for WordPress

You might be thinking, “Yeah, I’ve seen lots of great-looking WordPress themes, but I lead a vibrant, colorful life. I want my website to reflect it!”

You want a site that’s bright, charming, … and, yes, gosh darn it, pretty.

If you’ve always wanted a website that expresses your youthful exuberance, take a look at one of the latest creations from Copyblogger Media’s StudioPress division — the Pretty Young Thing theme.

Pretty Young Thing was designed by the talented Darcy Milder. Take a quick look at a just a few of the benefits that Pretty Young Thing has to offer:

  • Quick-change between three different (pretty!) color schemes without touching a line of code
  • Got sponsors? The product- or sponsor-ready images in the sidebar will get your revenue going
  • Logical navigation & category layout lets your readers find what they want, fast
  • Evolve with your site’s growth using six different page layout options
  • Show off your latest content with the Genesis Grid Loop function (see it in action here)
  • All the SEO, security, and design benefits of the Genesis Framework
  • Unlimited updates, unlimited domains you can use the theme on, and unlimited support (we won’t leave you all on your own)

Click here for a closer look at the Pretty Young theme.

Or, get more details on the Genesis Framework and find out why it’s the smartest way to build any WordPress site.

Genesis is now on

By the way … if you’re on board at, you can now get the Pretty Young Thing theme set up on your site.

Pretty Young Thing is our very first theme available in the new Premium theme marketplace. If you want the all the benefits of Genesis + Pretty Young Thing without hosting your own site, this will be a game-changer for you.

And, it’s only the beginning. We’ve got more Genesis-powered StudioPress themes on the way over to, so stay tuned. 😉

About the Author: Sonia Simone is co-founder and CMO of Copyblogger Media. Share your charming, colorful, vivacious self with Sonia on twitter.

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  1. It’s really cute – but can you change the cluster of hearts everywhere? my daughter wants to start a book review blog, but she is going to think the hearts are too feminine if boys read her blog, too.

    • I will find out for you. :)

      You might also look at Family Tree, which is also very pretty and stylish, but no hearts. It’s usually used by people who have a lot of image galleries, but it can also be used for a straight-up blog.

    • I also think Bee Crafty is really stylish, and not quite so girly.

    • Hey Kristie – yes, you can most certainly remove or replace the heart icons that are shown on the site. It’s a simple change that can be made via the style sheet.

    • Absolutely changeable. This is a really fun theme for the DIYer types.

      This was my first pink theme – my first pink design at all, actually. It’s totally move-in-able, but what makes PYT even more fun? It’s very easy to customize.

      The social media icons – a set for each color theme – are in the download folder, too.

      if you’re the type who likes to tinker with colors and make your very own header graphic – it’s easy to swap those out.

      Thanks for the article, Sonia.


  2. An interesting discussion – should vistitors to sites using Pretty Young Thing be able to change colors too? In other words, why not just include the color menu item on live websites using the theme? The demo site shows the colors as dropdowns just to show what color options website owners have, but if website owners included this menu item, they would give their viewers an interesting level of control over their own viewing experience.

    • Shane – yes, that is definitely an interesting idea. Quite honestly, I’ve never implemented that before – but the main intent of offering the color styles isn’t so much for viewers to choose what they see when they browse a site. Rather to offer a variety of color options to serve as a canvas for the site owner.

  3. Good to hear that Genesis will be on too. This theme is a non-techie niche :)

  4. This is a perfect theme for a personal blog run by a girl or woman.

  5. Great theme. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I think I’m finally getting rid of my Joomla site now!

  7. I am really loving the DIYness of the new studiopress themes. And not having to get into the html code of these wordpress themes is huge for a techno tard like me. I can’t see how I would use this theme for me, but it looks great for the mommy bloggers.

  8. I bought the PYT Child Theme a day or so ago for a business website (doll clothes patterns) that my 13yo daughter and I are setting up as part of her homeschooling. DD took one look at it and was like “Oh WOW!!! I love that!!!” It’s exactly what we were looking for.

    It’s a gorgeous theme, and like all the Genesis themes it’s so easy to work with. Love it.

  9. Awesome!

  10. Not exactly my style but, I’m sure it would work for others. I’ll keep checking back for more themes. Now if I could only have someone do my SEO for me…keep up the great posts.

  11. Looking good, it looks like a female blog theme…

  12. Looks pretty decent to me. But I am not in a mood to change my theme from Thesis, since I am entirely satisfied with them. BTW Its good to see that Genesis is coming out to

  13. I like this template. Clean and well organized.

  14. That’s a really nice theme! :)

    Though, I feel that the white words on pink are a bit to light for the eyes…

  15. Great review Sonia.

    Pretty Young Thing is classic StudioPress with a new twist being what I call a hybrid personal blog / magazine home page layout. I call it a hybrid because the first two excerpts on the home page are in traditional blog format and then the lower portion of the home splits into columns. Copyblogger home page uses the same layout.

    There is no question that Pretty Young Thing is not a design for everyone. But isn’t that the point of WordPress themes? I like theme developers that create unique themes ideal for a select style of websites. I suspect people who like Pretty Young Thing will really like it because it certainly has a distinct design to it.

    Focus theme also by StudioPress is a neutral version of Pretty Young Thing.

    One very cool new feature with Genesis I believe is worth mentioning is you can create text/content columns within posts and pages very easily. This is different than site layout options. For example, if you would like to create a “newspaper” effect within a post, you can easily format the text in a post to present in columns … up to 6 columns. It’s one of my favorite new features with version 1.5 of Genesis released Feb. 8/11.