5 Timeless Ways to Earn Your Audience’s Time and Attention

5 Timeless Ways to Earn Your Audience’s Time and Attention

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  1. It’s always interesting reading these kinds of posts because it assumes that the sole reason a person will ever read content is because they have a problem that needs to be solved. But less attention seems to be paid to content written simply to inform or entertain. Case in point – I blog about interesting legends, myths and folklore. No one is searching Google looking for solutions when they find these things – they just want to find out more about a topic. But because of that, the posts have to be MORE compelling because if the reader doesn’t walk away feeling they’ve learned something they didn’t know before, then your content was largely useless.

  2. Taking them on a journey is definitely the most difficult thing to do (as each persons experience/past/background is different). But you all want them to get to the solution and sell them your product. So you may want to have multiple journeys/websites for different groups. Individuals vs small businesses vs large business.

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