Let’s Remix a Few More of Your Headlines

Last fall, I invited readers to submit posts they had written, and I chose several and rewrote the titles. Quite a few people seemed to get a lot out of that process, so rather than writing yet another article about headlines, I thought we should do it again.

Here’s how it works:

Simply drop the URL of the post or article you want considered in the comment section. I will pick several from the submissions, rewrite the headlines in an upcoming post, and provide explanations for the changes I make.


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  1. Hi Brian

    This one might be a bit of a stretch, an inspirational, world-changing, sort of a post. See what you think.


  2. Hi Brian


    This is a fantastic way to show us practically what you’re talking about.. nice.

  3. Would love your opinion on improving: http://okdork.com/2007/03/07/the-web-next-revolution/


  4. Great idea, will be interesting to see the results

  5. Great to see you return to this idea as it was a very good learning exercise last time out.
    I felt this one could have been magic but alas, 0 Diggs :)
    8 Tools & Tips for Picking a Domain Name

  6. I would like your opinion…thanks for the help!

  7. Glad the ‘title clinic’ is open again – here’s a patient from this afternoon: http://www.wishfulthinking.co.uk/blog/2007/03/07/how-do-you-balance-art-and-commerce/

  8. Your titles are always so attention grabbing…I’d love to see how you changed mine. Here’s a link to
    TV for Busy Women…Real Women Scrap TV.

  9. This is an awesome idea. I’m looking forward to the results.

    The Best IM Client for Any Network

  10. Here is my attempt at what I think was a good post title.


    I would be interested to see how you would recommend making it better.

    I’m also interested in ideas that will help you create a eye catching titles that stay on topic so that the url get indexed well by search engines, without the “Top 10″, or “Ultimate Guide To..” just appended to the title. I’m talking for simple posts like this one.


    That is two links, but hey I asked some questions. Looking forward to the post.


  11. One of my pages is about future batteries. The headline is:

    Nanobatteries – The Next Generation of Portable Power

    Let me know what you think. Thanks!


  12. thank you so much for this opportunity. i love what you did for aaron wall’s website.

  13. Excellent idea. I just started my blog, so the more advice I can get the better.


  14. I saw this last time you did it and thought it was great! Ironically, it was procrastination that kept me from submitting this: http://jimgibbon.com/2006/08/05/one-simple-technique-to-help-you-overcome-procrastination-and-start-writing-now/

  15. Your choice, any headline on the front page…

  16. Cool idea, thanks Brian. Hope this link works right:

    How To Make Readers Avoid Your Blog Like The Plague

  17. http://www.jimkukral.com/?p=161

    I can always use some help from the copyblogger!

  18. Even if I don’t make the round of headlines, I’ll look forward to seeing your changes.

    Here are a couple of my articles:



  19. I was one of the “chosen ones” that Brian helped last fall. This was my post …
    THIS IDAHO SCHOOL NEEDS YOUR HELP! PLEASE READ THIS POST! Brian’s rewrite was more appealing, by far with the message being about not leaving these kids behind. It even generated a challenge for matching funds, but I don’t think that ever took off. Too bad. :(

  20. Thanks for all the input on good copywriting, Brian! :)

    Here’s my submission:
    Discovering Music that You Like

  21. http://www.chrisperruna.com/2005/08/11/trade-for-real/

    An old article I am looking to update and revive! Thanks!

  22. Here’s one I posted today. Are we limited to just one?


  23. I think the title I chose was pretty good but would like to get your suggestions!


  24. I have one! It feels a little long to me but I can’t think of a good way to shorten it while still conveying the essence of the post.

    A Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon: How to Build Massive Traffic to Your Website and Monetize it.

    Thanks, Brian :)

  25. Good article seeks better headline. Likes: Compelling imagery, strong calls to action. Dislikes: Passive voice, split infinitives.

