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  • Twitter’s Editorial Director on the art of blogging
  • The future of books in 3 words
  • What makes someone leave a website
  • Why are we so afraid of creativity?
  • 92 ways to get press coverage

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The Web Works Because It’s Open
This is important for content creators. This story (as he states) is much bigger than Mr. Godin’s latest book being rejected by Apple. There is currently a debate making the rounds regarding content strategy — should we focus on distribution of content through closed platforms (apps, eBooks retailers), or make our play out on the open web? It’s a bigger question than can be resolved in a paragraph, so let me do it in a sentence: Our bet has been — and will continue to be — on the wild, wild, open web. More on this later.


The Future of Books in 3 Words [Infographic]
Mr. Gartland provides us with a stunning little infographic, with some heavy hitters in the new publishing game briefly giving their take on the future of books. My personal favorite is Porter Anderson’s …


Why Are We So Afraid of Creativity?
Ms. Konnikova (via results from the Implicit Association Test) makes the case that we are largely “afraid” of creativity. It may be true, but it is certainly not necessary.


What Makes Someone Leave a Website?
Is you website a little leaky? Are you placing random buckets all over the place, hoping to capture as much of that traffic runoff as you can? Relax. This infographic will take you through 8 common mistakes content creators make with their websites, and how to fix each one. After all, on the web, it’s convert or die.


92 Ways to Get (and Maximize) Press Coverage
The headline of this article by Mr. Winfield lives up to its promise. If you want more coverage of your product or ideas in websites, magazines and major newspapers, read on. Also, it’s hard to go wrong with quotes from G.I. Joe, David Ogilvy, and John Wooden appearing on the same page.


6 Steps to a More Marketable LinkedIn Profile
Ah, LinkedIn, the powerful professional social network. If it’s been a while since you’ve logged in, these quick tips from Mr. Haden will be very helpful. If you log in every day, these quick tips from Mr. Haden will be very helpful. You get the idea. Don’t neglect LinkedIn.


Twitter’s Editorial Director on The Art of Blogging
Meet the woman who is taking Twitter’s content strategy “to the next level.” As Ms. Lewtan explains, “Wickre‚Äôs job at Twitter is focused on editorial, rather than marketing.” See that? Even Twitter needs more than Twitter to market Twitter. Or, as Brian Clark recently said …

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