Johnny’s Copyblogger Wrap-Up:
Week of May 17, 2010

Let's Do it for Johnny!

Last week, I told a story about how Brian lured me down to Texas, loaded me up with tequila, and convinced me to become a walking endorsement. Now, I’m biased, but I thought that was funny. But what was more funny was that there were a handful of people who actually thought I had gotten “Scribe” and “Thesis 4 LYF” tattooed onto my arms.

This misunderstanding proved that sarcasm doesn’t always translate online. But more troubling, it also established that people feel that the ladies walking the streets around that tattoo parlor and I have similar opinions about what money can buy.

So this week, I’m going to be more clear. I did not get any logos tattooed onto me. I was not mistakenly pronounced dead and delivered to a medical college. And no matter what Brian and Sonia may say later, I did not hack Copyblogger and redirect it to Rather Good.


Until I didn’t do that, you can check out what happened this week on Copyblogger:


How to Write an Article That Draws Thousands of New Readers

Sean D’Souza explains how to write an article that draws thousands of new readers. All of us should pay attention to this advice, because more readers means more potential donations in the event your blog fuels a religion based on Xenu, the tyrant ruler of the Galactic Confederacy. It could happen.

Sean lays out why an article that Psychotactics ran was passed on a zillion times, retweeted endlessly, and garnered a bunch of new newsletter signups… and it wasn’t because it was written elegantly. It was all because of three specific things.

I could tell you outright which three things did the trick, but then I wouldn’t be doing my job as a teaser-writer. And how am I going to get the FTP access needed to hack this site that way?

Read the full post here.


Chris Guillebeau wrote a post on Tuesday for the 24-hour-only re-release of his Empire Builder thingy, but now it’s sold out. So there’s nothing to see here, move along.

No, really… there’s literally nothing to see here. Let proceed, shall we?


How to Promote Your Blog on TV for Way Less Than You Think

According to Dean Rieck, the advent of Google TV on the AdWords platform means that I can advertise my blog on TV. It sure is a good thing I stole all of those Teleprompters.

This was a surprising notion to me. It makes sense, though; Google actually controls the universe, and besides, I guess a network would rather take my tiny offer than have a spot open during which they’re forced to run sports bloopers or possibly Gilmore Girls. Who knows?

You could totally be the next Ron Popeil. I’m going for Joe Francis, but that’s just me.

Read the full post here.


Three Training Tips to Become a Better Blogger

James Chartrand totally duded it up in this post, talking about working out, and being all sweaty at the gym, and pumping iron until you bleed, and hunting with your bare hands, and driving sports cars off a cliff while playing Russian roulette with a Cuban hit-man named Rocco, who has a Chuck Norris beard and an eyepatch.

But then she (how am I supposed to handle the pronouns here?) turned the metaphor on blogging. And just like chugging NO-Xplode shakes and doing curlz until your massive gunz explode, blogging takes training and time.

Expecting to blog really well and effortlessly (and be received with great response and praise) right out of the gate would be like expecting to bench 500 pounds while your partner yells “YOU GOT IT! FEEL THE PAIN!” at you on your very first trip to the gym.

Get all ripped and swoll here.


How to Write Your Ass Off

Brian commented once that my Copyblogger posts are never about writing. So to correct that (I can’t live in a world where Brian Clark is correct), I decided to write about writing on Friday. The result was this post containing a silhouette of Freddy Krueger and talking about having multiple personalities. And so it goes.

See, I’m two different people. One is Johnny B. Truant, and the other is the guy who hangs out with my wife and kids. I need both of those guys. Johnny isn’t always kid-friendly, but without Johnny, I wouldn’t have exposure in the blogosphere, and my kids would be living under the freeway. Schizophrenia for the win.

I think that being two people is a huge benefit for any creative person, but it’s also really helpful when playing board games alone, standing in two lines at once, or when pretending to be Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln.

Read the full post here. Or maybe here.

About the Author: Johnny B. Truant writes (and builds awesome websites) at and is one of the guys behind Question the Rules. You should also really check out his Jam Sessions with Charlie Gilkey, because they’re filled with tasty informational nuggets that will make your business better.

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Reader Comments (20)

  1. Johnny B. Truant says

    I wrote a tweet to Sonia that I should have used for Tuesday’s summary:

    “Here’s a great offer you could get in on if you had a time machine, loser.”

  2. says

    I was at the gym a few hours ago and two swollen meatballs were yelling at each other, “you’re the boss!!” while they did bicep curls. It was epic.

    Was that the same handful of people who thought Johnny B. Truant was your real name?

  3. says

    Another big Saturday at Copyblogger I see.

    Rather Good is, uh… rather good. I’ll have to stop by more often if you’re gonna post such quality links.

  4. says

    I’m disappointed about the tattoos; I could have done a much better job for you. That reminds me, on our trip out today I spotted a bloke, no shirt because it’s been 27.5C here (whoo!) and he had Keeley tattoed on his back. He also had his baby’s face, but that was scary. Anyway, I said to my dearest, ‘Is it sad that I recognise the font that’s been used in his tattoo?’

    I didn’t get an answer probably because he was thinking, ‘That’s a really sad thing to notice amidst all this country beauty we’re meandering through.’

  5. says

    Damn, looks like I’m too fast – I know this stuff already,excerpt the Monday part, the headline is already killer.

    Damn, Johnny, you are everywhere nowadays. What’s your secret ?

  6. says

    I didn’t get an answer probably because he was thinking, ‘That’s a really sad thing to notice amidst all this country beauty we’re meandering through.

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