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This Monday was Valentine’s Day, which is one of those rare days my wife Robin and I go out without the kids and then realize that we’ve forgotten how to converse without being constantly interrupted.

So, in an attempt at some sense of normalcy, I started banging my silverware on the table and demanding to be taken to the bathroom every five minutes. Then I ordered something we both knew I wouldn’t eat and played with it while Robin negotiated with me for three more bites. Eventually we got tired, threw my congealed mac and cheese in a styrofoam box, and dropped it in the parking lot before going home reasonably content.

Hope you all had a similarly awesome love day.

Here’s what happened this week on Copyblogger:


Need More Customers? 5 Ways to Get Them to Know, Like, and Trust You

This post is essentially about how to date your customer. While I agree with this as a metaphor (getting your customers to like you), I think it’s a bad idea when put into practice. First of all, if you want more than one customer, someone is bound to get jealous. Second, you’re going to have to watch a lot of bad romantic comedies. And third, who’s going to pick up the check when you go out? Because you know that’s going to be awkward.

Read the full post here.


Introducing the Social Eyes Theme for WordPress

The Social Eyes theme for the Genesis framework on WordPress is great and easy to use and has all of the SEO benefits you know and love, but more importantly, its name will remind you of the Hall and Oates song “Private Eyes.” And am I crazy, or does Daryl Oates look exactly like Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate from The Howard Stern Show?

Read the full post here.


How to Turn Dating Agony Into Sales Success

Aside from the continuing implication that romance with customers is a good idea, this post really makes you think (in a good way, not in a “why is that man wearing a tortoise?” way) about the best way to approach prospecting and sales. Do you go in like a love-struck doofus or plan things out a bit? I prefer the former, but apparently that’s not correct.

Read the full post here.


How to Kick Groupon to the Curb and Become a Local Hero

Jeers to this latest episode of the IMfSP podcast for not being about love AT ALL, but instead being about Groupon, which I still don’t understand even a little bit. Apparently if you listen to this, you’ll see how you may not need Groupon, but what does that have to do with amour? Maybe it’s a typo, and the podcast is about a service called “Gropeon.” As in, “Get your grope on.” That would be lovely.

Read the full post here.


5 Hot Tips to Make Your Readers Fall in Love

TGIF, because I’m running out of jokes about love, dating, and groping. So instead, I’ll just mention that this post is full of good tips to get your readers to really love you, like to totally get out of the “friend zone” and get serious. And then for the joke, I’ll sit here and make armpit noises.

Read the full post here.

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  1. says

    I loved the @badbanana interview. It was a little starting to find out he’s an actual human being who does not, in fact, look just like David Ogilvy.

  2. says

    I’m a bit late – but I have kids, so you’ll understand why I only get to read my emails a day after they arrive in my inbox on the weekend. I loved the Weekly Wrap this week – from your Valentine’s date all the way down to the armpit noises – I so relate to this and I’m sure anyone with kids under the age of 30 does too! Thanks for a good giggle!

  3. says

    I liked thursday the best.

    And to add one thing, you can be your own Groupon if you like. All they do is to offer a large discount on products to a e-mail list. Most of us do have large e-mail lists:) So what´s the problem?

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