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Week of September 19, 2010

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This week, I finalized my plans to join the Blogworld hullaballoo in Las Vegas, which is where I’ll be winning my fortune at the blackjack tables, or possibly losing my house, or possibly not even playing blackjack at all. Blackjack is the game where you hit the ball on the rope until you wrap it around the pole, right?

Now, I try to be understanding, but you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get Copyblogger to buy you round-trip first class airfare and a $3000 per night Sky Loft suite at the MGM Grand. The negotiations were intense. “But I write the wrapup,” I argued. “Who are you and why are you hiding in my closet?” Brian retorted.

And so it goes.

I decided in the end to be a team player anyway. Be sure to look for me by the pool, wearing my homemade shirt that says, “Forget sex. Teaching Sells.”

Here’s what happened this week on Copyblogger:


Why Being Too Diligent About Your Facts Can Hurt Your Content

Hooray! We don’t have to obsess over tons of contradictory facts anymore since any one of them could be wrong, incomplete, or tainted. Definitely check out Sean D’Souza’s alternate “moderate research” approach. Thanks, Sean! I’m off to write those posts about spontaneous generation and heliocentricity I’ve been holding back on.

Read the full post here.


Discover Your Strengths and Supercharge Your Business

Notice how the news never tells you about all the people who didn’t get killed? And notice how you tend to obsess on the negative things, comments, and criticism surrounding your blog? Sonia says to focus on what you do best and do it better if you want to get more mileage. Sounds more appealing, anyway.

Read the full post here.


7 Ways the iPad Can Bring Back Your Writing Mojo

I don’t totally understand the iPad. It’s like Apple took the iPhone and made it bigger. What’s next? Are ghetto blasters coming back? Still, Shane says they’re cool and would know better than me, so he’s got a list of 7 awesome apps to get you inspired and writing — maybe while cleaning your new, fashionable, gigantic satellite dish.

Read the full post here.


The Responsible Blogger’s Guide to Dealing with Big Brother

Another good title for this post would have been, “The internet is forever, so watch out or that video of you rollerskating in your underwear will leak out and go viral.” How you deal with comments left on your blog, stuff you’ve said casually, attribution, and libel could all come back to haunt you, so ignore it at your own risk. (Alternative way to deal with Big Brother: change the channel.)

Read the full post here.


Follow Your MAP to Greater Writing Productivity

I have to agree with the sentiment in the first paragraphs of this one, which is, “Wow, outlining a writing project makes me want to barf.” But I have to admit that Chris Birk makes a good argument for why you might want to do it anyway — in a simplified, more purposeful manner that will make your writing sparkle. But hopefully won’t make you barf.

Read the full post here.

This week’s cool links:

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Reader Comments (13)

  1. says

    The internet is scary in some ways. The content will out there forever, short of global natural or man made disaster. The concern is privacy, the net going “sky net” on us, and big brother, ie government using it as a tool to control us. I like the Naomi Dunford story. Excellent!

  2. says

    Why does it feel wrong to admit that my favorite part of copyblogger are the posts that make fun of copyblogger?? The satellite dish was the cherry on top of this one for me!

  3. says

    Gosh, I started a weekly wrap up in my first week and after two I got three weeks behind. This IS SO important. Thanks for getting my head out my… Oh and shaking jme up. Hehe “D

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