    Optimize for B2B Search Marketing – Part 2

  26. Fantastic! I learned a lot from the first go round. My submission to the lottery:


  27. I’ve started using some of your tips, it’s hard but when it works, it’s great!

  28. HARGH! I was going to ask for your help today on a headline, then figured I shouldn’t bother you with it. What timing! :)

    Are You a Member of the Blogging In-Crowd?

  29. Sounds good Brian. Here’s my link:

  30. After reading your posts only from my feedreader, now I decide to involve myself.
    Here’s my link: Behave well in medical service. It’s an old post, but it still needs a title rewrite.
    Thanks, Brian.

  31. Oh, pardon the previous wrong URL :(
    The article’s URL is fine, though.

  32. current title: The Breathtaking Designs of Thomas Heatherwick

  33. Will look fwd to your suggestion:

    Give your Windows machine the Mac look and feel

  34. thanks so much, Brian, for doing what you do!

    My post:


    the title for this post is: the WHY of clutter

  35. I might be a little to late to join this fray, but here goes:

    “Remix. Then roll with it.”

    “It’s all about jump-starting…”

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  36. Hi Brain,
    I started blogging about 5 months ago.
    I have learnt a lot from your valuable advice. I have done my best to incorperate that advice into the posts I write.
    I will admit that there is more room for improvement. If possible please give me some feed back.


    Thank you

  37. I’d be honored to get your feedback. I had to go back to December to find a post I wrote before reading your posts about how to write better headlines.

  38. This is an intriguing challenge, Brian. It will be very interesting to see your work “in action”, as it were. It should be a real education.

    I would be interested in an alternative title to this short story of a father’s afternoon walk with his daughter:

    Being Taught Appreciation

  39. hi,
    I would be thrilled to see your comments on it. Here is the link


  40. Brian, here’s to you —
    currently known by the name —
    “The State of Flow and Becoming Addicted to Action”

    Please have fun.
    Thanks, Alex

  41. Hi Brian,

    Would love your opinion on improving the following article headline. Current headline to the article is “Internet Business Blog Drug Addicts – Shocking Statistics!”

    Here’s the link the the above article:

  42. “I’m fed up with the “… Church!”

    Thanks for your consideration!


  43. I’d be grateful if you could take a look at the title of this article I wrote.


  44. Hey Brian, if you’re still reading, here’s my submission. Thanks for doing this. This post has gotten the most traffic for my blog in spite of the title :).


  45. I’ve been using many of your headline techniques on my blog recently, but I was stumped on this post for some reason:


    I’ve used your techniques well in other cases, here’s one I particularly like:


    Anyway, thanks for your help!

  46. Hi!

    Am writing a book on Professional Coaching and would love you assistance with the book title down the line.

    In the mean time, here is the url for the post from The Manoj Sharma Blog ( http://differworld.blogspot.com )


    And great work!

  47. Hi Brian,

    I’d like to submit this post:

    Thank you!

  48. I wrote this one earlier this week – think my headline’s particularly good. I’d be interested to hear what you think!


  49. Brian,

    I love the site, here is my entry:

    How to be Ultra Productive – Six Tips


  50. Try this one:

    How to Raise Money for Team in Training (or other favorite charities)


  51. Have been looking forward to you doing this again – you should make it a regular thing!

    Please consider this one:


  52. Clearly, I’m a little late to this party, but here’s my submission:
    “Pens Should Be Mightier Than Toilet Plungers.”

  53. I struggled to come up with a good title for this post since it is a pretty important post to me but couldn’t do it. I would love to change it to something better.


  54. Thank you, I have always, suffered from reading and writing. This would be very beneficial for me.


  55. Brian,
    What a dangerous request for a busy man. I could submit my whole blog!


  56. Great offer. Thank you. Please check out this post

    Scary Sully: Pixar’s Monsters Inc recut into Horror film


  57. http://www.theanand.com/blog/index.php/life-living-it/airtel-2mbps-plans-warning/

    I dugg this, but am not getting the response i need. . .maybe the headline is not quite right? It is about airtel, a telecom company and about their new 2 Mbps plans…

  58. Yay :) I love these series.

    Here’s a few:

    How to Earn a Six Figure Income from Blogging in Two Easy Steps

    You can be a good example or a horrible warning – How NOT to be a Successful Blogger

    How to use Facebook without Losing Your Job over it

    The Missing Curriculum for Programmers and High Tech Workers

    What’s a URL to do? – How to Save URLs

  59. Wanted to make this headlne more benefit-driven, but couldn’t figure out how to do it without losing the big picture:

    “It’s official: The Writer’s Database upgrades to version 2.0!”


