Copyblogger Weekly Wrap: Week of January 11, 2011

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I discovered this week that Copyblogger has strong fans among the 2-year-old set.

While working on the Wrap Thursday morning and clicking through posts on the homepage, my daughter Sydney became increasingly excited as I scrolled up from the bottom:

Look at that boy!

Ice cream!!


Makes me wonder if we’ve done proper SEO for the terms “SpongeBob” and “kissing boo-boos.”

Now just imagine the piles of cash waiting to be made — if Brian would just get around to optimizing for this unexploited audience of young buyers flush with nickels from Grandma.

Here’s what happened this week on Copyblogger:


Copyblogger is 5 Years Old!

Ah, I have my answer. I guess this site is optimized correctly.

It’s Copyblogger’s birthday! Send presents and money.

Read the full post here.


38 Critical Books Every Blogger Needs to Read

Looking to increase your business knowledge without coughing up tuition to an Ivy League school totally irrelevant to your career path, as so many hapless comedy writers have done? Then you should read these books. The only one missing for entrepreneurs that I’d add is Everybody Poops.

Read the full post here.


What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Copywriting?

I’m pretty sure that a good metaphorical way to describe this post would be, “If you build it, he won’t come,” with “he” being your customer. i.e., just because you have great content doesn’t mean that you’re leveraging it properly and getting anyone to read it and take action. If you think that copywriting is distinct and different from content marketing, you’re doing it wrong. The two actually go together hand-in-hand, like Kevin Costner and bad reviews.

Read the full post here.


Are You Creating Meaningful Content?

Does your content change how your readers view the world? Does it cause them to take action? Does it generate results? If not, then it’s not meaningful, and if it’s not meaningful, you’re just kind of creating meaningless clutter. If you do that, those feng shui people will come after you because they really don’t like clutter. So if you don’t want to be beaten with Buddha statues and choked with incense, read this post.

Read the full post here.


Why Every Smart Small Business is in the Media Business

In this episode of the IMfSP podcast, Brian and Robert talk about how to create and conduct a content strategy for your small business. Somehow, this has to do with starting to think like a media business, but I can’t tell you how exactly because that would ruin the surprise. (Hint: The media to use is NOT crayons made from hemp. That’s so 90s).

Read the full post here.


Five Steps to Constructing an Exceptional Content Experience

All these ornery young people today out there on the web… they all seem to want “content” in their blog posts. These damn whippersnappers! In my day, you could just talk about your cat all the time, or optimize for the word “Viagra,” and you’d have more site visitors than you could handle. Well, this post will tell you how to make sure your site actually has something worthwhile that people will want to read. And stay off my lawn!

Read the full post here.

This week’s cool links:

About the Author: Johnny B. Truant specializes in selling through stories and would like very much to set you up with a cheap blog or website. (That’s “cheap” as in “inexpensive,” not as in “tawdry.”)

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Reader Comments (7)

  1. says

    I just wanted to say what a great idea your “weekly wrap-up” is. Like most people I often don’t have time to read everything that comes into my inbox on the day it arrives, so I really love the idea that I can access the entire weeks blogs in one place, at one time. Now I never miss anything that is important to me! Thanks:-)

  2. says

    I agree with Pam. It’s a great idea to make such “wraps”. It’s similar with Top Posts or Top Lists.

    I like to read such posts! And also it’s enjoyable!

  3. says

    I dig these weekly wraps, it sometimes allows me to get a quick recap of what happened here during the week when I’m off working on other online projects. I reckon mondays post is my favourite for this week. Thanks guys

  4. says

    John Man,

    As critical as SEO is for getting one’s stuff found and read, it’s equally critical to apply the same concept in reverse: Your inclusion of the word “Viagra” — as inoffensive and benign as it is — put your post on a one-way trip to the spam filter. Worse, many Outlook servers tag this as offensive and quarantine it. (And if you’ve ever asked your IT guy to “unquarantine” something, it’s about as embarassing as asking your doctor for Viagra.)

    Just sayin’.

    • says

      In this case, comedic effect trumped spam considerations. I often find myself thinking, “Yes, this may destroy my business and get me blacklisted, but it’s funny.” And so it goes.

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