Yaro Starak Interviews Me at Entrepreneur’s Journey

I did a podcast interview with Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey last week. Yaro asked some great questions, to which I gave my typical rambling responses.

Here’s some of what Yaro thought was important: :)

  • The show starts with a brief history of Brian’s younger days
  • Brian discusses his first Internet ventures – email newsletters and consulting to dotcoms
  • Post dotcom crash, Brian talks about the businesses that were left and how they used sound direct marketing principles taken from the offline world
  • Brian alludes to some of the previous Internet projects he has worked on how he structures relationships with other talented people to help them bring their talent online
  • We hear some comments about venture funding
  • I ask Brian for some secrets to the success of his Copyblogger.com blog
  • We learn about the original motivations behind launching Copyblogger
  • Brian discuses some of his current projects, including Tubetorial
  • We hear about Brian’s plans for the future including what his wife thinks about him working so hard
  • At the end of the interview I ask for Brian’s wisdom regarding starting up a business in today’s online climate

If you’re interested, you can listen at Entrepreneur’s Journey or download the MP3.

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  1. Downloading now and listening right when it finishes, i love these kind of podcasts.


  2. It’s rare that I listen to a one-hour podcast, Brian, but this one had me hooked. Very well done. You and Yaro are two of the best in the business, and it shined through on the call. By far the best interview either of you have done, in my opinion.

  3. Hey Jon – thanks for the compliments, I really appreciate it!

    I hope everyone enjoyed the podcast too.

  4. Yes, thank you Jon. I think the credit goes to Yaro, who could easily become the next Barbara Walters.

    Umm… you know what I mean. :)

  5. Brian & Yaro – this was a great interview, I was able to get some great take-aways.