    Thanks for this offer!

  60. http://the-reviewer.net/2007/03/06/the-prestige-movie-review/

    Thank you. I guess I am a little late.

  61. Brian,

    Thank you for your generosity. Here’s a post for your consideration.

  62. WOW! 88 requests already. You are in high demand. Can you even see me way down here? :-)

    I wrote an article about knowing what we truly desire. I’d love to know how you would rewrite this title:

    Do You Know What You Truly Desire?

    Thanks, I appreciate your work.

  63. I struggled with this one and wasn’t able to get it right:


  64. Man, your blog makes me just want to hang my head in shame. I struggled with this one earlier today…


    Not the most original content on the planet…but a fresh spin on the headline could have made all the difference.

  65. Big Fat Crafty Gal Needs Help Writing Headlines!

    It’s true, all of it! I started a blog 3 weeks ago to review plus-size knitting, crochet and sewing patterns. People love it. But now my headlines are starting to look the same. How many times can I get away with “7 New Plus-Size Patterns at blahblah.com?”

    I followed one of your formulas for my latest headline and have gotten the least traffic ever. I can only conclude that I seriously screwed up because you, of course, are brilliant.

    “You Don’t Have to Be Skinny to Make Things from Knitty”

    Pretty clunky, I know. It’s a big deal that knitty.com is now sizing up all of their patterns. How do I capture that in a headline?


    Thanks for your great content and take care.

  66. I’m sure I had one submitted in the first 10 comments.. no chance you deleted it, right Brian?

    I don’t see a reason as to why you would anyway.. but here it is:


  67. Akismet is marking some of these submissions as spam… I’m trying to fish them out if possible, but I get a TON of spam comments, so some may slip by.

  68. Hey Brian, how about this one. I just couldn’t get it right:


  69. This is great! I would really appreciate help with this one:


  70. Incredable…

    You must be really overwhelmed by this response….

    So I just add my case to this list.


    Way to go Brain !

  71. Great idea, but I may be late to the party:


  72. hi brian,

    i’ve just started an “about design blog”.
    here’s one of my articles’ title:
    photoshop is preparing for google supremacy

    thanks for your help!

  73. Hi Brian,

    Would love your thoughts on a headline for this recurring feature:


  74. Brian – I love your writing. I’m sure you get that a lot 😉

    I just posted an article recently and would be seriously stoked if remixed the title.


  75. OK, time to close this out. Thanks for all the submissions!

  76. Thank you. I guess I am a little late. But it’s better late rather than nothing had to be done.

  77. HI there
    If this offer to help rewrite headliners is still open, I would surely be grateful. This is my first attempt at writing any type of press release at all so any comments you are able to make would be much appreciated
    Kind regards

  78. I need help with my landing page and headlines. Any suggestions are welcome. http://www.landlordassociation.com

  79. May just be “What The Doctor Ordered!”

  80. Can’t decide between these two posts. I considered using a list headlines when I wrote both of these …

    Homemade Obama signs & what they tell us about this election

    Here’s why we still need feminism: Sarah Palin’s bizarre cultural cache

  81. headline help!

  82. I think I am late….this was a great offer…

  83. Here is one I did on children. I am probably to late, but thought this one was important and wanted to let you know that with the help of some law inforcement she did find this little 8 year old girl. She had been missing for 2 years.
    Here is the link:http://www.happymakernow.com/2010/02/is-your-child-emotionally-happy/
    I would be very interested in knowing what headliner you would use.

    Thank you,

  84. I know it’s late but thought I would give it a shot…


    Thanks Tanya