Copyblogger Weekly Wrap: Week of May 16, 2011

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I don’t mean to complain because I’m happy to have this gig, but honestly it’s kind of a rip-off that I do all this work on this wrapup and then realize that it’s going to run on the same day as the apocalypse. Although I have to admit that I’ve been suspecting as much ever since I learned about the often-unmentioned Fifth Horseman, “Satire with Limited Appeal.”

There’s really no way to win here. If I’m left behind, all of the evil is probably going to mess up my Wi-Fi signal… but if I get to ascend, chances are I’ll never get the comment notifications.

So, I won’t be offended if you just go about your Armageddon business without reading or replying to this, but it’s still a bummer.

Here’s what happened in the last week of Earth on Copyblogger:


How the Buddha Solved His Marketing Problem

This post about Buddhism, meditating under trees, not touching money, and marketing your way to Nirvana (which, contrary to popular belief, is not in Seattle) is one that will really make you think. How do you spread ideas? How do you package and position your teachings? And for once and for all, how is Seth Godin related to Buddha? Because I think he literally might be. I mean, just look at the resemblance.

Read the full post here.


5 Ways to Write High-Quality Content – Fast

The idea of writing 60 blog posts in a month — as Carol Tice mentions in this post that she used to do — makes me all edgy and nervous. But it also makes me think she might know a thing or two about how to generate a bunch of ideas and turn them into written works fast. So if you’re interested in writing good stuff rapidly and reliably, you should read this post. If, however, you’re interested in languishing and wasting time but experiencing some nice nostalgia, you should go play Oregon Trail.

Read the full post here.

Tuesday part 2:

Make Money with the Premise Affiliate Program

Probably not really necessary to spell this one out, right? Make money. With the Premise Affiliate Program. Cue Freebird.

Read the full post here.


How Your Worst Enemy Can Become the Key to Your Blogging Authority

This post is all about finding your internal enemy and using that enemy’s power as a driver — using it to move yourself forward and establish your own authority. And I must say, I like this battle motif, where you seek out those who oppose you in your blogging efforts and fight them to the death with a sword. I hear it works best when you steal the enemy’s power, like in Highlander. And come to think of it, Hugh McLeod probably does this all the time, seeing as he’s of the MacLeod clan and that “there can be only one.”

Read the full post here.


How to Captivate New Readers in 5 Seconds or Less

You heard it here first: You can judge a book by its cover. Or at least, most people do exactly that, and they’re doing it while looking at you and your website and your social media profiles whether you’re cool with it or not. This post contains the skinny on how to look good on a first glance. However, there’s one tip this post is missing, and it’s “Wear hot pants.” Because nothing makes you stand out and look good more than hot pants or Daisy Dukes ultra-short cutoff jeans. Most of the professional bloggers I know wear them.

Read the full post here.


Marketing the Old Fashioned Way: Earning It

This episode of the IMfSP podcast is all about earning your place in the market through sensible, value-driven strategies instead of flim-flam and arbitrage. Additionally, I may not be the only person who caught the Smith Barney reference in the title of the podcast, but I may be the only one who giggled like a schoolgirl remembering John Houseman’s stoic delivery in those old TV commercials: “We eeeeehhn it.” (Next week’s episode: “Where’s the beef in internet marketing?”)

Read the full post here.

This week’s cool links:

  • Avoiding the 5 Pitfalls of Free Content: So, there are some problems with creating and giving away free content… and here’s how you can avoid them.
  • Fear, the Maze, and Freedom: If you think you’re trapped, you’re not. There’s always a way out of any situation (in business or life) if you’re willing to be unafraid and think outside the box.
  • Four Facets of Strategic Storytelling: I like this idea of “strategic storytelling.” Here’s a post on how to do it right.
  • The Resume Is Dead, The Bio Is King: I was just talking about this idea with the post’s author. Who wants to read the dry, droll facts about your career if they want to know “who you are?” Tell your story.

About the Author: Johnny B. Truant, who actually does know a thing or two about business, recently debuted his Bullet Sessions coaching — so bring out your questions (and also your dead).

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  1. says

    That’s strange, I was under the impression that the fifth horseman was Chaos – he left before they got famous and now he goes under the name of Ronald Soak, dairyman in Ankh-Morpork (See Thief of Time, by Terry Pratchett.

  2. says

    It’s the morning of May 22nd here and everything looks normal. Phew! Now I can catch up on Copyblogger.

    Thanks for the cool links, also. I really enjoyed the strategic storytelling article.

  3. says

    In this list of articles i really liked the article of Carol Tice, This article really gave me ideas to create content for website with in less time, And also other articles are also so good.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. says

    Good lead-in but I feel you may have wasted them.

    After all the REAL apocalypse is supposed to happen in 2012 this one was a hoax.

    Anyway good articles this week :)

  5. Archan Mehta says


    Thank you, once again, for your sense of humour. Your writing is like a breath of fresh air. You are one of my favorite writers and you bring joy into our lives. Seriously, when are you planning on writing for MAD magazine? Ever wondered about a gig on SNL? Your angle on issues/events would surely put a smile of joy on the faces of one and all. Please keep up the good work. Have a good one. Cheerio.

  6. says

    Haha, I loved the tone of this article, very dry :). I’d read all of the articles from this week, and it was definitely a great weeks content. Almost a pity the world didn’t end as it would mean going out on a bang…

  7. says

    I really like the way you describe finding your internal enemy and using that enemy’s power as a driver — using it to move yourself forward and establish my own authority. As its sounds good also it means good enough to try and do it however we want. Thanks for the good links.

  8. says

    Thanks, Johnny, for all the great tips!

    All those people who had apocalypse parties were probably kinda hoping the world HAD ended on Saturday – that way, they wouldn’t have had to clean up. They must be SO disappointed….

  9. says

    When reading the article about judging the book by its cover… I am totally guilty on the fact that I see things most of the time base on my first impression. Well why not this is the internet world and everything should always appear to be captivating even on the first glance.

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