Copyblogger Weekly Wrap:
Week of September 12, 2010

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Nope, I didn’t get fired. I’m back in the saddle around here, ready to summarize things for you and put them into an easily digestible, bullet point form.

So why the layoff on the weekly wraps (now twice as delish with half the calories)? Well, it was summer. Brian and Sonia wanted a break from removing libelous statements from my scribblings, and I wanted time to pursue my hobby of reworking large companies’ marketing slogans.

For example: BP: Well, at least you know who we are now.

No? Okay, fine… here’s what happened this week on Copyblogger and around the web:


How Eminem Stayed Relevant (And Why it Can Save Your Blog)

In this post that finally proves that Sean Platt actually is Eminem, you’ll learn about how Marshall Mathers phoned it in for a few albums, then apologized, and then BROUGHT IT yet again… and how you can do the same to rebound from mediocrity back up to your A game.

Read the full post here.


How to Build Credibility with Your Sales Copy

This post is the definitive guide to writing cred-building copy that will get past your customer’s defenses and get them to buy. (Dave called those defenses “shields,” so really, converting customers is like attacking the Death Star.) There’s three shield-busting approaches in this post, but he totally forgot “bomb the ventilation shaft.”

Read the full post here.


The Freakonomics Guide to Making Boring Content Sexy

The book Freakonomics proves that even boring subjects can be interesting if you add wrestlers, and so offers a great model for making your blog more readable. (But if you want real inspiration, watch for my memoir: Exciting Tales of the Pennsylvania Municipal Tax Code.)

Read the full post here.


How to Blog Like Bond. James Bond.

Today we learned that the best way to build a popular blog is to drink, be smooth, battle supervillains, have indiscriminate relations with many women, and kill people. Or possibly there was some other lesson here, I don’t remember. You might want to read this post and see, come to think of it.

Read the full post here.


3 Reasons to Tell Readers Why

You can’t trust that people will listen to you just because you think you’re talented or awesome. You have to give them a reason to care and to read. One Brian missed: “Read this post or the bunny gets it.”

Read the full post here.

This week’s cool links:

About the Author: Johnny B. Truant is in the middle of a free, 4-session call and webinar series about selling via storytelling (which is how he sells pretty much everything).

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  1. How could you have known that I was catching up on my Copyblogger reading today? And that I was looking for one of your wrap up posts? How does Copyblogger know these things?

  2. Hey Johnny,

    Thanks for wrapping up this week. There are quite some good resources there, some of which I have already read.

    Keep up the good work.

    @Helen They just read our mind 😀


  3. We love you Johnny!

  4. Excellent wrap up. Thanks!

  5. I was all set to bitch at you and say I didn’t even swear in that one and then it turns out I did.

    So, never mind.

  6. Hey welcome back Johnny!!!

    @Naomi hey hey I like that pic Naomi ya lookin gooooood :)

  7. That is cool when you have steady blogging frequency with one post per day. I wish I could do this :-)

  8. Thanks for the link to the interview with Andrea Vahl/Grandma Mary. She’s got a great no-hype attitude toward using Facebook for business.

  9. Hey, I’m Grandma Mary too.

  10. Whew! Thought Johnny got left behind with the summer reorg…
    Thanks for the quick fix Johnny!

  11. Great overview of the “hot off the press” posts for this week at Copyblogger, Johnny.

    Having recently discovered Copyblogger, whenever I get time out from my busy schedule, I arm myself with a notebook and a pen as I read the posts and the discussions – the information here is simply the best. And I go away with lots of things to do and also new tips to implement in my writing!


  12. These updates are so good that I might cancel my subscription to Copyblogger!

    Oh wait, that might be counter-productive…

  13. So not a Bond fan but that headline–well, it did the trick. I clicked. It was my post of the week. I missed the wrap-ups and sly or not so sly Moorrrisssey references. Great to see Johnny back.

  14. Johnny.

    We missed your wrap and sense of humor that comes with! Good to see you are busy with storytelling selling, I am going to check it out.

  15. I have to darn it figure out, why gravatar not showing up…maybe changing image will do the trick…no?

  16. I like the links at the end..ooooh new feature! So, now that you’ve had plenty of time for the old zombie-killing, it’s back to work? Meh